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So exciting folks!



 Bible Code expert Rabbi Glazerson has discovered the most amazing Bible Code. It is called “The Messiah Purim.”  And the most incredible thing is that this Bible Code which is only one of a kind in the Old Testament was found at an amazing skip of….5776intervals.  That’s right!  This Bible Code was found at a skip that is equivalent to the present Jewish year of  5776 / 2016.  WOW!!!!!!! 


 Rabbi Glazerson stated that the mathematical and statistical odds of this Bible Code which was found at the skip of 5776 was “one in several millions” of a chance of being encoded at this skip.  To think that such an important phrase was found at a sequence which correlates with the  present Jewish year of 5776 isstaggering!  So this Bible Code is making a reference to the Messiah during Purim in the present Jewish year of 5776.  Now Rabbi Glazerson and many of the Rabbis in Israel who are in unbelief and spiritual blindness do not understand that Jesus / Yeshua is their Messiah who has already came 2000 years ago, and so this Bible Code obviously cannot possibly be a references to the Messiah coming to earth in context, but rather could very possibly be a reference to the coming of Yeshua for His Church?


 I went into this Bible Code today and did some work in it.  WOW!  I believe it is all coming down this Spring folks!   Wait until you see the Bible Codes which I have found on Purim for this year in Isaiah chapter 28 where the “Covenant with death” is recorded.  There are two days to Purim. There is Day one which is “Purim”, and then the second day is called “Shushan Purim.” This year Purim and Shushan Purimfalls on 14th Adar 2 / 15th Adar 2 which is March 24th / 25th.   Remember that this story of Purim is recorded in the book of Esther where Haman was plotting the destruction of the Jews. And by the way, encoded in the book of Esther is the phrase….”Haman Bashar”….as inBashar Assad of Syria. 



 The phrase “And Obama” is encoded in Isaiah chapter 28, and going right across his name is the surface text which says “Covenant with death and Sheol.”  There is one code of the year 5776 woven in this phrase along with two more codes of the present Jewish year5776 joining it.  And joining this phrase of all things is…”Purim.”  And astonishingly encoded in this Bible Code are both Gregorian dates which are…..March 24th, And March 25th.  It is unbelievable that both Gregorian dates for Purim and Shushan Purim this year in 2016 are encoded right next to each other in This Bible Code called “And Obama.”



 There could be possibly momentous events, and even awar coming into the festival time of Purim this year!  Don’t forget that The “first Gulf War” Ended on Purim, and the “second Gulf War” Started on Purim.  I am so excited that I can hardly stand it folks!   I believe thatTHIS IS THE YEAR that everything is going to come to a head and lead right into the tribulation period.  I believe this with all my heart!  This means then that the “Rapture of the Church” is more imminent than ever before!  I believe that we can expect the Lord to show up for us at any moment!   And if the Lord should tarry for us, and we make it to the month of March this year, then I believe that the month of March will be a BIG WATCH WINDOW for us folks!  



 I will be sending out Bible Codes on Purim and other materials throughout this week. 


What a time to be alive and witness events leading up to our departure to heaven! 


Praise the Lord!  even so, come Lord Jesus!


until He comes! 



In Christ, Tom Gaston


Breaking Israel newsNew Bible Code Hints2016 Ripe for theMessiah

By Rivkah Lambert Adler December 31, 2015 , 2:02 pm



“And Jacob called unto his sons, and said: ‘Gather yourselves together, that I may tell you that which shall befall you in the end of days.’” (Genesis 49:1)

image: http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/bible-codes-genesis.jpg

Bible Code table provided by Rabbi Mattityahu Glazerson.

In a new video, word renowned Bible Codes expert Rabbi Mattityahu Glazerson revealed yet another connection between the upcoming year of 2016 and the arrival of the Messiah.

Glazerson opens the video by reviewing Genesis 49:1, a verse that was read in synagogues all around the world last week. In this verse, our forefather Jacob is lying on his deathbed. He calls all his sons together in order to share with them what he knows about the End of Days.

“And Jacob called unto his sons, and said: ‘Gather yourselves together, that I may tell you that which shall befall you in the end of days.’”

