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(  I probably will find more using this gematria program, but these below are what I have found so far. )



A=6  B=12  C=18  D=24  E=30  F=36  G=42  H=48 I=54  J=60  K=66  L=72  M=78  N=84  O=90  P=96 Q=102  R=108  S=114  T=120  U=126  V=132 W=138  X=144  Y=150  Z=156 /Example: Computer= 666 



 The A = 6 is a gematria program which I had a computer tech make for me which is applied to theEnglish alphabet above. It is setup on intervals of “six.”  The number “six” stands for the number ofman in Scripture.  You can use your own calculator and check these phrases below.  But there are no mistakes in the gematria’s below which were found with the program A = 6 , since this program recognizes every letter and its numerical value which is entered.


Witchcraft = 666


A president = 666


New York = 666 


Erected to baal = 666


The temple of Baal erected in a New York = 2016 


And in London the temples of Baal erected = 2016 




Six Hundred Sixty Six a man Obama = 2016


The number six, six, six, and Obama in = 2016


April the false messiah and a president = 2016


Barack Obama, Lucifer,  and a New World Order = 2016


No presidential elections in America =2016


And America’s final year has now arrived = 2016


The United States of America ceases in = 2016


America’s leadership in the world ENDS = 2016


The fate of America approaches quickly = 2016


The “Final Chapter” of America concludes in = 2016


A “Global Financial Crash” is coming in April = 2016


America, the “picture of Babylon” is gone = 2016


The final Passover and the covenant = 2016


Woe!  Fifty seven seventy six = 2016 ( We are currently in the Jewish year of 5776 / 2016 ).


A Barack Hussien Obama, a Barry Soetoro = 2016


April and Passover and the Covenant = 2016


The next seven year sabbatical, April = 2016


It all begins in the month of April in = 2016


Passover, antichrist is revealed = 2016


The rapture and Martial Law declared in = 2016


Rabbi Glazerson predicted the year of= 2016


The ” End of Days” has arrived in the year = 2016


The Hebrew Bible Codes reveal the year of = 2016


Gematria and Mathematics reveals, year = 2016


Woe! And the book of Daniel is unsealed in = 2016


God’s wrath for the appointed year =2016


Beware of Nisan one / April ninth, year= 2016


Alert!  April warning! Call “Nine – one – one” = 2016


April – April – April – April – April – April =2016


Woe April !  The world comes to a halt= 2016


An Alien and UFO phenomenon is revealed = 2016


UFO invasion on the Rapture day =2016


Alien invasion!  Strong delusion! =2016


Alien spacecrafts descend from heaven in = 2016


The Rapture of the Church is coming = 2016


The resurrection of the Church in = 2016


Nisan He’s coming the messiah Yeshua = 2016


The Natsal / Harpazo and the Rapture = 2016 ( Natsal- A Hebrew term equivalent to the Greek Harpazo /Rapture )


Christian believers vanished, April = 2016


Sunday April 10th Jesus comes =2016……April 10th is a Sunday in 2016, which would be 2nd Nisan.


 God’s religious calendar year begins on the 1rst Nisan which falls on April 9th, 2016 / Sabbath. And ifJesus was to come on this day ( ? ), then I believe that He would come at the END of the sabbath ( theHavdalah ceremony which closes the Sabbath  ), and the beginning of Sunday – 2nd Nisan.   Jesus arose from the tomb at the end of the sabbath Nisan 17 and the beginning of Nisan 18 Sunday – first fruits – the first day of the week.  And so for me April 9th-10th is going to be a “high watch window” for the possibility that Jesus might show up within this window of time? 


 If the Lord doesn’t come on the 1rst / 2nd Nisan, then my next choice of important dates is Miriam Howard’s date of April 23rd / 24th / Nisan 16. Miriam’s date would work out nicely too in order to be in heaven on a Sunday.  And why wouldn’t it be great, the opening of the day of Sunday was the “resurrection day” of Christ.


The Apostle John In Revelation 1:10 says the following:


“I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s day, and I heardbehind me ( not from above, nor from the front, nor from the side ) a loud voice like the sound of a trumpet.”‘



 The phrase “the Lord’s day” historically is a clear reference to “Sunday” which is the first day of the week, the day in which Christ’s tomb was found empty.  Therefore the Apostle John received the “Revelation of Jesus Christ” on a Sunday.  Some have tried to relate this phrase “the Lord’s day” to the “day of Christ” ( which is the Rapture ), or to the “day of the Lord” ( day of judgment ), but this does not fit the context.  The Apostle John at this point has noteven been given the messages to the “sevenchurches” yet which are still present upon the earth on the day that John heard this voice like a sound of the Trumpet  behind him.  This voice came from “behind” him and NOT from “above.” This means that God came to him on an “earthly plain” or level.



  Now the next time John hears “this voice” which sounded like the “sound of a trumpet” wasn’t until Revelation 4:1 which comes after Jesus had finished giving him the messages to the “sevenchurches.”  It isn’t until Rev. 4:1 that John sees a “door standing open in heaven” and once again hears this voice which he heard before which says “come up here….etc.”  Starting here in Rev. 4:1 the “earthly scene” now switches to a “heavenly scene.” 



 The resurrection and rapture of the Church takes place between Rev. 3 and 4.  The Church had “already passed through heavens door” prior to John seeing it standing open in heaven.  And we see in chapter 4 that John did NOT witness the Bema seat of Christ taking place,  but rather he was shown a “scene” which was “post Bema” in timing.  John saw that the Church ( 24 elders ) already had crowns on their heads, were dressed in white raiment, and were sitting on thrones ruling and reigning with Christ.



  Now If the Apostle John was making aspecific reference to the “day of Christ”, and or a reference to the “Day of the Lord” as some claim,  then he would have certainly used either one of these phrases which the Apostle Paul had already used a number of times throughout His epistles.  The Apostle John was very familiar with these terms as he read the Apostle Paul’s letters to the churches. And so Apostle Paul in His epistles makes a “clear distinction” between “the day of Christ” and “the day of the Lord” which commences immediately following the rapture of the Church.  But the Apostle John did NOT use either one of these specific phrases, but rather he used the specific phrase “the Lord’s day” which was commonly used by the Church in the first century and on up through the following centuries. I have a link and website which “historically” shows this to be true.



  Christians in the first century came together to fellowship on Sunday, the first day of the week ( Acts 20:7 ) because it was the day that Jesus arose and His tomb found empty. And so John was NOT”caught up” UNTIL  Rev.4:1,  and NOT in Rev.1:10where he for the first time heard God’s voice sounding like a trumpet. 



Text First Corinthians Fifteen = 2016 ( Rapturechapter )


Countdown to the Rapture and Bema = 2016


Rapture the Gentile bride the Church = 2016


The Church enters the door of Heaven = 2016


The crisis and the emergency in April = 2016


The day of Christ and Day of the Lord in = 2016


Behold the Day of the Lord strikes in =2016


Month Nisan and war in the Middle East = 2016


A Nuclear disaster in USA. happens in= 2016


And a nuclear attack is coming in the USA. = 2016

A Warning! A terrorist Nuclear bomb =2016


The inferno! The city of New York =2016


The Apocalypse in America = 1314


United States ( in the Hebrew gematria ) =1314



In Christ, Tom Gaston