An open letter of Reproval and Rebuke to Pastor Tim Henderson at Jonathan Creek Christian Church

Note: We stand in total agreement with Pastor Tim Henderson’s love for sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ and to preach the Catching Up (Rapture of the Church) which is soon here. Amen! There are however, glaring issues with his teaching we bring up below:

This Blog was originally posted on March 2, 2019.  Since the posting of this Blog I have learned that Tim Henderson is telling people he’s seeing Jesus as in visual images and describing them.  Here’s a woman who I’ve called out for divination and seducing spirits who goes into the details of Tim Henderson and his visions.
A Strong Rebuke to Kimberly K Ballard of Elijah & Moses YouTube (

Here’s another disturbing report about Tim Tim’s Tim’s unscriptural teachings

In accordance with 1 Timothy 5:19, 20 as an Ambassador for The Lord Jesus Christ, and in the witness of the Godhead through Jesus Christ, and by the absolute AUTHORITY of the Word of God as given in The King James Version specifically Titus 1:11,13, 2:15, 2 Timothy 4:2-4.

TRUTH VS COMPROMISE for Unity’s sake

Jonathan Creek Christian Church AM SERVICE

Tim Henderson Pastor.

Dated December 2, 2018


In the above link Pastor Henderson teaches out of a corrupted Bible Translation and yet continues to teach that it is a sin to add to the word or to corrupt the word of God, that we cannot compromise with the truth. Pastor Henderson also allows a woman to get up to the pulpit and teach out of a corrupted Bible translation and also takes the word out of context and in the wrong dispensation.. Please see attached link on why bible translations are important: (part 4 is Bible Translations and why the King James Version is the pure word of God)


Specifics: Pastor Henderson begins by saying he’s going to go into Colossians. He brushes some commentary of Colossians, out of context and incorrect translation making no point whatsoever to his main theme and then swooshes us over to 1 Timothy 6:3-5 (although you kept saying 2 Timothy 6:3-5) and read to us out of a “perverted translation” which I believe is an ESV.

At time 8:20 Pastor Henderson says that not all philosophies are wrong. Implies that true philosophies are good. Where is this in scripture? My King James Bible tells me there is NO philosophy I am to follow. Colossians 2:8

Time 10:46 Pastor Henderson speaks out against speaks out against putting a spin on the word of God yet uses a corrupt Bible translation and uses misapplied scripture as discussed here throughout.

Time 18:46 Why does Pastor Henderson speak out strongly against adulterating the truth and the word of God but yet teaches out of a perverted translation?

Time 19:30 Pastor Henderson says he’s not calling out a denomination and implies denominations are not the problem. How can this be in the corrupted apostate churches of today? Then at 29:40 he calls out unnamed denominations. Sending very mixed signals.

Time 22:38 Why is Pastor Henderson continually discussing the Torah and using the Torah as authority in proving scripture but then saying the Torah is not scripture? Mixed signals. Also Elohim and Jesus Christ? What about Adoni and Jesus Christ? What about Yahweh and Jesus Christ? Why did Pastor Henderson select Elohim? Why doesn’t he get into the matter of Godhead as per scripture and not throw Hebrew terms around.

Time 31:00 Why is Pastor Henderson using 1 Timothy 6:3-5 to imply that anyone who calls out a Pastor is in violation of 1 Timothy 6:3-5 by being vain and causing strife… (Note: Henderson continually misquotes 1 Timothy as 2 Timothy). This is not what 1 Timothy 6:3-5 is talking about.

Time 37:03 Why is Pastor Henderson adding to Salvation and the simple gospel message of Salvation by adding works? Also, why is he adding Romans 10 confession to salvation? Why doesn’t he stay with the basic gospel of salvation in 1 Corinthians 15:1-4 and Ephesians 2:8? He adds Lordship salvation.

What is Biblical Salvation; The Gospel of Salvation based on the King James Bible
Romans 10 and the ABC plan are not scripture for salvation

Why Bible Translations are important

The True History of the King James Bible – all modern Bible Translations are Satanic (

King James Version Bible for Today

Why Bible Translations really matter:

Time 42:00 Why does Pastor Henderson double down and allow a woman to get up and start teaching? My King James Bible tells me that women are not to teach. 1 Timothy 2:12-14

Don’t believe a woman preaching behind the pulpit is against God. Read this:

Why is this woman preaching against a “water downed” word of God but using a corrupted Bible translation? Why is this woman taking Hebrews and 1 Peter? 1:22 out of context and in the wrong dispensation and trying to apply it to the church and then teach that like mindedness is unity and to have peace and unity we must be like minded. How can you be yoked with the world and say you’re not? The perverted bible translation is completely apostate in every regard.