By God’s Grace, Mr. Self Interest worships a different God than I

Mr.By ends (SELF-INTEREST): “Yes, ” said By-ends, “my wife is a very vertuous woman, the daughter of a vertuous woman; she was my lady Feigning’s daughter, therefore she came of a very honorable family, and is arrived to such a pitch of breed that she knows how to carry it to all, even to prince and peasant. Tis true, we somewhat differ in Religion from those of a the stricer sort, yet but in two small points: First, We never strive against Wind and Tide. Secondly, We are always most zealous when Religion goes in his Silver Slippers; we love much to walk with him in the street, if the sun shines and the People applaud him. God has bestowed upon us the good things of this Life, but that he would have us keep them for his sake.¬†Abraham and Solomon grew rich in Religion. And Job says that a good man shall lay up Gold as Dust.”
Christian: “If you will go with us, you must go against Wind and Tide; the which, I perceive, is against your opinion: You must also own Religion in his Rags as well as when in his Silver Slippers; and stand by him too when bound in Irons, as well as when he walketh the streets with Applause. “
Mr. By ends: “You must not impose, nor lord it over my faith; leave me to my Liberty, and let me go with you.”
Christian: “Not a Step further, unless you will do in what I propound, as we.”
By Ends: “I shall never desert my old Principles, since they are harmless and profitable. If I may not go with you, I must do as I did before you overtook me, even go by myself, until some overtake me that will be glad of my company.”
“Christian and Hopeful forsook him, and kept their distance before him; but one of them looking back, saw three men following Mr. By-ends. The men’s names were: Mr. Hold-the-World, Mr. Money-Love, and Mr. Save-All.”The Pilgrim’s Progress, John Bunyan. Pages 116, 117, 119
.My Dear Lord, I come to you on my knees and ask through and by the blood of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that by your great grace I never go the way of Cain, or run greedily after the error of Balaam or perish in the gainsaying of Core. (Jude 1:11) Amen!
NOTES: The way of Cain, the error of Balaam and gainsaying of Core is summed up by idolatry or the religion of self, expecting God to serve us vs us serving God. Specifically, CAIN = SELF MADE SACRIFICE = good works and religious piety vs the grace of God through Jesus Christ; i.e., Justification by faith in Jesus Christ vs justification through works and good deeds. BALAAM = The love of wealth but putting on a false front to lead others to believe we serve God first instead of self interests. CORE (Korah) = Believed and Expected God to serve him in a self-centered, self absorbing, self focused form of idol worship which focuses on what a person can get from God vs how a person can serve God. These people were actual figures in Biblical History. Jude chose these people to show us idolatry and how it manifested itself in their lives.