Since every Hebrew letter has a numerical value, there is a whole system of studying hidden meanings in Hebrew texts by calculating their numerical values. This system is known as gematria. Based on a text in the Zohar, the primary text of Judaism’s mystical tradition, Glazerson calculates the gematria (the numerical value) of the two Hebrew words from Genesis 49:1 that mean “shall befall you” to be 772.

According to Glazerson, the Zohar says that, even though Jacob was prohibited by Heaven from revealing what he knew about whenredemption would come, there is an indication hidden in the verse itself.

The gematria 772 corresponds to the Hebrew year 5772 which was 2011-2012. In the video, Glazerson says, “But apparently, we did not have the conditions, repentance and faith, and this is why he did not come,” in that auspicious year.

Nevertheless, there are still other auspicious times based on this verse. Glazerson points out that the Hebrew year 5775 (2014-2015) which was a sabbatical year, “also had clear indications that it could be [the year of] theMoshiach (Messiah),” but again, the necessary conditions of repentance were not fulfilled.

image: http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/wp-content/uploads/useful_banner_manager_banners/165-Torah%20Codes%20DVD.jpg

Since gematria can be calculated using several different formulas, Glazerson concludes that this verse could also be hinting to the current Hebrew year of 5776which began at sundown on September 13, 2015. Some believe that the current year is also a Jubilee year, adding Biblical significance to the timing.

Speaking to Breaking Israel News, Glazerson said the auspiciousness of this year is enhanced by a different table in which he found something he says “statistically is one to millions.”  In this table, he found the sentence “HaMoshiach Purim” ( the Messiah in Purim ) which, says Glazerson, appears only “once in the Torah in a skip of 5776.” This is significant because this coming holiday of Purim ( which begins at sundown on March 23, 2016 ) will be the Purim of the Hebrew year 5776.

At the 3:26 mark, Glazerson turns his attention to the Bible Codes table from the Book of Genesis that includes verse 49:1.


 Glazerson also found the code for Moshiach intersecting with the Hebrew letters that refer to this year. Finally, he points out that the Hebrew name of Eliyahu (Elijah the prophet) who is destined to announce the arrival of the Messiah, also intersects with the letters referring to the current Hebrew year.

Glazerson ends the video optimistically.  Although there have been promising findings in gematria and Bible Codes about previous years and we have not yet merited it, there are encouraging signs that 2016 will yet be the year in which the entire world will greet the Messiah.

 In this table, he finds codes for a number of messianic concepts, including Ben Yishai(son of Yishai) which is a clear reference to King David from whom the Messiah son of David is descended. Significantly, the Hebrew words Ben Yishai intersect with the full verse from Genesis 49:1.

Glazerson also found the code for Moshiach intersecting with the Hebrew letters that refer to this year. Finally, he points out that the Hebrew name of Eliyahu ( Elijah the prophet ) who is destined to announce the arrival of the Messiah, also intersects with the letters referring to the current Hebrew year.

Glazerson ends the video optimistically.  Although there have been promising findings in gematria and Bible Codes about previous years and we have not yet merited it, there are encouraging signs that 2016 will yet be the year in which the entire world will greet theMessiah……( No rabbi Glazerson, the world is not going to greet the real messiah, but they are going to be deceived by the coming of the FALSE MESSIAH / ANTICHRIST…Emphsis..mine T.G. ).

Old Prophecy Declares When 
“King of Persia Provokes King of Arabia” … Redemption Near

Jan 2, 2016, When Saudi Arabia executed Nimr al-Nimr, a leading Iranian Shia cleric, along with 47 other opponents of the regime, most of them Sunni extremists. The move prompted outrage in Iran, where rioters overran the Saudi embassy, prompting the Gulf monarchy to withdraw its ambassador. Several other smaller Gulf nations followed suit. *

 Saudi Arabia’s actions can be seen as the fulfillment of a messianic Jewish prophecy found in the ancient Jewish holy book known as the Yalkut Shimoni. [1]

 1-6-16, Rivkah Lambert Adler — Despite being written over 800 years ago, the Yalkut Shimoni has something extremely relevant to say about today’s headlines. Rabbi Yekusiel Yehudah Halberstam, better known as the Klausenberger Rebbe [2], said, “Remember these words. Now, perhaps, they are not understood, but in time, they will be, and they will be a source of chizuk(strength) to Am Yisroel (the Jewish people).” The Yalkut Shimoni predicted thatthe year the Messiah would appear, the “King of Persia [Iran] will provoke the King of Arabia [Saudi Arabia].”

