Jan Markell is another Zionist who refuses to recognize that today’s national Israel is the same blood lines of the Pharisees and is building the kingdom of the antichrist. She also uses and promotes the Star of David in all her logos. Please read:


Why does Jan use the Star of David logo?  Star of David revealed.    The Star of Remphan (please read Stephen’s account before he was stoned condemn the star of Remphan called the star of David   ACTS 7:43….   SEE WHAT THE IMAGE OF THE STAR OF REMPHAN REALLY IS:   LINK   THIS is what carried the Israelites off to Babylon… Do your study on Babylon and who is mystery Babylon today…

The Israeli Star exposed:  8:05-9:45; 16:30-19:29

The Star of Israel is the star of Babylon Ishtar the Androgynous god/goddess

What is the Star of David?

The Jewish Kabbalah Zion control of Jesuits Synagogue of Satan


 The Trump Evangelical MAGA Jesuit Zionist Coalition

Trump’s Tree of Life Kabbalah 

The more I study the Trump Jesuit Kabbalah Mason connection The more convinced I am that God allowed The Luciferon Elite to bring up and build Israel allowing the continued blindness of the Jews to make a covenant with death and actually roll out the welcome mat to the Antichrist to build their temple and bring them peace.

Here in the link below, Pastor Chuck Baldwin drives home the point with solid proof of the evil agenda of  Zionism and how it is not Christian and is destroying America.  Please note, however, that although Chuck Baldwin proves Zionism is of the Pharisees, he does error into replacement theology. Also note this author is fully aware that Zionism is all part of God’s plan to usher in the end of this world.



Bird’s of a Feather: 



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