Tammuz was a month in the Babylonian calendar, named for one of the main Babylonian gods. The virgin holding baby Jesus. The Pope’s headgear MITRE  The Fish god of Babylon.   

Most Christians have no idea of how closely linked the Catholic Church is with Iraq and Iraq’s ancient roots BABYLON.   These are extraordinary times we now live.  The AntiChrist Beast system is falling quickly into place.   Rome and Islam are becoming united.  The Abrahamic Peace accords bringing the Jews into a false peace with the Arab nations.  False teachers like Joel Rosenberg and Amir Tsarfati pushing the Zionist agenda whereby asleep or fake Christians actually believe that Christianity and Judaism are inexorably linked together and where they are being led to the slaughter to eventually openly embrace the NOAHIDE LAWS. See where false evangelical leaders like Kenneth Copeland and Rick Warren are bringing the sheeple back to Rome and to Islam through their false heretical teaching. 

Most if not all of the early church leaders believed that the Pope would be the AntiChrist spoken of in Daniel and in Revelation.   I personally believe this Pope will be the last Pope and will definitely either be the AntiChrist or the False Prophet. 

Please study for yourself to see how the Catholic church is Babylon and how closely they are linked.


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