This Jewish Rabbi believes that this coming Rosh HaShanah ( September 24th – 25thin the US. ) could be the worlds last one!  Israel’s next “seven year sabbatical cycle” is going to start then which may bring with it God’s judgments?
2014 could be the The worlds Last Rosh haShana?”
 Monday, 11 August 2014
Rav Dov KookThe holy Rabbi Dov Kook shlit’a of Tiberias (image, left) said this morning that every individual must make every effort to be righteous, for this coming Rosh Hashana could be the world’s last Rosh Hashana.  Rabbi Kook is no headline-grabbing alarmist, but quite the contrary – a holy tzaddik who stays far away from the limelight. A word to the wise is sufficient; teshuva is definitely the order of the day.
Hashem doesn’t send us these types of messages to scare us. With theGaza War and the missiles reaching everywhere, Hashem has certainly been sending us a lot of wake-up calls latelyHe only wants our best – to bring us close to Him. Only fools ignore repeated messages from the King…
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