The two main sects in Islam are Sunni and Shia. While they both have much in common, the differences between the two sects in Islam have led to a long history of violent and deadly conflict. Not surprisingly, Iran and Saudi Arabia do not share the same Muslim sect. Although the vast majority of the Islamic world today is Sunni, Iran, and, to a lesser degree Iraq, are home to the majority of the region’s Shiite Muslims. Saudi Arabia is more than 90 percent Sunni. Iran, by contrast, is 95 percent Shiite.

Rabbi Yizchok said [apparently he has read the Bible-Ed.]: 
“The year that Melech HaMoshiach [Messiah the King] will be revealed, 
all the nations of the world will be provoking each other. The King of 
Persia (Iran) will provoke the King of Arabia, and the King of Arabia 
will go to Edom (the West) to take counsel, but the King of Persia will
 in turn, destroy the entire world. The nations of the world will be 
outraged and panicked. They will fall on their faces, and they will experience pains like birth pangs. Israel too will be outraged and in a
 state of panic and ask, where do we go? But say unto them, “My 
children, do not fear, ‘Higiyah zman geulatchem’  [the time of your redemption has come]. And in the last redemption will be different
 from the first which was followed by further bondage and pain. 
After this last redemption, you will not again experience 
any further pain or subjugation.”

Thus, this past Sunday, Jan 2, 2016, when angry Shiite Iranians recently overran the Saudi embssy in Tehran Saudi Arabia gave Iranian diplomats 48 hours to pack up and leave.

Joel Richardson — The Angel Gabriel in Daniel Chapter 8 v 19 told Daniel that the vision concerned the end times. He did not say that part of the vision was historical and part of it was future. He simply said that the vision concerned the time of the end. “Behold, I am going to let you know what will occur at the final period of the indignation, for it pertains to the appointed time of the end” (v. 19). Gabriel then went on to explain that the ram represented, “the kings of Media and Persia,” while the goat represented, “the kingdom of Greece.” The word there for Greece is actually Javan, which included the west coast of modern day Turkey as well. [3]

Excerpted and adapted full original message from Adler:http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/58217/800-year-old-prophecy-declares-when-king-persia-will-provoke-king-arabia-redemption-around-corner-middle-east/?utm_source=Breaking+Israel+News&utm_campaign=3b60c47ca3-BIN_morning_1_16&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_b6d3627f72-3b60c47ca3-86537349

* Cleric killed in Saudi: http://www.jta.org/2016/01/08/news-opinion/united-states/saudi-iran-crisis-latest-reality-check-for-iran-deal-backers
**    The Loser of the Cold War Between Iran and Saudi Arabia May Be Obama – Newsweek‎ – 1-11-16 Shiite Muslims burn an effigy ofSaudi King Salman …http://www.newsweek.com/middle-east-saudi-arabia-iran-nimr-execution-cleric-obama-king-salman-tehran-413680

[1] The Yalkut Shimoni, a compilation of rabbinic commentary on the Bible, is believed to have been composed in the 13th century.
[2] The Klausenberger Rebbe was an Orthodox rabbi with thousands of followers in the years prior to World War II. Most of his followers were murdered in the Holocaust. The Klausenberger Rebbe died in Israel in 1994.

[3] Joel Richardson: http://www.joelstrumpet.com/?p=6742

Gog, Magog, Persia? http://www.biblicalstudies.com/bstudy/eschatology/ezekiel.html

— Jesus, Our Blessed Hope Annette Greco Meisner https://www.facebook.com/laramie.wyoming.3 https://plus.google.com/u/0/+AnnetteGrecoMeisner-J