Dear Christian you must know GRACE vs WORKS


 Teaching the profound essentials of GRACE vs WORKS to my daughter, I was in the midst of several days in the book of Galatians.   While pondering the reasons why Paul wrote to the Galatians and why Galatians is the quintessential reference for GRACE vs WORKS I found where my daughter needed a real life example of what Paul was fighting against.   And then… it came to me like a bolt of light. We sat down and read my old Blog below.

On December 15, 2018 I wrote a strong letter to a local church pastor for preaching a false gospel. The very heart of the issue was GRACE being perverted.  The church leadership was literally teaching their congregation that a Christian does NOT stand before God as Justified. That we’re not entitled to salvation but must achieve it (through works;i.e., church attendance and accountability groups etc. and don’t leave out the tithes.) I invite you to read: “An Open Open Letter of Rebuke to Stones Crossing Church”

  NOTE:   A neighbor attended this church and refused to believe her church was in error. This person accused me of being a snake in the grass and other words on social media.  She ranted before other neighbors trying to bring as much ridicule as possible on me.  But in the end there was NO way no one could refute me.