The End Game of the Judaizers

The End Game…

The End Game of the Judaizers has always been to deny, delete, denigrate, subordinate, alienate and ultimately illegitimize Jesus Christ. Philo a devout Jew turned supposed Christian embraced the Gnostics as well as Tertullian of 2AD developed the term, Trinity. When Paul wrote to the Colossians he was in prison in Rome and although he had never met the assembly at Colosse he was writing primarily out of grave concern Greek Philosophers GNOSTICS (gnosis- wisdom) was creeping into the believers to get them to question GODHEAD… And the central attack was denying that Christ was of the Godhead. The central belief was BODY > (we could also apply Person) was human and the word or Idea that the human body form being of Jesus Christ could be no part of Spiritual nature of God. A corporal body was considered inferior to spirit of God. So Paul had to teach them that THE BODY OF JESUS CHRIST IS THE IMAGE OF THE INVISIBLE GOD and that the fulness of The Godhead dwelled in Christ BODILY.
Trinity is Pagan Polytheism and BAAL Worship


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