Dear Reader The Lord has placed this on my heart to post this video which I had made back in March 2013, 7 years ago in the sweltering, oppressive heat in Viet Nam.  I laid down to rest in the mid day, and…just as I started to sleep I had a terrifying vision that only lasted a few seconds. A young man with unimaginable terror on his face – running like a madman from a city out into an open field. I immediately jumped up and knew that this was someone the Lord allowed me to see who had just witnessed the Rapture – Catching away of someone he knew and perhaps others. The sheer terror of that experience was overwhelming.  I could barely catch my breath.  The Holy Spirit pressed me to immediately set about to make a video and share this.
This has now been over 7  (Divine Perfection) years and soon 4 (Totality) months before Pentecost 2020 which many believe is a very high Rapture Watch Time.
Also please note that my 8 year old daughter had a Rapture dream whereby she was shown a calendar of 2020.  
Please IF you don’t know Jesus Christ as your Savior and you get left behind, DO NOT TAKE THE MARK OF THE BEAST. FIND JESUS BY CALLING ON HIS NAME FOR YOUR SALVATION.