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The 17th Tamuz is an important Jewish date.   This year it lands on July 4th.  I have been finding a lot of Bible Codes relating to Obama and the Rapture.  , and this date July 4th keeps coming up over and over again, and even in multiples in the matrixes.  The date July 4th is encoded in this Bible Code.  There are 21 days of mourning traditionally observed by Israel from the 17th Tamuz to the 9th Av concerning past events which have happened in Jewish history on this date. Here below is just a short listing of the important things which have happened to Israel on the 17th Tamuz.

The fast of the 17th of the Hebrew month of Tammuz, known as Shivah Asar B’Tammuz, is the start of a three-week mourning period for the destruction of Jerusalem and the two Holy Temples.
The fast actually commemorates five tragic events that occurred on this date:

Moses broke the tablets when he saw the Jewish people worshipping the Golden Calf.
During the Babylonian siege of Jerusalem, the Jews were forced to cease offering the daily sacrifices due to the lack of sheep.
Apostomos burned the holy Torah.
An idol was placed in the Holy Temple.
The walls of Jerusalem were breached by the Romans, in 69 CE, after a lengthy siege. ( Three weeks later, after the Jews put up a valiant struggle, the Romans destroyed the second Holy Temple on the 9th of Av.)
The Jerusalem Talmud maintains that this is also the date ( 9th Av ) when the Babylonians breached the walls of Jerusalem on their way to destroying the first Temple……( end quote ).

Therefore this coming July 4th / 17th Tamuz the “21 days of mourning” will begin and run to the 9th Av / July 25th.   This is a very important prophetic window of time which I will be watching closely.  The Lord can come at any moments notice, but if He tarries between now and then and we reach this window of time ( ? ), then I will be really anticipating the possibility of the Lord coming during this 21 days which Israel observes.

Now I want to show you some gematria which I have uncovered which I find interesting.  As always, none of it is conclusive, nevertheless I find them intriguing, and so I will show them here below.

Festival July 4th and America / Cheth = 8   Gimmel = 3 / Yod = 10   Vav = 6   Lamed = 30   Yod = 10 /  Daleth = 4 / Vav = 6 / Aleph = 1   Mem = 40   Resh = 200   Yod = 10    Koph = 100   Hay = 5 / total = 433

America July 4th, 2015 / Aleph = 1   Mem = 40   Resh = 200   Yod = 10    Koph = 100   Hay = 5 / Yod = 10   Vav = 6   Lamed = 30   Yod = 10 /  Daleth = 4 / Beth = 2   Teth = 9   Vav = 6 / total = 433

Now here is what matches it!

Resurrection / Tav = 400   Cheth = 8   Yod = 10   Yod = 10   Hay = 5 / total = 433

Here are a few more interesting things which I have discovered. July 4th this year America will be 239 years old since the signing of the Declaration Of Independence. 

July 4th = 60…………The Bride = 60

America this year will be 239 years old.

America 239 years + 60 July 4th, 2015 = 316……………Christ = 316

239……( reverse 239 and add back in )…..+ 932 = 1171……..+ Apocalypse = 844 / total = 2015

Advent = 18
And the Church – Bride = 221…….+……..18 Advent = 239…….= The age of America.

2 x 3 x 9 = 54……………The Hebrew word / adjective “in” / Beth = 2.   We will now add this into the equation.

The Hebrew spelling for July = 56

We will now take 2 x 3 x 9 = 54 + 2 in = 56 July + the 4th day = 60 The Bride

Again, none of this is conclusive of course, but nevertheless I find it entertaining and interesting.  I don’t know when the Lord is coming?  But this morning an interesting thought came to me.  Many times “weddings” are entertained with “fireworks”, just like we do during July 4th celebration.   Here is a link below I have provided from google which shows “weddings” with fireworks.

I don’t know when the Lord is coming, but I know He is full of surprises!   Therefore, wouldn’t it be great if the Lord has planned to come and get His bride on this July 4th, the day when “fireworks” are displayed as a “celebration.”  I find this quite an intriguing thought!

In Christ, Tom Gaston

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Even so, come Lord Jesus!