I SENT A MAN THE FOLLOWING EMAIL today.  I didn’t want to because, frankly speaking, who wants the hassle.  But for several weeks I’ve been reading his Blogs and now I am compelled to speak out.  He says he’s a Christian maybe he is maybe not that’s not my call at this point… But, anyway,  I am so hurt in my spirit that this tortured soul keeps running around preparing Christians to go through the Tribulation.  In doing so He has LOST COMPLETE FOCUS on the TRUTH WHICH IS JESUS coming to take His bride home in the Rapture before the tribulation period also known as the time of Jacob’s Trouble, The Day of the Lord.    I do believe these terrible things are soon coming, but I want believers to know Jesus is not going to allow his bride, his great love to go through this time of tribulation where  God is going to deal with Jacob (Israel) for their unbelief and for the unbelievers and fake christians..  

So, I had to say something and I did.  Please know I prayed for a few days and thought carefully before sending this to this dear man with great talent for writing.

Dear  ………. ,
I’m a retired naval officer, supply corps, submarine warfare,  worked in Wash DC Pentagon etc…  My specialty was logistics. After retirement I worked in Logistics to support “extended” at sea operations and submarine weapons systems…. A submarine has no gas station, grocery store thousands of miles out in the depths…  So, perhaps I know a bit about logistics and I’ve been watching your deal for some time now.
 Your storing, self sustaining activity is not going to last you very long, not long at all… And especially  throughout what you will probably experience since you don’t believe and trust in God to provide and more seriously don’t believe He is coming to take His bride out of Jacob’s Trouble / The Day of the Lord…..
Therefore, I think your storing grain and self sustaining antics are a slap in the face to God. It is also a disgrace to see a so called Christian doing this and gives Christians a bad name.  I admired at first your total commitment to God and your complete sacrifice, and believed you were doing all these silly things as an expression or to “symbolize” the Joseph plan etc… to prepare people for the end which is to focus on the Rapture which is a very wonderful time… But the recent activity on your Blogs leads to me believe you are truly a frightened, scared stiff, freaked out man living in the flesh, moved by soulical whims  who has lost his faith to believe God will provide.  The Rapture is coming to take the Bride but you obviously don’t believe this.. Matthew 24:48 is a warning to to you to start trusting God and to be rapture ready NOT running around being tribulation ready and taking these lies to other people.
I pray for you ………  God Loves you. He doesn’t want to see you running around like a chicken with its head cut off screaming the sky is falling. He want you to trust in Him and to use your wonderful research skills and great mind and writing ability to help prepare believers for the rapture and to bring unsaved ones to Christ Jesus before it’s too late.  Please, I implore you to use your skills for good and not focus on doom and gloom and get your storage grain buckets filled… It places the focus on you and not Christ Jesus.
God bless you,
In His Love,