I love listening to Pastor Lawson.  Although he runs a Brick and Mortar 501C3 operation which I strongly condemn – See Note 1 Below –  He’s a conservative old time preacher man that always can be counted on to preach an impassioned, politically incorrect Bible based sermon…  However, there are for me, 3 very nagging problems, questions I have for – to him:

1.   Why does he say he’s not making any blanket condemnation of Mormons and Masons (time stamp 37:00) yet speak out against the heretical teachings of their leaders?  To me this is the same as saying I’m not condemning the SS and their belief system but only their leader Mr. Hitler.


2.  Why is Pastor Lawson not calling out the Catholic Church, but eviscerates the Pope, or at least some of the Popes and implies some were OK.   He somehow believes that the Catholic Faith is separate from the Pope which is frankly unimaginable.  What are you up to here Pastor Lawson?


3. Why is Pastor Lawson Caught between Works based and Grace through Faith based Salvation?


Although he apparently has clarified this, there is still a nagging, lingering question hanging over him in my opinion which is based on multiple sermons I’ve heard him preach.


Be good Bereans people.  Glean out the good and throw away the chaff.