God told us thousands of years ago in the Bible that Israel would one day stand alone before all of her enemies. Ezekiel 38; Psalms 83; Zechariah 12;  has said exactly as God said it would be; Israel would be standing alone.

 After Obama’s historic visit to Israel, these prophecies have been fulfilled. 

This is very significant.

For Israel’s enemies:  They will be destroyed.

For Israel:  Soon they will go through God’s Judgement (the time of Jacob’s trouble, aka Day of The Lord, aka The Tribulation,  to bring them back to their Messiah, Jesus Christ.

For the Christians, the true believers and followers of Jesus Christ, the very soon Rapture to go home with Jesus during the tribulation.

For unbelievers and false Christians: The time of the tribulation.  They will have 1 more chance to accept Jesus Christ or they will accept the mark of the beast 666, follow the antichrist and be doomed forever to the lake of fire.

Time has run out before Jesus comes and takes his church (the true believers and not the false church) home to heaven. The believers in Jesus Christ will escape all of these things.  All this happening is in the Bible and when these things happen, we know that time has run out.  Sudden Destruction is coming in the soon coming tribulation also known as the time of Jacobs trouble.  
Please if you don’t know Jesus, ask him to be your savior.

JOHN 3:16