I’ve noticed a great deal of confusion regarding inheriting the kingdom of God.
The following 2 scriptures refer:
(Note Revelation 22:15 is not included since this specific scripture applies to the Tribulation Saints, works based salvation, and not the body of Christ during the dispensation of Grace aka Church Age)
Background: Without getting into Dispensation  of exhausting and burdensome theological hermeneutics, I will briefly present the obvious in plain everyday language. My position is based on solid Bible evidence by rightly dividing the word of Truth. 2 Timothy 2:15.  For my terms and basis of hermeneutics, please refer to the following wonderful works presented by bible scholars:
Sadly, many Christians have been taught that if they sin, after being truly saved, they will go to hell. This is damnable heresy. Being saved means to ENTER into or Entering The Kingdom of God.
On the other hand,  Inheriting The Kingdom referred to in 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 and Galatians 5:19-21 above has nothing whatsoever to do with eternal  salvation and going to hell. But it has everything to do with a Christian’s  position in the actual physical kingdom of God in the Millennial period following the Tribulation. This is our rewards and will be determined at the BEMA SEAT OF CHRIST.

There will be an actual position of authority granted to all believers who have inherited the Kingdom of God to rule with Christ who will be  seated on the throne of David in Jerusalem.

Entering the Kingdom of God and Heaven means Salvation. Inheriting the Kingdom means receiving rewards and reigning with Jesus Christ in the Millennial kingdom.

Salvation is at the absolute forefront of mankind’s inner psyche. Where am I going to go when I die? Without going into detail, Inheriting the Kingdom of God is in my humble opinion one of the most misunderstood and in many ways tragically misinterpreted Bible verses used by either willingly malicious wolves or misguided low informed teachers.

Wolves who mislead and add onto the finished work of the Cross Of Christ Jesus have used and misapplied 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 & Galatians 5:19-21 to bring untold pain, anguish and suffering upon low informed non Bible reading Christians.

Entrance vs Inheritance is the question here. Entrance is directly related to Salvation. Each verse in the bible referring to Entering or going into the Kingdom in context and meaning are referring directly to salvation. See examples ranging from Matthew 7:21,23, 18:8,9, 1:31; ; Mark 9:47; Luke 18:17

Here is a great study on the subject that also is solid evidence. Inheritance means reigning with Jesus Christ and receiving rewards. It does not mean salvation.

Meaning of Inheriting the kingdom of God

The Reign of the Servant Kings is a must read book on the subject by Joseph Dillow.Note: Dilllow uses the NIV,  NKJV and KJV. I disagree with his NIV and NKJV uses, esp. Isaiah 14:12 and his confusion of the Dispensation of Grace vs Tribulation and Millennium works. Otherwise, his study of entering the kingdom, eternal security vs inheriting the kingdom is very good.

Please Note: (note although both of these bible scholars I refer to above present their areas of expertise in an exceptional manner with solid biblical and scholarly evidence, there are areas in which I have major disagreements with their interpretation not pertaining to this subject.  For further information please see my rebuke of their errant doctrine not pertaining to specifically to this subject.
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