Bryan Denlinger teaching of interracial marriage is fornication is not biblical. Here is his video that I rebuke.


I Rebuke you Bryan Denlinger you filthy liar and hetetic. The Book of Ruth stands against you as an eternal witness and testament against the lies you speak. Ruth was a Moabite, she married Boaz an Israelite from Bethlehem the birthplace and very lineage of Jesus Christ.

Bryan, On this video, you are way off base, and in error. Just proves you’re human. Please humble yourself and study the truth.  Fornication spoken here in 1 Corinthians 10:8 which referenced Numbers 25 and Psalms 106:28 (which you conveniently failed to mention) in a spiritual sense of the meaning of fornication is exactly the fornication spoken of in Revelation 17.

Yes, the Israelites did disobey God under the law (*dispensation of the law* which we Christians are are not under) by physically committing whoredom (porneuo) and taking strange wives that caused them to turn (not related in any sense to a Christian couple of different race or ethnicity being married) and yes 1 Corinthians 10:8 is referring to sex outside marriage and whoredom – but not a married couple.

Whore of Babylon in Revelation 17 is NOT having sexual intercourse with all the kings of the earth. Fornication means idolatry in Spiritual instances and in others sexual relations, look at context. The context of sexual relations outside marriage to include incest and whoredom  is 1 Corinthians 5:1; 10:8, and Jude 1:7. But Spiritually speaking the end result is idolatry as spoken of in Revelation 17. To say that interracial marriage is Fornication is Outrageous and frankly you’re exposing yourself here as a racist and bigot regarding race.

If you truly  believe this Revelation and Psalms 106 and 1 Corinthians 10:8 is teaching that marriage between 2 different races is committing fornication, we need to have a very serious talk. Please email me. . I will send you money to have you meet at a location of your choosing. I will bring my  caucasian lawyer who is a blood bought born again Christian who is marrying a Chinese woman who was brutally persecuted for her faith in our Savior Jesus Christ. I will also bring my Vietnamese wife who defied her Buddhist family and friends and is saved. I promise you Brother, There is a preponderance of Bible evidence proving you wrong.

Also, please stop idolizing Peter Ruckman, the man who defended abortion and said the Bible proved that conception does not begin life… Please email me and we will arrange this meeting. Thank you.

PS: Please submit DNA SAMPLES from you and your wife to prove you’re not in an incestuous marriage.  Also to prove your blood lines are pure and unmixed going back to Adam.
Andrew Sheets