The number 5 in the Bible means GRACE REDEMPTION (RAPTURE).
5 years ago I had a shocking Rapture dream in the sweltering hot midday sun while on a mission in Vietnam.
In this dream I could clearly see a terrified young man in his late 20s running for his life away from something he had just witnessed. He was wearing business attire and I could tell he had been running as hard as he could for some time, arriving to a point outside of the city.
I immediately woke up, and literally jumped out of bed,  deeply shaken.
I knew immediately I was witnessing what people who were left behind would be experiencing immediately after witnessing the Rapture.
At that very instant The Holy Spirit placed a tremendous burden on my heart to make a video of the scene I saw and warn people that the day is coming very soon that this scene will happen for real and the left behind will scream out what will be indelibly seared on their mind, “TIME HAS RUN OUT!”
Find Jesus Christ Now as your Savior before it’s too late!
Here’s the video, my 1st ever youtube video: