Here’s my correction to his erroneous teaching:

It’s a blessing to have Pre-Tribulation Rapture videos to encourage the Saints. Thank you very much. 

 I tried to overlook the way you mangled Matthew 24:28 Regarding the Eagles in an attempt to prove we are taken up into the air to be with Jesus. It was pathetic to see you try to pound that square peg into the round hole by trying to tell low informed – non bible reading christians that Matthew 24:28 harmonizes with Rapture scriptures. NO! it does not. you kept trying to tell us that the word bodies is used in verse 28. NO IT IS NOT. The King James Bible uses the word: CARCASE. This is a dead BODY and not a live body. This is NOT referring to the dead in Christ will rise first. Why? In hermeneutics the first rule is CONTEXT. The entirety of Matthew 24 is about the TRIBULATION. These are the millions of bodies that Jesus has wiped out at the Battle of Armageddon when we return with Him at His 2nd Advent. Amen! Maranatha!

What Jesus is talking about here HARMONIZES with Jeremiah 7:33; Zechariah chapter 14, Micah chapter 3; and of course: Revelation 19:17,18.




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Clarification: Generation 2434 was using Luke 17:32-37 and Not Matthew 28:24… This however proves how he would be unable to harmonize the Tribulation scriptures of the Olivet Discourse and try to shoehorn it into the Rapture. See Generation 2434 comment below.

1 hour ago
Hello. Apparently you completely missed what I was actually reading… I was reading from Luke 17:32-37. You are saying that I was reading from Matthew 24… I was not. I stand firmly behind what I was teaching regarding those verses there in Luke 17… Jesus clearly refers to the rapture here as well as later in Luke chapter 21.
I would also encourage you to go and watch this Olivet Discourse series from Mondo Gonzales.


Andrew Sheets

Hello, thank you for responding. Sorry, but Luke 17:32-37 is referring exactly to Matthew 24:28… I should have clarified that however. How could Luke 17 be talking about the Rapture which is the Olivet discourse – Matthew 24 be talking about the Tribulation? They can not. You can’t harmonize Luke 17 or 21 with Matthew 24 and Revelation chapter 19 can you? Luke 17:37 word for BODY is G4983 = DEAD BODY OR CORPSE. NOT A Raptured Saint. Mondo Gonzales does NOT understand the Olivet Discourse. Please study this for yourself and not follow after Mondo. Nevertheless, Thank you for at least teaching that the PRETRIBULATION RAPTURE IS SCRIPTURE and also teaching against the false teaching of partial raptures. I do recommend your channel however with the caveat that people understand you have mangled the EAGLES (Luke 17 – Matthew 24). Also interesting you did not try to harmonize Matthew 24:28… Thank you again. I will clarify this in my Blog and on this video. Maranatha!


For the Record: Generation 2434 continually tries to harmonize the Body G4983 to be a living body. I pray a good Berean can study this and see this is can not be the case for Luke 17:37. Please read:

For the Record: Generation 2434 continually tries to harmonize the Body G4983 to be a living body. I pray a good Berean can study this and see this is can not be the case for Luke 17:37. Please read:

in proper hermeneutics we must harmonize scripture with scripture. In Romans 12 Paul is strictly speaking of the BODY of Christ – The Church as in a living BODY… You could also add the other living body scriptures for soma like Matthew 6:25… Here read it for yourself.


However, G4983 used in Luke 17 can’t be the body of Christ A LIVING BODY because we’d have to discard G4983 for the dead body in Matthew 14:12, 27:59, Mark 15:45…. But worse is you are unable to harmonize Matthew 24:28 – Olivet Discourse. Why are you not able to tell me how you can harmonize Matthew 24:28 – Revelation 19:18 with Luke 17 – the Body of Christ? The reason you isolate Luke 17 from Matthew 24:28 – Revelation 19:18 – Jeremiah 7:33; Zechariah chapter 14, Micah chapter 3; and of course: Revelation 19:17,18 being the acid test is because your theory will not stand. We must allow scripture to interpret scripture instead of shoehorning our own thoughts. The 3 steps are: CONTEXT, EXEGESIS (historical background, grammar, syntax) HARMONIZE SCRIPTURE WITH SCRIPTURE. I honestly don’t know if you’re willfully refusing to see this, or you’re honestly confused. Either way, I pray you actually learn how to interpret scripture correctly. Yes, you’re right, we can agree to disagree but the teacher in my just wants you to understand that ignorance can hurt us. But worse we are commanded by God to STUDY to show ourselves approved unto GOD A WORKMAN THAT NEED NOT BE ASHAMED. 2 Timothy 2:15 King James Bible



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