There is so much evil abounding in the world today. All over us. These people range from abortion rights and LGBT activists to Islamic Caliphate adherents to even the Christian church in an array of Catholics who worship the virgin to Protestant Christians who are enveloped into the new age, progressive emergent church. To Christians who are living in unrepentant sin, iniquity. All are demanding their own view of what is “right” and “good” for mankind. 
It is not my place to judge the heart of man, that belongs to God. Whether a person is admonished at the BEMA judgment or stands before the Great White Throne of Judgment is not my purpose.
However, it is my purpose here to warn any who depart from the word of God, the Holy Bible, and follow after strange doctrine or godless behavior.  To demand your own way means to turn away from God and turn to judgement.  For the wages of sin is death.
 We now have before us images each day that are appalling.  As horrific as things are now, this is only the foreshadow, the prelude to what’s about to come when, as written in the bible the Holy Spirit is removed when the true believers are taken up in the rapture and all literal hell breaks loose upon the earth.  You know, it’s truly like the saying goes, “be careful what you ask for, cuz you just might get it”  really does apply. All these evil doers who are demanding more and more godless laws and complete disregard for God, they are going to get their wishes. God truly does accommodate the free will of man. Romans chapter 1:18-32 clearly shows this. 
 I really believe we’re on the very threshold of the end of the world as we know it. I know I’ve been saying this for over 2 years now, but the more I see and hear, and most importantly the more the Holy Spirit reveals to me, especially that vision I had when I was in Viet Nam that inspired that video I did about “Time Has Run Out”  I know it won’t be long.
For the true followers of Jesus Christ: “Look up our redemption draws near”
For the backslidden:  “Confess your sins, repent and turn away from iniquity”.
For the Lost:  “Confess your sins, turn to God and accept Jesus Christ into your heart as your savior.”