Please watch the video link above. For nearly 10 years I’ve watched JD (dont call him or any title pastor Pastor).
Today he major crossed the line. It starts going south at major lies and doctrine of demon errors at time 5:50 referring to his text reading of 2 Timothy 1:7Please read my REBUKE, REPROVE. AS FOLLOWS:
JD, Whoa! Stop!  In accordance with 2 Timothy 4:2-4, you are way out of line by telling people that 2 Timothy 1:7 is referring to The Holy Spirit. Any vain attempt to interpret Holy Spirit here proves several major blunders in godly exegesis.  The main points: Context…The Holy Spirit does not even remotely make sense in the usage, intent, purpose here. How could 2 Timothy 1:7 refer to Holy Spirit with the absence of both a definite article and the glaring absence the attributive adjective “Holy” as used in 2 Timothy 1:14, Acts 2:4. Even where Holy is not used, ex: John 16:13, definite article is used and verb modifier “is” is used Spirit of Truth etc, Comforter … we always see the definite article meaning The Only One. Etc. Also, it doesn’t fit using The Holy Spirit where Paul clearly connects a spirit of fear.. Also, Spirit Πνεύματος used referring to Is Holy is NOT The Greek word πνεῦμα (pneuma – a spirit type) used in 2 Timothy 1:7 and  is the same translation as in Matthew 12:43 (unclean spirit). You’re also in complete danger of heresy by your lie that only the NIV has properly translated this verse. WRONG! on both accounts. The spirit of fear as properly translated from greek in the KJV is NOT the Holy Spirit. The KJV uses a capital S in the correct places, but certainly not in 2 Timothy 1:7. Not only have you completely butchered this verse but far, far worse you’re falsely misleading people in understanding the power of verse and directing them into the Vatican NIV.
LISTEN! ANY good Berean knows the NIV Bible is a Vatican apostate book. It can’t even be called a Bible. The NIV is full of major doctrinal ERRORS. Don’t take my word, do a little research. Switching Jesus and Satan are only a few of hundreds of other perversions.
Read and compare Isaiah 14:12 in both NIV and KJV… A reader of the NIV reads that The Morning Star (Clearly Jesus Christ example Revelation 22:16, etc) is cast out of heaven. Satan was cast out. NOT JESUS! And then in Revelation 22:16 the NIV uses the morning star correctly in context as Jesus and refers back to Revelation 2:28 showing that morning star is Jesus. The KJV reads in Isaiah 14:12 …”how art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning!”
Major Reprove, Rebuke to you JD FARAG! SHAME ON YOU! I had loved you and have watched your amazing powerful Prophecy Updates for nearly 10 years now. I love your Passion for our soon coming Rapture and your zeal for Jesus Christ. You even read one of my emails during one of your sermons when I was living and working  in Vietnam. If you recall, A Vietnamese nurse friend visiting my wife watched one of your sermons and gave her life to Jesus Christ for her salvation right there. I corrected reproved you twice before once when you had that group convince you that all people had to hear about Jesus before he could come back and used your pulpit to push this false teaching. The second rebuke was when you turned your pulpit into a Donald Trump political campaign pushing your flock to vote for Trump.
UPDATE:   JD Brought to shameful rebuke by another YouTuber for calling the DAY OF CHRIST the Tribulation:  Again this happened because JD does not use proper Bible translation and he does not research his study thoroughly.
We ask JD FARAG & AMIR TSARFATI These questions

Why don’t you realize the Trump Coalition is the Jesuit Coalition ?

The Trump Coalition – Zionist Jesuit Run Coalition

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A banner used to promote Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa (CCCM) senior pastor, Brian Brodersen’s Bible study on Revelation 9:13-21 depicting a pagan celtic triquetra was sent out by Twitter on March 6, 2016. The triquetra was then seen projected on the wall behind the pulpit at CCCM. A triquetra is a triangle or three (tri) cornered quetrus. It is made up of three intersecting vesica pisces, a shape created by the intersection of two circles – sacred geometry. The triquetra is considered one of the oldest pagan celtic symbols dating back to as early as 500 BC when it was used to symbolize the triple goddess (maiden-mother-crone). The symbol is often used to represent the three fundamental elements – air, water, and earth or the infinite cycle of life. It is also known as a rune of protection. on

Warning update: Quote from one of readers:

“Amir is now teaching and touring with Pastor Steve Berger who is teaching necromancy is OK and says he practices it himself? Now JD Farag is also touring with Amir so how is it that JD Farag does not call out Berger on his heresy and Amir for saying nothing to correct this serious error? JD is also teaching that anyone who does not believe in the pre trib rapture is of the devil”

But this Sir is my 3rd and most alarming. Please stop, confess, and correct this. I know your handlers will most likely not bring this to your attention plus some of your blind groupies will attack me for judging you,…so I’m only sending this as a WITNESS and TESTIMONY against any and all false teaching. Sadly, hundreds of low informed non Bible reading people in these last days will not even catch this or reprove you…

Jan Markell EXPOSED