As a born again Christian it certainly gave me a boost to hear a US Senator lift up the name of Jesus and proclaim his faith. It was also encouraging to hear Senator Scott use scripture to support his thoughts on how our current problems in America can not be solved by a white, black, or a blue solution but rather a God solution and how we must view all from God’s perspective rather than our own.

What saddened me greatly however was how the Senator and of course Greg Laurie who is a false teacher ( See study on Greg Laurie’s apostasy  LINK)  both completely misstated and misled viewers on truly what is God’s solution to this current dilemma according to God’s word.  After all Senator Scott used scripture to make other points, why didn’t he use scripture to tell his viewers truly what is God’s plan for our current situation in America and the world.  On a side note, if you take the time to watch the FaithWire (An Ecumenical, Political,  Apostate approving Website)  interview in the link above, Senator Scott is telling us that the greatest days for America lie in the future which is completely against what the Bible teaches and is in fact pure Dominion Theology.

My Bible tells me clearly that we are truly living in the last days. The total depravity of man including this shocking nation,  ethnos (race) against ethnos and complete disregard for law and order, not to mention the complete dismantling of what used to be America is completely in order with God’s engineering the ushering in of the end of this age and the soon coming sequence of Biblical Events: The Rapture of the Church, The appearance of the  AntiChrist and Tribulation. Following Scriptures apply: 1 Thessalonians 4:16 KJV; 1 Corinthians 15:51-55 KJV; 2 Thessalonians 2 KJVMatthew 13 KJV; Matthew 24 KJV;   2 Thessalonians 2:7-9 KJV;   2 Timothy 3 KJV;  2 Peter 3 KJV

An interesting observation is why “all” of the adherents of Dominion Theology never or rarely talk about the “glorious hope” of the church (body of christ – not your beloved Methodist church) which is the Rapture or Catching Away of the body of Christ.

Also, I wonder why Senator Scott is unable to see through Greg Laurie and his apostasy. Perhaps this is another example of the last days where Ecumenism and Dominion Theology are paramount on the world stage.   In fact  this entire interview screams Dominion Theology at its finest. Please see my study on how today’s church is building the kingdom of the AntiChrist.

 A great study on Dominion Theology and the dangerous of this fringe theology


In Essence, this interview is substantiating proof of Striving UnLawfully

Study of Lawful strife by Philpot

Finally, it is my prayer that anyone reading this Blog can be encouraged that we’re to expect to see these things and to look up for our redemption draws nigh.   Praise God!  Maranatha!


The Lord bless you for posting this, because we can truly see the “Harlot System” being set up within the Governments of the World.
Back in the late 90’s when I had left the “Reformed Apostolic” and learning more of the unbiblical teaching of the John Wimber Vineyard movement, and the heretical Calvary Chapel movement, which Greg Laurie is part of, also at that time there was”the territorial prayer” movement which claimed multitude of countries for God’s purposes in establishing them for His Kingdom, especially Israel!!! One day as I was researching the “Territorial Prayer” movement, who’s purpose was “break the strongholds of “territorial Spirits & powers” over local communities and cities as well as all areas of the world, to influence Governments etc.,. While I was researching, I ran across one of their “project maps” and the Lord opened my eyes to see how this “unbiblical & satanic prayer movement” was actually the spreading of the Anti-Christ World system through these heretical false practices! He allowed me to understand this was the preparation of the false Church, to assist in the arrival of the Son of Perdition! I was just amazed at what I was seeing, and hearing!
There are many web-sites still calling for this practice. Here is one particular web-site named “Mission Frontiers” with it’s article titled “Massive Prayer and Missions Movements of the 90s” which reveals the breakdown of projects through the 90’s! Here is the link:

You will see a huge list of this truthful fact how these groups still are active in this satanic and unbiblical belief system.

So I state all this to back up your stance that this is truly the “Kingdom Now” theology which is truly the One World Harlot Church System being built to usher in and the supporting of the Anti-Christ man!
The Lord bless you for standing for the truth!
In His Eternal Love…..

The Return:  The Great Deception