Evolution – Fact or Fiction?

Dear Reader,
Everyone has asked themselves at some time ‘how did the
universe, our world, and the human race come into existence?’ The vast
majority of people believe that everything came into existence by itself
by a process that started with a big explosion. The Big Bang theory
teaches that the whole universe was condensed into a super-dense mass
no bigger than an atom. The theorists call this a singularity. Then, in a
moment of time – one millionth of a second – it exploded with
temperatures of trillions of degrees centigrade. And so the universe was
born, some twenty billion years ago. This theory is used to explain why
the universe is expanding. Like me, you may ask ‘where is the proof of
this theory?’ Well there is none. And you must admit, it takes a lot of
faith to believe when there is no proof whatsoever. The theorists and
evolutionists then go on to say that part of the debris thrown out from
the explosion condensed into our solar system, so the sun and the
planets were born some five billion years ago and the now molten,
boiling earth orbited our sun. The evolutionists then say that when the
earth cooled down, trillions of comets brought ice that melted on
impact to give us our oceans and shallow seas. After that, a process
called photosynthesis where the sun’s rays filtering through the water
caused amino acids to react, causing primitive life to appear, i.e. single
cell bacteria. More complex life just evolved from this primordial soup
(an evolutionist term), giving us all life on earth. Evolutionists
continually tell us that science has proved all of this. Now let me show
you that there has never been one shred of evidence for evolution and,
in fact, science has proved it’s impossible.
How does life originate? Those who, like atheists, reject the
biblical claim that God created every living thing including man, have
no other way of explaining how life began. All they can say is it must
have spontaneously come into existence. This is called spontaneous
generation. About 150 years ago, Louise Pasteur had already proved
that ‘spontaneous generation’ was nothing but superstition. As a result,
the law of biogenesis was firmly established as inviolable scientific
fact. This law unequivocally declares that life comes only from life.

Although atheists admit that they cannot challenge the validity of this
established law, they object that unless there is at least one exception
they are forced to acknowledge that life could have come about only
through a supernatural act of creation. For atheists, this conclusion is of
course unacceptable. They claim that there must have been millions of
exceptions to this law that occurred all over the universe and that the
origin of life on Earth was one of them. Of course, this is both irrational
and unscientific.
One can only wonder why the promoters of the Big Bang theory
fail to note that if the universe did begin in this manner, it would have
been sterilized a trillion times over, making it utterly impossible for life
ever to exist thereafter, anywhere in the cosmos. The law of biogenesis,
established by experiment and accepted by all scientists, declares that
life comes only from life – it cannot arise from lifeless matter.
Every evolutionist believes that the earth was molten when it
formed from a gas cloud, namely, molten iron and rock (the molten iron
now forms the core, giving us our magnetic field, protecting us from
solar wind and excessive solar radiation – how handy), and that over
millions of years, cooled to form a crust. If trillions of comets randomly
fell from space to give us our oceans, how is it that none fell on any
other planet of our solar system? Surely an equal amount should have
fallen on, say, Mars. But man has never found water on Mars, or
anywhere else outside Earth. Mars has polar ice caps that are made
from Carbon Dioxide, not H 2 O. Scientists using a spectrometer can tell
the composition. NASA has spent billions of dollars sending probes to
Jupiter’s four moons: Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto. They saw an
active volcano on Io as Voyager flew past; found some liquid Methane
on Europa, but no water on any of the four moons. Even on Saturn’s
moon, Titan, no water was found, and Titan is the size of Earth. If
comets once brought water to Earth, why have none fallen on any other
planets or their moons? Yet, evolutionists say that countless trillions of
comets gave us our oceans and seas, but since this has been disproved,
the earth must have started off cold with the oceans intact. Scientists
now believe that the Earth has melted from the core out because of
radioactive elements.
Evolutionists say that photosynthesis, the sun’s light and energy,
reacted with amino acids to spontaneously cause life to come into being

in shallow pools of water. Well scientists have never been able to do
this in a laboratory, with all the modern equipment at their disposal, as
it’s impossible to create life from chemicals. Evolutionists go on to say
that the most basic life-forms came into existence this way, such as
single-cell bacteria. Have you ever considered the term ‘simple life-
forms?’ Because there is no such thing. Ask any biology student how
complex a single cell is and the information contained in it, to make it
work, reproduce and repair itself. To put it into perspective: the space
shuttle is considered to be the most complex machine ever made, yet it
is primitive compared to a single cell. There is more chance of a
tornado passing through a scrap yard and assembling a fully operational
space shuttle than a single cell springing into life then reproducing into
more complex life forms. Evolutionists then go on to say, after single
cell bacteria, then algae, then tadpoles, etc. life got more complex over
the space of, say, three billion years. Until, between one million and ten
million years ago (depending on what evolutionists’ books you read),
an ape started turning into a man. Some evolutionists called the ape
‘Lucy.’ Then came ‘Heidelberg man’ (a model made up from a jaw
bone), then ‘Nebraska man’ (scientifically built up from one tooth
which was later found to be the tooth of an extinct pig), then ‘Piltdown
man’ (the jawbone that the model was made from turned out to be that
of a modern ape), then ‘Peking man’ (supposedly five hundred
thousand years old, but all evidence has disappeared), then
‘Neanderthal man’ (found in France, but then later declared to be the
skeleton of an old man with arthritis), ‘New Guinea man’ (dates way
back to New Guinea, 1970), ‘Cro-Magnon man’ (equal in physique and
brain to that of modern man – so what’s the difference?), and finally
‘Modern man’ (this genius thinks we came from a monkey).
“…professing to be wise, they became fools.” Romans 1:22.
So from an ape to a man, over the space of, say, one million years
(conservative estimate), there must have been trillions of deaths of half-
ape-half-man creatures. Well how is it that from all the skeletons in
museums all over the world, you will never find what evolutionists call
‘transitional’ or ‘intermediate skeletons,’ only artists’ impressions of
what we looked like? Darwin saw the importance of this and hoped that
future anthropologists, geologists and scientists would discover
transitional evidence. Not one skeleton or fossil has been found.

