An amazing Bible Code! ( And I have others which I will be sending also ).




Page 1. Bible Code…”Dwarf Star” with the term “Purim” encoded in it.



Don’t miss page 3 of this Bible Code as I show how the term “Nibiru” and the phrase “Jerusalem the city” are woven together and share letters on a one equal letter skip. this dwarf planet of Nibiru is encoded this way in Scripture 3 times like what you will see onpage 3.  Once in 1Kings 33:36, and twicein Ecclessiasties 2:7 and 2:9. 



 Now when I found Bible Code the following question came to my mind…..”Is it possible that when Christ comes for His completed Church that perhaps theNew Jerusalem is coming with Him, the city He has prepared for His bride so that when we are Rapturedwe are transported directly into  the “New Heavenly City” and then taken back to heaven? And if this planet Nibiru is truly coming, then could it be that theNew Jerusalem is being “concealed” by God andhidden behind this planet Nibiru as it approaches so it cannot be seen?”


 When I saw how miraculous these terms were encoded and woven together by sharing letters I then felt that this very scenario might very well be a possibility which I will not rule out at this time.  And something else to think about.  If this Scenario has any validity ( ? ), then when the Rapture took place the planet Nibiru and its “gravitational pull” and stresses upon the earth would wreck havoc and upheaval on this planet which would be unimaginable. Such gravitational forces could totally distrupt and destroy “power grids” world wide which would shut down the whole planet and send it back to the “dark ages.”  The repercussions would be unprecedented in scope! 



 Therefore such an event or events would also prevent Israel’s enemies from being able to carry out their “Ps. 83 plot and plan” to destroy and annihilate Israel at the time of the Rapture.  Remember that inPs. 83 the psalmist is “asking God” ( Not Israel nor anyone else ) to rise up and intervene on behalf of Israel and destroy her enemies.  The last verse of Ps. 82:8 says…”Arise, O God, judge the earth. This last verse of Ps. 82:8 is the “introductive verse” which is now going to introduce and reveal the plot and plan of Israel’s enemies in Ps. 83.  



 God could use this massive dwarf planet and itsdestructive forces to “intervene” and immobilize the enemies of Israel when the Church is translated. He therefore could use such a dwarf planet like Nibiru in order completely immobilize the whole world at large which would be thrown into “sudden destruction” and catastrophic chaos as the “day of the Lord” opens ( first Thessalonians 5:1-3 ).



  Also, an event like Nibiru would prevent powerful nations from having the ability to launch a supposed “Nuclear world war” ( which God is not going to allow to happen at the time of the Rapture as it would takepeace from the earth prior to the second seal which is out of order ).  It would render the world’s high-tech military capability obsolete and keep it from being carried out on a massive scale. The world’s high-tech war machine capability would definitely be severely affected and immoblized.  And also all the “communication satelites” which are used by the military for”GPS missle launches” against “targets” in a “high-tech war” would also be no longer available due to the horrendous gravitational effectsfrom such a gigantic planet. There would be massiveearthquakes and Tsumani’s…etc…etc. as the oceans of this world would be heaving and sloshing out of their set boundaries which would inundate and overtake coastal areas globally.



 I have always believed that when Jesus comes for us at the time of the Rapture that He is going to have to do something “supernatural immediately” ( huge earthquake, or a supernatural EMP effect, Nibiru…etc..etc.. ) at that moment in order toimmobilize and prevent the world from turning in onitself which would “take peace from the earth”BEFORE the “second seal” could even be opened. For this to happen would be “out of order” with Rev. 6:4.  And once again such a divine supernatural event just prior to the opening of the seals  would also keep Israel’s arab enemies from carrying out their plan of destruction against her when theRapture took place, at which time God’s restraining hand will have ceased ( 2 Thess. 2 ).  



So remember this, that “peace” is NOT taken from the earth UNTIL the “second seal” in Revelation 6:4.  And since this “covenant with death” ( Is. 28:14, 15 ), “with the many” ( Dan. 9:27 ) does NOT begin nor go into action UNTIL Jesus first opens the “first seal” which is followed with “peace” being taken from the earth when Jesus opens the “second seal”,  then It appears to me that God is going to have to do something supernatural at the time of the Rapture in order to intervene and prevent the world from turning in on itself and “taking peace from the earth” after He has “lifted” His restraining hand ( the removal of the “restrainer”, the Holy Spirit who indwells the church ). The tribulaton period is NOT going to start day one of the Rapture as this is unrealistic in scope. And many good premillennial scholars are in agreement that there will be a “space of time” between the Rapture and the start of the tribulation period which begins with the opening of the seal judgments.  



The Rapture takes place between Revelationchapters 3 and 4, and NOT in chapter 4 as many are misled to believe.  The Apostle John does NOTwitness the “Bema Seat of Christ” taking place, but rather what he is shown is a “scene” in heaven where the 24 elders ( who represent the Church ) are already dressed in “white raiment, have golden crowns on their heads, and are sitting on thrones.”  What the Apostle John is viewing is a “post Bema event and scene.” And so he did NOT witness nor view the “Bema Seat” actually taking place. 



Revelation 4:1 states….”After these things ( After the church age has concluded and the Church taken up at the END of chapter 3 ) I looked, and behold, a door standing open in heaven…etc…….” 



 It is obviously clear here that the Church had “already passed through this door” which the Apostle John saw opened following the departure of the Church. Then John hears a “voice like the sound of a trumpet” which said “come up here, and I will show you what must take place after these things.”



 The Apostle John then is shown this “scene” in heaven which involves the “24 elders” which represent the Church who has thus already been before the “Bema Seat of Christ” which has already concluded, for they are all dressed in “white raiment, with golden crowns on their heads, and sitting on thrones.”  This depicts the Church as already “ruling and reigning with Christ.”  Therefore this “scene” which John saw in heaven could NOThave taken place “prior” to the “Bema Seat of Christ”, as the works of the believer have to be examined “first” BEFORE the “crowns / rewards” can be given to the church saints.



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In Christ, Tom Gaston