Why Do We Have to Seek the Lord

Deuteronomy 4:29. But if from there you seek the LORD your God, you will find him if you look for him with all your heart and with all your soul.

Isaiah 55:6: Seek ye the LORD while he may be found, call ye upon him while he is near:

Hosea 10:12: …. For it is time to seek the Lord...

Amos 5:4:  Seek Me and you shall live.

Matthew 6:33:  Seek ye first the Kingdom of God.

1 Chronicles 22:19:   Now set your mind and heart to seek the Lord your God.

Job 8:5: If you will seek God and plead with the almighty for mercy

Matthew 7:7:  seek and you will find………………….

To even the most casual observer, it’s obvious God wants us to seek Him.    

Definition of the word seek:  : to go in search of : look for b : to try to discover : to try to acquire or gain : aim at…  

 The word seek seems to mean an effort is required; An attempt is made, meaning we have to work at it without a definite outcome.  

So, I asked the Lord why would He require us to to go in search of , implying that we’re to try to discover, to try to acquire or gain : aim at .  
Through the Holy Spirit I’ve come to understand that true believers, His sheep hear our master’s voice, we find what is not obvious to the lost world. It is so simple a child understands but the wisest scholar (including many Bible scholars) overlooks (Matthew 18:3).  So, in conclusion to find Jesus we don’t find him by casual observation or logic or wisdom, we must humble ourselves and become like a child and then He shall be revealed to us and come into our hearts.  (John 18:36)   Simply put, we as a child asking our Heavenly Father, to let us discover Him,  to Acquire Him because We want Him and He comes into our heart.    Amen.  

Please see notes below:


Note 1:   I’ve been led to look deep into the scripture: Luke 17:20 … The Kingdom of Heaven does not come by observation.  I know on the surface this means that we won’t find a temporal, physical kingdom but rather an unseen spiritual kingdom. In a deeper sense, I’m understanding that as Jesus hid his message in parables (note 2 below) for the purpose of hiding secrets from wise and revealing them to babes (Matthew 11:25), in other words revealing that God is all about the spiritual, unseen world that logic and common sense, power, pride and the things of this world can not find and in fact God doesn’t want them (1 Corinthians 1:26). Because the Kingdom of God is within he believer’s heart (John 18:36);  By asking, in faith, the true believer will find what he seeks (Matthew 7:7).,

Note 2:    Dr. R. T. Kendall has a great book on Jesus’ hidden work in parables. “The Parables of Jesus”, One of his points in Jesus using parables is to reveal the Holy Spirit.   The parables of Jesus 

Note 3:   Matthew Henry commentary on Luke 17:21:  “It has a spiritual influence: The kingdom of God is within you.” It is not of this world, John 18:36. Its glory does not strike men’s fancies, but affects their spirits, and its power is over their souls and consciences; from them it receives homage, and not from their bodies only. The kingdom of God will not change men’s outward condition, but their hearts and lives. Then it comes when it makes those humble, and serious, and heavenly, that were proud, and vain, and carnal,–when it weansthose from the world that were wedded to the world; and therefore look for the kingdom of God in the revolutions of the heart, not of the civil government. The kingdom of God is among you; so some read it. “You enquire when it will come, and are not aware that it is already begun to be set up in the midst of you. The gospel is preached, it is confirmed by miracles, it is embraced by multitudes, so that it is in your nation, though not in your hearts.” Note, It is the folly of many curious enquirers concerning the times to come that they look for that before them which is already among them.

Note 4: Here’s a great link for understanding the importance of seeking God.