Israeli News Live REBUKE Steven Ben Nun and his wife Jana
In accordance with 2 Timothy 2:4, 4:2-4, Titus 1:11-16, 2:15; Ephesians 5:11; 2 Timothy 4:15, and Galatians 1:8,9 I rebuke Steven Ben-Nun and his wife Jana for misuse of scripture to misrepresent and twist the truth. For the past few years Steven has come out as an anti Zionist and yet has blatantly sided with the Russians and Syrians, making the USA and Israel out as the bad guys. The truth be told, both sides and all sides are under the global luciferion elite. By the fact that Steven does not point this out makes him a Jew selling out his own people by stating that the Golan needs to be given back to Syria and a Russian tool if not an actual Russian agent.
We are pleased that Steve Ben-Nun and his wife Jana have woke up and walked away from Zionism. Please read link distinguishing Zionism from true biblical love of Israel and the Israeli people which we as Christians believe.
We are also pleased that Steve and Jana believe that Jesus Christ is the Messiah. We are also pleased to see they stand against the Ecumenical movement of the Vatican and the Evangelical movement. Ironically they still use the star of David on their website. A subject for another day.
Please see our Link on the Trump MAGA Evangelical, Vatican, Zionist Coalition.
Also, Please see our LINK on the Brick and Mortar 501c3 churches of today are not biblical
However, we must address other glaring issues regarding Steve Ben Nun and his wife namely their severely misguided and applied knowledge and use of scripture. Ironically their website promotes themselves as a Biblical Institute See Link:
We recognize Jana speaks five languages. We speak 4 languages between us. We recognize that Steve has studied Hebrew for 30 years. We have studied Hebrew and Greek as well as Latin for several years. I personally have a degree and am a licensed language teacher. We are not impressed with the misuse Steve uses in his “misguided” interpretation of scripture using Hebrew. The brilliant scholars in Hebrew and Greek who translated the KING JAMES BIBLE (Read the Book: Final Authority by Dr. William Grady) far beyond the realm of Steve DeNoon and others like Jacob Prasch with Moriel Ministries who claim not understanding Hebrew limits our understanding of the Bible and who are oblivious to rightly dividing scripture and understanding Eschatology, especially the Church as separate from Israel. We are only bringing this issue forth because Steve and his wife continually throw their education and qualifications in the face of their sheeple.
Examples of Steve’s misuse of scripture are for example the Abrahamic Covenant of Land promised to Israel, Israel’s role in Daniel 9 and glaring issues and lies stating that Isaiah and Matthew both deny the Golan to Israel. Also extremely disturbing is his lack of knowledge in rightly divided Eschatology as in the catching up of the body of Christ aka the Rapture of the church and his confusion with the body of Christ and Israel. They continually either directly or indirectly support Russia and Syria – making the US and Israel as the evil empire, while overlooking the atrocities of Syria and Russia. Which makes us frankly wonder whether or not they are used as KJB Agents or propaganda puppets.
However, our purpose here is not to detail several of Steve DeNoon errors in his Bible studies but rather specifically address errors in his interview with Adam Green in link here We will point out this in detail. Our concerns are as follows:
Know More News with Adam Green interview with Steve and Jana DeNoon Israeli News Live
Why at time 1:00 – 1:03 does Jana and Steve say the Evangelical Christians and America are “bringing” in the Gog Magog war ( end time events)? Don’t they realize that God is moving these events and uses kings to accomplish his will. Look at Egypt and Pharaoh, King Cyrus, and many more examples in the bible.
Why is Steven always trying to tell us about his “exclusive” “secret” intel sources giving him information? Anyone with any level of intelligence and experience knows this is extremely unreliable and questionable information that is easily manipulated without credible sources.
Why at 1:16 is Steven using non canonized scripture (Book of Jubilees) to make a point and later says the “east” version compared to the “west” version of canonized scripture (note: very unclear to what he’s saying, but it certainly isn’t biblical).
Why at time 1:06 does Steve use Daniel 11:14 which has absolutely nothing to do with Zionist trying to enact their will in this dispensation. Daniel 11 is talking about the Time of Jacob’s Trouble. Again, this proves Steven DeNoon has absolutely no clue to Eschatology. The other option could be DeNoon knows he’s misusing this scripture to pull low informed sheeple into his clutch.
Why at time… 1hr 11 minutes and 01 seconds do you begin the subject of Chabad’s world domination, America’s downfall by Chabad and the ultimate devastating plan to nuke the United States of America? But yet at the beginning of this interview, you and the host were more focused on losing subscribers?
God has a sense of humor… why would this comment about the plan of Chabad to take over the world, including the destruction of the the USA come at 1111 > ???
A sobering study of the meaning of 1111
As always, Steven DeNoon is pro Syrian and Russian and always comes out against the United States and Israel. Let’s look at the background of Russia, shall we. Stalin was a Bolshevik and came across as antisemetic but was a hard core Zionist working with the Jesuits, Luciferion and with the USA as well as Germany to destroy as many people as possible. Adam Green hoste It is an amazing paradox to see Adam’s interview with Bjerknes next tod KMN LIVE w/ Christopher Jon Bjerknes and exposed this thoroughly. Steven Ben Nun…
A snapshot of Russian atrocities
As always Steven Ben Nun makes Syrian Assad as the innocent casualty of the NWO. Here are both sides of this argument. Why does Steven always bring up one side pro Syria? If he were clearly impartial and doing honest news reporting he’d bring up both sides, but he DOES NOT…
A snapshot of Syrian atrocities
Pro Assad
Anti Assad
At time 1:31 Jana tells us that Americans should be sharing the gospel with Israel – instead of getting behind the Zionist movement. We agree. However, Why doesn’t Steven and Jana focus on this as well instead of taking one sided opposition to the West by backing Russia and Syria? We agree that the NWO elite have control of all political leaders of this world. But Steven and Jana always fail to mention Russia as a part of this.
Finally at time 1:44 Jana shows her true Bolshevik pro Communist colors as she openly unloads on Fascists and Nazis. We agree, but why doesn’t she expose Communism and the Global Luciferian Elite plan to use MARXISM as the paradigm of the NWO. Please read Billy Graham and his friends to see this plan in motion. Also please watch Adam Green’s interview with Christopher Jon Bjerknes in the link above to see why General Patton said we killed the wrong enemy.
UPDATE MORE PROOF… Who is screaming loudest about Assange arrest. DeNoon and his mother Russia

