What is Truth?

My friend, Ed Beck, wrote a great Blog on “the holistic nature of truth.”  

I was super excited because : my absolute most favorite subject is 

Jesus Christ because Jesus is truth and I love to explore the depths of 

this amazing aspect of our Lord.

Ed wrote:  “The embodiment of all truth is Jesus Christ” and further on 

he stated,  “Truth is intrinsically holistic; it does not need our help or 

explanation to become more so. It stands sentry through all the ages in 

the person of Christ; he is the glass through which every strand of truth 

resolutely clarifies itself in juxtaposition to him.”  

Praise God!

I would like to add something of many things I learned standing 

next to the kitchen sink listening to mother and that is Truth 

can be even more simply stated that “Jesus Christ is truth. Is 

means the existence of.. In other words, the holistic nature 

(physical, soulical, and spiritual existence) of truth IS Jesus 


I have a deep understanding of this because when I was about 

18 I went through a long and agonizing time lasting several 

months whereby I was obsessed with finding the answer to 

“what is truth” in the same manner as one would ask to 

understand what is light? or what is mass? or what is a 

molecule. You see, I knew that truth, just like light or mass or 

even a molecule existed as a real thing, a body. I was watching 

a church play and an actor playing Pilate asked, “What is 

Truth?” I read it over and over again in the bible.. I just had to 

know. I read and read, searched and would lay for hours in the 

hay on our farm in Colorado, staring into the blue sky and 

praying, “Dear God please lead me to understand what truly is 

truth so I can like see it like I can see light.” That afternoon or 

soon after praying that prayer, I walked into the house to see 

my mother standing over the sink washing dishes. When she 

asked what I was up to, I told her she wouldn’t understand, it 

was too complicated. I knew my mother never finished the 6th 

or 8th grade and although she could read, she was basically a 

simple, uneducated housewife. She pressed me, “Tell me, 

please. I can tell you’re deeply troubled by something.” I said, 

Ok, what can I loose, I’ve been searching for a long time to find 

truth, I have been reading at the library and asking a Sunday 

School teacher, but I can’t seem to understand the real 

meaning of truth. I know it is real.”  My Mother, dried her hands 

and turned around and said, “Truth? Truth is Jesus Christ.” I 

was stunned. “You mean? “, I said stunned. “Yeah, it is simple,”  

she said, “Truth is real, it is the person of Jesus Christ. Jesus 

Christ is truth.” I had my question answered once and for all 

time. God bless