Yeshua Hamashiach is the Mashiach

This hour plus long strawman debate (see full discussion of how false teachers use the strawman argument and never a true debate) is truly painful to listen to but at the end, the Messianic Jew nails it by saying basically to the Jewish Rabbi,  “Look, you know the Bible better than I do and have been talking non stop about how you prove Jesus Christ is not the promised messiah, but I promise you he is and you’re going to find out real soon, but I pray you don’t find out too late, I will pray for you.”

It was a classic slam dunk.  One hour long the Jew for Jesus gets his butt handed to him by the Rabbi and then the Jew for Jesus ends with the best quote ever. Far better than I would have thought of.  Praise God!

Now briefly, I won’t take the time to go through each detail the Rabbi presents, but he clearly lies over and and over again and twists scripture to prove Jesus Christ was not God and the promised Messiah.  This proves to me beyond doubt that the Jews are truly blind and cannot see the truth as Paul speaks of in Romans 9-11.  The Messianic Jew never uses the Bible to dispute the errors of the Rabbi, but listens to him patiently and almost as if he were an obedient school boy learning from the teacher instead of slamming him. I was yelling at the screen, “Look Rabbi, you’re talking about the 2nd Advent of Jesus Christ to prove the birth of Jesus Christ was not the Messianic Kingdom… OF COURSE THIS HAS NOT HAPPENED!”  But sadly the Messianic Jews never realizes this and never brings it up.  The strawman debate was absolutely controlled by the Rabbi.   This is even more reason why the closing statement by the Messianic Jew was so powerful. 

Another issue with this strawman debate is the Messianic Jew, similar to all Jews for Christ that I know, suffer from an identity crisis.  They want to prove they are 100 % Jewish and not Christian which is not biblical. See my link in notes below that discusses this. 

Here are my comments I sent to this YouTube Video:

In the spirit of love, I would love to openly debate this Jewish Rabbi. Not in the “strawman” format false teachers use, but in a true point by point debate. Please contact me

. Let’s set up another YouTube presentation. I promise you that in the name of Jesus Christ, I will use the Bible to correct this Rabbi on every single point he bashed the Jew for Jesus. Instead of telling this Rabbi that he knows the Bible better than me, I will tell him the TRUTH: “Rabbi, you have no idea of what you speak of. Rabbi the scripture you use is twisted and taken out of context and your translation is not true. This is exactly precisely what this scripture is saying. Using hermeneutics, point by point on each scripture. Thank you.


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