Watch General Wesley Clark interview 7 country take down beginning with Iraq and ending with Iran 🇮🇷

Iran’s nuclear program has crossed Netanyahu’s ‘red line,’ former senior advisor to Obama & Biden tells ALL ISRAEL NEWS  

In exclusive interview, Amb. Dennis Ross warns Israel could be forced to take military action in 2021, but lays out strategy for Biden to de-escalate Iran nuclear threat

It didn’t take very long for the NeoCon War Machine to get ready to take out Iran and further the Zionist take out of Iran. 

“The neoconservatives, it appeared, had completed their circuit. Having begun as old-fashioned liberals taking arms against the onslaughts of the radical left, they now wore the mantle of old-style conservatives doing battle against the assaults of the radical right. ”  quote taken from 

When the Left turns Right

#911  Middle East:  Take out Iraq and end up with Iran

 General Wesley Clark




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