Will “Elijah” the prophet show up in Israel this Passover?

Remember that the month of Nisan ( an Arab month ) is the biblical month of “Abib.”  Israel crossed over the Jordan river into the promised land on the 10th Abib ( Joshua 4:19 ).  And once again this was also the same day that Jesus rode into Jerusalem on the back of a donkey fulfilling Zech. 9:9. 

Therefore, is it possible that God could possibly “restart” His prophetic clock for Israel’s prophetic program on this very same day that Israel crossed the Jordan, and the day that Jesus rode into Jerusalem?

The 1rst Nisan has already opened up in Israel today ( Mar. 27, 2017 ).  So we are now in a countdown to this important date of 10th Nisan / 10th Abib, and to Passover and the seven day festival of the feast of unleavened bread.  The “plagues of Egypt”  revolved around Passover season, and so I believe that they are a “type and shadow” of the coming judgments of the tribulation period.

Therefore I believe that we the Church of Jesus Christ should be on “high watch alert” for the Rapture to possibly take place during the month of Nisan / Abib ( ? ) each and every year. The month of Nisan / Abib ( in my opinion ) should always be a possible window of time of high expectation and anticipation for the Rapture of the body of Christ as we look for the sudden and unexpected appearance of Jesus for His Church at any moment.

Spring-time is the season with “new life” comes up out of the ground.  And so the season of Spring represents the time of the “resurrection.”  Not only Christ’s resurrection, but also the possible time for the resurrection of the body of Christ?  The “fall season” on the other hand represents “death” and NOT “new life.”  It is the season which represents “judgment” ( the treading of the grapes / the wrath of God…… etc..etc. ).

Now look at this following Hebrew gematria which I found this morning!

[….Abib 5777, the year.  Elijah the prophet will come to Israel on Passover…..]
א  ב  י  ב     ה  ת  ש  ע  ז,    ה  ש  נ  ה.   א  ל  י  ה  ו    ה  נ   ב  י  א
1   10   2    50   5      6    5  10  30   1       5  50  300   5        7  70  300 400   5        2   10  2    1

י  ב  ו  א    ל  י  ש  ר  א  ל    ב  פ  ס  ח
8   60   80   2      30   1   200 300 10 30      1    6    2  10 / total = 2017

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In Christ, Tom Gaston