I’ve only had one dream in  my life that turned out exactly true.

The 9:30 dream,  an exact premonition of me being commissioned as an officer in the U.S. Navy.  In 1977 I was enlisted in the Navy. Shortly after failing an enlisted advancement exam whereas my peers would advance beyond me, I had a dream. The night before the dream I had wept, praying to God to help me get through this difficult time and to help me in my career.  In the dream I was standing in ranks with my peers wearing our dress summer white uniforms.  A well known, white bearded, high ranking officer I knew was vividly walking through the ranks with his wife congratulating all my peers for their promotions. I wanted to run, but couldn’t. I didn’t know why I’d be in rank with the ones who were promoted but I knew I was supposed to be here.  When the Captain’s wife came to me she stopped and jeered saying, “And you! Look at you! You didn’t even know  the name of the Captain’s dog. You don’t deserve to be here.”  I couldn’t even breathe, feeling so low.

Then, she moved on to the next person in ranks and began praising him for his promotion. The Captain who was following her, stepped up to me and looked me straight in the eye and said, “Hello Winner! Do you have a watch?”  I said yes and reached down and removed my wrist watch, an older analog model with hands on it, and handed it to him.  The Captain then took the watch, placed in the open palm of his hand with the face facing upward. He then pulled out a sharp knife and plunged the knife into his open palm next to the watch. Blood gushed out all over his white uniform. People were aghast. His wife shrieked. He then scrawled something on the face of my watch and handed it back to me.  I looked carefully at my watch and it was exactly 9:30. Clearly written on the face of the watch written in his blood was the word: WINNER!

Three years later on the 30th day of  September  (9/30) I was commissioned as an Ensign in the U.S. Navy by the Captain who was in my dream.

Last night I had 2 separate dreams that were just as vivid and I believe could be a premonition.

   The first was me overlooking a major city that had been laid to waste by what appeared to be either a nuclear bomb (comparing photos of Hiroshima after the blast) or a major Tsunami (looking at the aftermath of photos I’d seen after the Megatsunami on December 26, 2004), whatever, but it was complete ruin, laying  waste the entire area of a great city and beyond. I have no idea where this was.  This scene was so completely quiet and eerily serene. What bothered me was I wasn’t shocked or even saddened, but it was as if I was watching what I knew for years would happen and finally had the proof in front of me.  Maybe I was too taken back to be shocked or saddened.  I don’t know. Nevertheless, I woke up. Awake I realized I was disturbed by not being  upset or shaken in the slightest by this dream but rather, just kind of  numb by resignation to the inevitable. The sense of detachment is what bothered me the most.

I fell asleep again and had another dream where I  was standing in a school building here in Vietnam that I know well.  I had been teaching for years in this school but the people who I should have known were all strangers to me and I to them… I tried to regain some recognition, but they reacted as if I were a threat to them somehow. I  felt very sad and very alone… I then walked out into the front reception area trying to find someone I knew. Then, right in front of me was my deceased father, sitting in a chair with a huge smile holding my new daughter. He was so happy. His body was as I remembered back when he was younger and strong and healthy before his death.  I was overcome with joy. I ran up to him and told him how happy I was that he got to see my daughter, his new grand-daughter and how it felt.

His happy face soon changed and he became very serious and started talking about business opportunities, specifically about a very big business deal coming down that would set us up for good. I realized he was more interested in doing business than seeing his granddaughter. At first I was sad he wanted to talk about business before talking about my daughter, but then I realized he was always about providing for his family first and this business deal must be something beyond measure. So I started to ask him questions.

Then, as he was explaining the details of this wonderful business deal. I all of a sudden had a very vivid flashback of my previous dream and saw the destruction and realized all these plans were a complete waste of time. I started to interrupt him, tell him that all of this money and power he was looking at didn’t really matter because complete and total destruction is soon coming upon the earth. I wanted to tell him that all this was actually a change for the better, not for the worse because this was going to usher in the new kingdom of heaven. I wanted to tell him if he focused on the temporal things and not the eternal things it would be a complete waste for him. I wanted to say all of these things but I just knew he didn’t want to hear these things. I also knew he’d say that he’d heard these things all of his life but God expected us to work and occupy until he comes.

 My father was saved but a very practical, hard working man. Then,  I decided to speak up but at that moment, just as I was going to speak, I looked behind me and to the right for some reason and saw a brick wall having recently been built.. The bricks and mortar being laid by an unseen hand had recently stopped work.  I knew that this wall was built by an unseen hand. I don’t know why but I knew.. I also knew that the work was recent and had finished.  And somehow I knew this was a sign to me that  I would waste my time saying anything. It was too late, what was done was done, and all that was supposed to happen has happened and is finished. It was all now only a matter of waiting and nothing I could say would be worth saying.  I wasn’t sad, I felt the same peaceful resignation I felt looking at the destruction…I then woke up.