Something for serious consideration.  Today in the false churches we’re overwhelmed with all about how loving and good and kind God is. This is all true, HOWEVER, what is not taught is the flip side to this coin.  God is first and foremost a God of “justice and judgement” Genesis 18:19; Psalm 89:14.

Knowing this, please understand that if you are not covered by the blood of Jesus Christ, I mean saved by repenting of your sins and asking Jesus to be your savior (John 3:16), you are going to fall under the terrible and swift and eternal judgement of God.

Here’s something else to ponder:

An excerpt Pastor Francis Riley:

 ….(some) totally ignore the Biblical truth that God is first and foremost a God of “justice and judgment,” Genesis 18:19; Psalm 89:14.  By this I mean that everything God has done since the beginning, everything He is doing today, and everything He is going to do in the future, has been done and is carried out according to “legal procedures” set forth in His own Divine Law and Word.   This is exactly why Christ had to die in our place; in order that God’s “justice and judgment” might be upheld even in the extending of His mercy to every true believer today.  Some or even many readers may have never studied God’s Great Plan of the Ages from this “legal” viewpoint, but it is right there in God’s Word for all to see who want to carefully study it out.   In fact, the careful student of the Word will find the “justice and judgment” of Almighty God connected together in the Scriptures 21 times.  Now tell me, how many judgments are explicitly stated to be poured out upon the earth during the coming Tribulation period?  Well…???  ”    (ANSWER:  21 TIMES )

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