Here I stand Lord. Having done my best, but my best wasn’t good enough.\

 I’ve tried and tried again to measure up to your standards on my own merit. I’ve tried once again to measure up to man’s standards, and once again I’m found weighed in the holy balance and in man’s balance and found wanting. I’m naked and have nothing. I’m humbled. I thank you that I look the part of a nobody, a wanderer who has no place to call home.I’m humbled by the perfect sacrifice of the unblemished lamb. This is the only thing I can cling to Lord. I stand before you as nothing. I ask you to receive me and take me into your bosom. Forgive me Lord for trying, striving to be worthy.
 Forgive me Lord for walking away from the way of the cross, the path least traveled and seeking the wide gate, the easy way.I’ve seen these things where I know what “the Holy Spirit” has instructed and I’ve done and advised wise men to do in accordance with and it has not been so. In fact Lord they mocked my thought and I yearned to be accepted by man.
 Forgive me Lord. I was tempted to seek man’s approval and be a part of their lives. Spending time with important people has left me in a state of dizzying bliss giving me an appetite to savor the world. You brought me into their lives, but you’ve taught me to fear what they embrace. I’m amazed by how they fear and never trust. I’m amazed at the things you’ve shown me. I believe I know why you’ve brought me into these lives. 
May your will be done Lord. I pray for your great grace and wisdom to guide me. May I understand that the light they see, fragrance they smell in my midst is the Lord Jesus Christ within me. These men are wise dear Lord, but they are amazingly dull and without vision. Surely, Lord, surely you’ve made the simple things to confound the wise. My child like faith, may it never leave me Lord. 
May you bind me to the horns of the altar and never let me go Lord. Hold Me! Bind Me! I pray for wisdom. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.. Amen.