I AM A WITNESS AGAINST MYSELF because I’ve chosen to be faithful to Jesus Christ. When other’s opinions regarding my life no longer matter it can only happen because I’m a witness against myselfWhen the opinion of others regarding your life no longer matter and you’re into your stride with Jesus is when you’re really moving on a spiritual journey, walking in the spirit and not in the flesh. Today, I clearly found myself here by coincidence. Someone made a comment about my condition and position and actions which initially made me want to defend myself. But, something strange happened. I honeslty didn’t care. I mean I truly didn’t care what they said. It was as if they never even said what they said. I’m now assured I’m walking in the spirit. Mind you, I wouldn’t dare begin to say I’m sanctified only justified through faith. I.E., My Lord is correcting the bad things in my life and I stand to learn and change so much more. It’s a step by step process for sure to be holy. And it’s not until I’m glorified taken into my new life when Jesus brings me home for eternity will I be completely sanctified. Until then it’s a step by step process.

Some days I take leaps and bounds forward and then there are days I seem to take a sprint backwards as I seem to fall into a pit of despair. Throughout this process, I stand before God as justified, complete in good standing and righteous. I am in this only by and through Jesus Christ. (Romans 5:9,10; 3:24; 5:1; 8:1; 8:29,30)

But, where I’m at now, right now is a big step for me regarding where I was even weeks ago when even little things people would say about me bothered me a great deal. My life has always been trying to live by pleasing others. I’m here in a spot where people and especially their opinions no longer matter to me. Then it dawned on me. I’m here because of answered prayer and walking by faith that that prayer would be answered. I’ve prayed for increased faith and to be able to walk in the spirit and not in the flesh. Once God acts in our lives we can be assured it will be an experimental experience as in God will allow us to go through an experience whereby our faith will grow stronger to where we walk not by sight (or the words of man) but by where God is leading us.

Oswald Chambers sums it up as follows: “The proposal between you and God – do not confer with flesh and blood (Galatians 1:16). With every new proposal, the people around us seem to become more and more isolated, and that is where the tension develops. God allows the opinon of his other saints to you, and yet you become less and less certain that others really understand the step you are taking. You have no business trying to find out where God is leading – the only thing God will explain to you is Himself. Openly declare to Him, I will be faithful. But remember that as soon as you choose to be faithful to Jesus Christ, You are witnesses against yourselves.. (Joshua 24:22) Don’t consult with other Christians, but simply and freely declare before Him, “I will serve you.” “My Utmost For His Highest” by Oswald Chambers.