In the above video Bible teacher Jacob Prasch tells us about the apostasy in today’s church. Jacob is 100 % correct in exposing this. He is teaching pure Manna Truth. 

However note that in the final minute Jacob starts sprinking in heavy doses of Leaven (lies) by telling his Christian audience that he and Christians will be the remnant saved when Jesus returns.

Why is this a lie?

Jacob is using true scripture regarding the Jewish remnant that will be spared from the Antichrist during the tribulation period.  I know Jacob does not believe in or teach in the Pretribulation Rapture of the church. Instead he believes the church will not abandon her brother Jacob during the time of Jacob’s trouble.  (Jacob Prasch – Jacob’s trouble)

Solid Bible scripture proving the Rapture that Jacob refuses to accept is truly sad.

Links proving the Pre-Tribulation Rapture of the Church.

More on Jacob Prasch

Jacob Prasch the Zionist in Sheep’s clothing

Note:  AntiZionism is NOT AntiSemitism

also note that I abor replacement theology.

Recent disturbing updates on Jacob Prasch

This link is more information on Jacob Prasch and Moriel….you will find interesting..
There is more to this man as you will see with his links to “The Hebrew Roots Movement”.
Read the whole article, only one page.  It establishes the Hebrew Roots movement, then later down it brings us the “Connections”.

Here is more info on Prasch:

It’s lengthy, but if you would travel down to “Which Greek Text”
Then down to the 

You will see Prasch’s name mention……..this man has much he is hiding……
Also here is a link which lists the various groups of info which Prasch is mentioned.  The first 7 titles is where you will see Prasch or Moriel listed.