Jesus in Luke 16:19 – 31 tells the story about the “rich man and Lazarus.”  Remember that the “rich man” was pleading withfather Abraham to let him go back and warn his five brothers, but Abraham said to the “rich man”……..”They have “Moses and theProphets ( Elijah is one of them );…Let them “hear them.” 



  God will not leave Israel without a “witness.”  And so the “two witnesses” which I believe to be Moses and Elijah are going to come with Jesus at the time of the Rapture ( as these two were with Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration ). And when we are taken up, then these two witnesses will appear in the streets of Jerusalem and begin their ministry to Israel.


 Israel did NOT listen to the prophets who foretold the coming ofJesus at the time of his first advent, but I can guarantee you that Israel “will indeed listen” to these “two witnesses” ( Moses and Elijah ) when Jesus comes for His church.  Yes sir!  Israel is going to get a “wake up call” and she will have her “spiritual scales” removed from their eyes which has blinded them from seeing who Yeshua truly is ( Rom. 11:25 ). And so these two are coming with Jesus at the time of the Rapture, at which time we will go, but they will stay and fulfill their ministry to Israel.  And I believe that they will appear to Israel on “Pentecost.” 



 These two witnesses will reveal to Israel that Yeshua is indeed their Messiah from the “Torah” ( The first 5 books of Moses ), and the Jewish prophets.”  And once they see from the “Tanach” that Jesus is their Messiah, then they will finally believe and “embrace” the “four Gospel accounts” of the “life and ministry of Christ” and the New Testament Epistles.  The “New” is in the “Old”, and the “Old” is in the “New.”



Check out this incredible Hebrew gematria which I just discovered!  It should make your hair stand up on end!



[…..Coming at Pentecost 5776, Adonai and Elijah and Moses……]

ב  א     ב  ח  ג     ה  ש  ב  ו  ע  ו  ת    ת   ש   ע   ו ,    י  ה  ו  ה

5    6   5   10        6    70   300   400     400   6  70   6   2   300   5        3   8     2        1    2


ו  א  ל  י  ה  ו    ו  מ  ש  ה

5   300  40   6      6    5  10  30   1    6 / The amazing total =2016



Wow!  This gematria should make you try and catch your breath!

I’am ready for Pentecost in 2016!


In Christ, Tom Gaston