My brother in Christ,  Ed Beck, author of the “Sober Souls” Blog recently did some writing that really struck a heart cord. “Walking with God.”  We all need to read this part again and fall on our knees, repent and give ourselves over completely to our Lord Jesus. Amen.

“The heydays of correction and instruction are essentially over; the maturing process will not wait for us forever.  We are ever moving to a sealing –but not the kind that has skylights!  The days of youth gather information and instruction which are the engines of our old-age wisdom; if we fail to buy gold tried in the fire and white garments to cover our shame and nakedness –if we fail to transact with Christ –we are fools. Either God will seal us as His servant (see Revelation 7:3) upon our forehead or an angel will stencil a “666” across it; either way, we are going to eventually be forever sealed, locked into a perpetual state of being.”

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