Why Do I Get Bounced Around In Life?

I asked God this morning why I’ve been bounced around…thrown here and there and haven’t been allowed to set down some roots and now even when things are finally really going good. My life was completely torn apart 3 years ago when my wife and I lost our home, our business and our world as we knew it. We moved to Viet Nam and after working hard for two years I’ve finally got set into a wonderful world. My wife was appointed to a position of a resort to be a dive instructor. I was finally set in high positions of good pay and prominent positions of authority. And just when we were set: Everything toppled….My wife had health problems and had to return to the US. After she recovered she said she couldn’t come back because she knew the Lord had led her back. I tried to continue on and continued to thrive. I felt abandoned and soon pursued another relationship thinking that God had closed the door on my wife and I. Months have passed and now I’m completely miserable unable to cope any longer. I’ve been asking God to show me, lead me, direct me. And, he has. I know I must go back to a new life AGAIN.I WAS CONFUSED AND BEWILDERED AND ASKED WHY? WHY DO I GET THROWN FROM ONE PLACE TO ANOTHER?I found in my morning devotions, “THE WAY TO PERMANENT FAITH”Indeed the hour is coming that you will be scattered… (John 16:32)Oswald Chambers in his book, “My Utmost for His Highest” states,”In the passage John 16:32; Jesus was not rebuking the disciples in this passage. Their faith was real, but I was disordered and unfocused, and was not a at work in the important realities of life. The disciples were scattered to their own concerns and they had interest apart from Jesus Christ. After we have the perfect relationship with God, through the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit, our faith must be exercised in the realities of everyday life. We will be scattered, not into service but into the emptiness of our lives where we will see ruin and barrenness, to know what internal death to God’s blessings means. Are we prepared for this? It is certainly not of our own choosing, but God engineers our circumstances to take us there. Until we have been through that experience, our faith is sustained only by feelings and by blessings, but once we get there, no matter where God may place us or what inner emptiness we experience, we can praise God that all is well. That is what is meant by faith being exercised in the realities of life. ………… Until Jesus Christ is truly our Lord, we each have goals of our won which we serve. Our faith is real, but it is not yet permanent. And God is never in a hurry. If we are willing to wait, we will see God pointing out that we have been interested only in His blessings, instead of in God Himself. The sense of God’s blessings is fundamental. ” THE WAY TO PERMANENT FAITH..The whole picture became perfectly clear. God has been allowing me to go through all because he simply is building my faith and teaching me and using me as he wills just as he used his son. Praise God.