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There is a demonic assault on the body of Christ in this late hour of the Nicolaitan who attempt to conquer the Elect through vain imagination – interpreting essential doctrine in their own worthless, perverted self absorbed imaginations based on their own misguided perceptions.

Over one year ago one of my readers named Cal Teichmann of Blog “Come and Taste The Goodness of the Lord” cctechm777 contacted me and requested to join me as a guest blogger. He said he was so deeply inspired by my Blogs.   I asked why he didn’t want to use his own platform to blog and he informed me that he had to take it down because of spiritual convictions and that he didn’t have the audience I had, referring to some of my blogs rating on the top 4 under google searches.

Foolishly I agreed and later would regret it  as I detail in my blog exposing this wicked man. Please read my Blog below

Responding to and Rebuking Sharply Cal Teichmann of Blog: Come and Taste The Goodness of the Lord cctechm777



Update: 1/21/2022:  Woe be to Cal Teichmann who has gone the way of CAIN. Jude 1:11 KJV. Cal is Cain. Cal approaches and worships God in his own vain imagination and to his personal understanding and NOT according to scripture rightly divided.   To Wit: His Blog: Come and Taste the Goodness of the Lord is a mockery. Just as Cain offered his “own beautiful garden harvest” and not what God commanded as did Abel, Cal prepares his “own beautiful table before the Lord” and his teachings are heavy laden with lies.  Here he invites those who are not aware of Cal, to come and taste the goodness of the Lord, yet Cal denied by both word and deed, living in fear of the blood of the cross for the remission of sins (although he may later cover these tracks), Cal is a legalistic Pharisee who demands works through sufficient testimony is required to prove someone is truly saved. Cal condemns Christians who celebrate Christmas as Pagan and is legalistic even though the Paul says we are not to judge others for festivals or what sabbath days, Cal denies the biblical Godhead that Jesus Christ is the visible image of God and in Him dwells the fullness of the Godhead BODILY. Cal teaches the HOLY TRINITY in that there are 3 separate God’s in 1 God which is NOT biblical but pagan polytheism based on Greek stoic philosophy. Cal says he used to be a sodomite and loved greatly a man who died of aids, yet on multiple accounts told me he struggles and at times is overcome by sins of his past. He lives in continual sin and vices of tobacco, alcohol and promiscuity in going out with others and has the audacity to say he hangs out with these people to tell them the gospel. And then turns on true Christians and berates and mocks them for celebrating Christmas as a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus and for not wanting to follow the Catholic heresy of the holy trinity which is NOT in scripture. Cal is following another Jesus and is condemned by his own words and actions he tries so desperately to keep hidden.


To fully understand the depths of what’s going on here, let me summarize as follows:

Cal came in as a peaceful brother in Christ.  After he had gained my confidence he slowly began pulling apart piece by piece of my work and eventually had me in a deeply depressed state of doubt and inward inspection of my purpose of beginning my blog in the beginning.  He even tried to convince me to take down major portions.  I tested him by saying perhaps I need to take the entire blog down and restart it with material deemed appropriate by Cal.   Then by God’s grace I stepped back and started to go through each detail of what Cal had been spouting.  To my horror he did not understand God’s grace. He did not understand the propitiation – the atonement of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross = that without the shedding of blood there is NO remission of sin.  To witness: Cal did not practice or speak the word of God in partaking of communion when it comes to “the cup”.  Read my Blog post exposing Teichmann to fully understand the depths of this depravity.  Also read to understand his other tactics and false appearance in sheep’s clothes but inside a ravenous wolf.

When I broke away from fellowship from Cal Teichmann in accordance with 1 Corinthians 5:11 KJV – Specifically extortioner = Cal Teichmann’s continued practice of wringing through oppressive importunity in overwhelming arguments and the powerful influence of “planting seeds of doubt” and lying vanities.  Also   idolater = who forms a false image – vain imagination of what was accomplished on the cross and putting himself and his personal suffering as something that replaces the shedding of blood – He became very annoyed and belligerent.  He sent a flood of emails and I had to block him.  When he realized he had lost his battle with me, he then set about to attack me personally and my doctrinal belief without addressing my bible based belief.

Lesson learned here:   There are many Cal Teichmann’s in this world.  Recognize them.  They will eventually expose themselves and when they do they will lash out vehemently as did the Pharisees who attacked Jesus Christ.   Read how they attacked Jesus Christ personally calling him a Samaritan and having the devil. John 8:42-48 KJV.

Jesus responded to them and I respond to Cal Teichmann and his kind as follows:

The reason you do not understand is because the truth does NOT abide in your because you are as your father THE DEVIL who was a liar from the beginning.


UPDATE: November 2021

I believe the Holy Spirit revealed Cal Teichmann’s heart is as the Pharisees. If he does not repent and come to Jesus Christ and be born again he will be those Jesus spoke of in 

Matthew 8:12 KJV