Only A Christian Passes Through “The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death”

The Lord led me into deep thought and meditation on these words out of “Pilgrims Progress”Excerpt from Pilgrims Progress, John Bunyon, Chapter 6:The Valley of the Shadow of Death }

“Now, at the end of this valley was another, called the Valleyof the Shadow of Death, and Christian must needs go throughit, because the way to the Celestial City lay through the midst of it. Now, this valley is a very solitary place. The prophetJeremiah thus describes it: ‘A wilderness, a land of desertsand of pits, a land of drought, and of the shadow of death, aland that no man’ (but a Christian) ‘passed through, and whereno man dwelt¹.’ [¹Jeremiah 2:6

]Now here Christian was worse put to it than in his fight with Apollyon, as by the sequel you shall see. I saw then in my dream, that when Christian was got to the borders of the shadowof Death, there met him two men, children of them that broughtup an evil report of the good land, making haste to go back; to whom Christian spake as follows:

Christian:. “Whither are you going?”

Christian Men:  They said, ” Back! back! and we would have you to do so too,if either life or peace is prized by you.”

Christian: “Why, what’s the matter? “

Christian.Men.  “Matter! said they; we were going that way as you are going,and went as, far as we durst; and indeed we were almost past coming back; for had we gone a little further, we had not been here to bring the news to thee.”

Christian:.  “But what have you met with?”

 Christian.Men. “Why, we were almost in the Valley of the Shadow of Death;but that, by good hap, we looked before us, and saw the danger before we came to it.

Christian: . “But what have you seen”?

 Christian Men. ” Seen! Why, the Valley itself, which is as dark as pitch;we also saw there the hobgoblins, satyrs, and dragons of the pit; we heard also in that Valley a continual howling and yelling, as of a people under unutterable misery, who there sat bound in affliction and irons; and over that Valley hangs the discouraging clouds of confusion. Death also doth always spread his wings over it. In a word, it is every whit dreadful, be in gutterly without order.”

Christian: . Then, said Christian,  “I perceive not yet, by what you have said, but that this is my way to the desired haven.

Christian Men.:  ” Be it thy way; we will not choose it for ours.”

So, they parted, and Christian went on his way, but still withhis sword drawn in his hand, for fear lest he should be assaulted.

.Dear God, Heavenly Father, through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, by the power of the Holy Spirit, equip us your true saints for this day of battle as we go into the valley of the shadow of death and we shall fear no evil… Amen..