UPDATE:  It recently came to my attention that Steve is once again asking his supporters to send more money to help him and his family relocate. (Note: Going back several years I foolishly sent him money when he had to flee the United States to go to Israel. Steve said it was God’s calling to get him to bring the good news to the Jews, but later he revealed that his “intelligence sources” told him to get out of the US because we were going to get nuked).  Please people stop sending money to this Charlatan.  People are hurting financially and Steve wants you to send him money so he doesn’t have to work.   It’s taken me time to realize that Steve Ben Nun and his wife are Charlatans who are fleeching people for money.

UPDATE:  Steve has apparently relocated back to the US. I would imagine to escape the draconian COVID 19 restrictions of Israel.  I think it’s safe to say Steve’s super secret source that told him a few years back that the US was going to get nuked, is wrong and Steve figures it’s safer in the US than Israel right now.  Nevertheless, for all those foolish souls who sent Steve money to move his family around the globe, I pray you wake up!
Recent Update October 2020:   Shocking how truly depraved Ben Nun’s are:  My comment: The Ben Nun’s are FEAR MONGERING CHARLATANS WHO ARE PREACHING A FALSE GOSPEL. WAKE UP PEOPLE!
Read:  Watch Video:   please watch this short video of Jana or Phoebe da di noon or whatever their name is..
I knew her guest Dr Madej was a new ager ..mixing truth with lies, she wears a cross acts as if she is a christian which she is definitely not. 8 min clip, hear her say we need to unite put aside our differences ..race religious differences…pushing the universalism new age order and da noon is helping it spread…besides that all da noons (Ben Nun)  videos only spread fear and disaster, they never mention the Gospel nor the blessed hope its only and always fear mongering
UPDATE From another reader:

I wrote an article on them on my website. I used to like and trust them and have woke up. You would not believe the things “their good friends” Adam Green and Christoper say about God.

Recently Jana went on a rampage on me for saying that Adam Green should not be involved in the church.

If you watched her video where she was calling all these women witches, that was about me and a couple others who went against the antichrist things. All of her guests are not Christian, which is a huge red flag.

She was crying like she was being bullied by us and stalked, but she was the bully because we pointed out Adam Green and also the Gnostic texts they STILL use. She has a spirit of Jezebel and you can see this when you are friends with her. She will turn on someone and play the victim in two seconds if you simply disagree with her.

Also, Steven’s name is not Steven Denoon or Ben-Nun or the other various names he claims. His name is Stephen Troy Cummings. I have a lot of info on them because once I did not trust them, I went digging, as any good researcher would do. They are hiding so much. His old neighbor even exposed them.

One more comment, these are all the alias names Jana uses. These people are very, very suspicious.