By Tom Gaston:

Bible Code…” Rapture ” / found in the book of Jonah….Runs through 2:6 to 3:8 / skip 156 letter intervals.
This Bible Code shows the “believer” and “Yeshua” being “wedded – married” at the “Bema,Ceremony.”   The term “Crown – Wreath” is encoded 3 times in this Bible Code ( seen on page 2. ).  How appropriate that this term should be encoded in this matrixes as this Bible Code is showing the “Bema seat of Christ” taking place.
 The date “January 1rst ” is encoded along with the abbreviated month of “December” shown as “Dec. 31rst.”   The emphasis of “Day 31 ” is shown a number of times in this Code. 
This Bible Code is amazing folks!  Check it out below!

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People are “missing” and the  Children are frantic because they have been left behind and theirparents are gone.  I have news for all of you.  The “children” of  unsaved parents are NOT going to be raptured folks.   God didn’t spare “any children” of the wicked when He destroyed the earth during the Genesis flood. 
 God also when He destroyed “Sodom and Gomorrah” didn’t spare any…”babies in their mother’s womb,  babies that were born,   children,   teenagers,   young adults,   mature adults,   middle aged,   or old aged people.  He destroyed them all!  He spared NO infants whatsoever of the wicked.
Christ is coming for all those who are “members of the body of Christ“, those who possess theindwelling of God’s “Holy Spirit.”  According to Scripture it is God’s Holy Spirit which is going to “quicken” the believers body ( Rom. 8:9 – 11 ).   Christian parents who have Children “over the age of accountability” and who are NOT saved will be “left behind.”   Christian parents who havechildren and babies “under the age of accountability” will be taken along with their saved parents.  But there will be NO babies nor any children ( of the age of accountablitiy or NOT of the age of accountability ) of the wicked that will be taken at the time of the Rapture. They will all be left behind with their unsaved parents.
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Totally amazing Bible Code!
 I did a page 8. and made it bigger one size so you could make it out better.  The Rapture is going to happen during the “Obama presidency.”   That’s why he shows up in the Rapture codes.   He is a “marker of time” in the matrixes.   The Rapture is going to take place on “his watch.”   Take a look at the terms below.   He is scared and terrified due to the Rapture event!
Once again, what an amazing Bible Code!   It is loaded with all kinds of “description” of what will happen at the time of the Rapture.   I can only hope at this point that this Bible Code will come to past within the next 48 hours?   Maybe God will reward me on this one for a change?  Hoping so?
We will see shortly one way or the other, won’t we!

Page 8. below.
In Christ, Tom Gaston

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