This information obtained from Calvary Prophecy this refers to end times Bible prophecy as written in Ezekiel 38, whereby Russia will have a “hook in her jaw” meaning seeing something they absolutely can not resist from attacking and plundering Israel.

But thank God,  Russia and her EVIL alliance will be destroyed.   Please see Terry (Calvary Prophecy’s author) comments below:

Israeli energy revolution begins with first gas on stream

The first gas from Israel’s offshore Tamar gas field was piped 90 km to the Ashdod power station Saturday, enabling the big facility’s conversion to the use of domestically produced energy. More of the country’s largest electricity and industrial plants will be connected to the Tamar gas rig in the course of the year. DEBKAfile: The impending exploitation of big Israel offshore gas and oil fields, including the giant Leviathan well, takes the Israeli economy into a new era and transforms its strategic situation. The United States and Russia are taking Israel into consideration as a major energy power since geological surveys identified vast reserves of gas and oil yet to be tapped. 

As you know, one day soon, Russia will do more than just take Israel into consideration, but will try and take a spoil (Ezekiel 38:1-9). If you are looking for a Biblical sign in these last days this is a prime example. It’s extremely interesting that worldly intelligence reports such as Debkafile are identifying the very nation (Russia) the Bible says will come down against Israel for the purpose of possessing a natural resource Israel now has in abundance. Russia’s budget is said to be funded primarily (as much as 70-90%) on oil and gas sales. It is believed that most of Russia’s present oil and gas deposits are in need of heavy financing if they are to continue to produce at their current rate and they are running low. The truth is, Russia is in desperate need of finding new and untapped oil and gas discoveries or face an uncertain financial future. I believe they will be willing to risk going to war to obtain Israel’s new and untapped oil and gas reserves. I also believe Israel’s oil and gas bounty is now only in its beginning stages. I look for many more discoveries to come shortly and catch Russia’s eye.