“Your Feedback Wanted”
Action Just After Judgment

Your voices will save the lives of children in Fukushima.

  On April 24 the Sendai High Court has made its judgment on the
appeal for the collective evacuation trial. The court has rejected a
demand that a city affected by the fallout of the country’s 2011
nuclear disaster evacuate its children.

The court acknowledged radiation in the city exceeded levels deemed
safe prior to the disaster. But it said the government shoulders no
responsibility for evacuating the schools as demanded ― in effect,
telling people to leave on their own if they were worried.

The judgment on the evacuation trial for saving children from
dangerous exposure will affect not only the lives of the children,
who are plaintiffs, but also those of Japanese children as a whole.
And it will decide the shape of future Japan.

As an action just after High Court’s judgment on April 24, you are
invited to confess your own straight belief toward its judgment. Many
your voices will inevitably straighten out the wrong judgment.

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