Genetics also proves evolution is impossible. The human gene
pool, or genome, has billions of pieces of encoded information.
Professors Crick and Watson discovered DNA in 1953, and what
scientists have discovered since then is that no information can be
added to the gene pool, DNA can only lose information. Mistakes in
the parents’ DNA cause a mutation in the child, that’s why it’s risky for
two close relatives to marry and have a child, because they would, in all
probability, have the same mistakes in their genes, causing a serious
mutation or deformity in the child. So if no information can be added to
the genes, how could creatures become more complex, from slime to
humans? More information would have to continually be added to the
genes in order to create more complex creatures, yet science has proved
that the opposite is taking place. The human race is accumulating more
mistakes in the genes with each successive generation. So the human
race would have been healthier, fitter and stronger thousands of years
ago. But as it is, the human race is slowly dying. Modern medicine has
temporarily alleviated the problem, but hasn’t stopped the overall dying
process of the human race. The human race is getting weaker, not
evolving into better shape, like evolutionists would have us believe.
This, in fact, is the law of entropy, the second law of thermodynamics,
which states that everything is degenerating, breaking down.
The bible teaches the opposite of evolution, that the earth was
created cold, and that the water didn’t come from comets, but was there
from day one, Genesis 1:2 says “and darkness was on the face of the
deep,” and that man didn’t evolve, because that has been proved
impossible (Darwin would know nothing about genetics or about all the
other discoveries in science that would prove his theories impossible).
Man was made perfect, with perfect DNA – no mistakes. Genesis 1:31
“Then God saw everything was good.” But because sin entered God’s
perfect creation through Adam and Eve, God cursed all of creation
(Genesis 3:14-19 and Romans 8:19-22). From Adam and Eve onwards,
the human race would start dying, slowly losing more and more
information from their genes. The Bible reminds us of this. Two
thousand years ago, in the book of Romans, chapter 8, verses 20 to 23,
“For the creation was subjected to futility,” that’s what science has
discovered – that creation is dying, not evolving to become more
complex. The whole universe is winding down (the law of entropy).

The Bible also teaches that, as the human race multiplied, so did the
wickedness of man (Genesis 6:5-7). So God brought the world-wide
flood, giving us a world-wide fossil record (something can only be
fossilised if covered rapidly with sediment and the oxygen cut off).
Dead creatures don’t lie around for thousands or millions of years
waiting to be covered by sediment on land or in the sea. God then
prepared a people, a nation, and a saviour to save man from the
predicament of his sin and rebellion. The nation was Israel and the
saviour God the Son, became a man, his name, Jesus, who took God’s
wrath on the cross to save us from the penalty of our sins (eternal
punishment in hell).
My friend, if you believe in evolution, what is your conscience
but a warning device your maker has put into you to warn you of
danger? You know it’s wrong when you sin. Evolution didn’t put that
there. I once read about a plane crash in South America. The pilot was
flying at night and all of a sudden, a warning device in the cockpit said
‘pull up to higher altitude, pull up, pull up, pull up.’ The pilot said ‘shut
up gringo’ and switched the device off. He must have thought it was a
malfunction. Seconds later, he hit the peak of a mountain. The black
box recorded all this. Your conscience is not malfunctioning by telling
you to get right with God before you die. One day your maker will play
your life back to you, and that is why the Bible says “it is a fearful
thing to fall into the hands of the living God [the unsaved].” Hebrews
The theories of evolution have brutalised society and were the
foundation for communism and the Nazi state where tens of millions
were executed because, after all, we only evolved like pigs or rats. The
theory of evolution is a belief about the past, a philosophy. It is a lie to
call it science because it’s actually a religion (a set of beliefs held to by
faith). It’s the religion of the humanists, a false religion that has been
forced on us and our children at school, university and through the
media under the pretext of science. If people took time to check out
their evolutionist beliefs, they’d find that they contradict science,
reason and the Bible. That’s what I did; I wasn’t brought up as a
Christian. You are not the product of an explosion or bacteria that
evolved into a human, but a person created in God’s image to know
him, have fellowship with him and spend eternity in heaven. So turn

from your sin to the Lord Jesus for salvation. Acts 4:12 “…nor is there
salvation in any other for there is no other name under heaven given
among men by which we must be saved.”
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