May 14, Day Israel announced their Independence

I think from April 18th 2018 through May 14, 2018 would be a high watch time for a surprise attack on Israel.

Watch for an Iranian/Syrian attack on Israel during Israel’s 70th anniversary. Remember the Yom Kipper War. The joint surprise attack occurred from Syria into the Golan on Israel’s holiest day. Remember also the Yom Kippur war was on Sinai Peninsula (Egypt) where Mt. Sinai where Moses received 10 Commandments after the Exodus on Pentecost. (Pentecost = Rapture Watch) is located. I’m not saying this next attack is the Ezekiel 38 war, but a strike of retribution for the latest Israeli airstrikes. Anyway we all know we’re going home soon Saints. Looking Up. Maranatha!