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Response to someone telling you Christmas is Evil:

Response in 3 easy steps:

Thank you for expressing your opinion and someone once said that everyone has an opinion and entitled to same, but first:

1.  What’s the day, date and time?

Any day dated and time is of pagan origin>  Look it up, do your own research…  Please don’t ever use dates, days, times.

2.  Go home and read these bible verses and write an essay and email me how  your belief is NOT what these Bible verses clearly teach:
verses:  Colossians 2:8, 16,17; Romans 14:1-23

3. Are you aware of the fallen world we live in?   Since the fall of man we live IN this world but are not OF it…   Difference:   Please study the differences. and now, GET A LIFE, MERRY CHRISTMAS, now LEAVE ME ALONE!