Galatians 1:8

“But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.”

King James Version (KJV)

Galatians 1:9

“As we said before, so say I now again, If any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed.”

King James Version (KJV)

2 Corinthians 11:3

“But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtilty, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ.”

King James Version (KJV)

2 Corinthians 11:4

“For if he that cometh preacheth another Jesus, whom we have not preached, or if ye receive another spirit, which ye have not received, or another gospel, which ye have not accepted, ye might well bear with him.”

Revelation 2:9

“I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.”

King James Version (KJV)

God has a tremendous sense of humor.  In a most bizarre twist of irony, this Reprobate False Teacher named Dr. Everett Ramsey who claims himself and his kind (including Caucasians – Gentiles – North America – Europe) as ISRAEL – and that ISRAEL is NOT of the JEWISH peoples – race – is actually falsely calling himself a JEW. 

Amazing confirmation: * Just as I was about to post this Blog to a Video, I read the following comment from one of my YouTube Subscribers regarding my Video about the Coronation of King Charles III. that is very connected to this study:


1 hour ago

Quote: “I THINK it was George V who had their genealogy drawn up making them descendants of King David. George V, and Victoria, as well, were heavily involved with the British Israelism cult. Elizabeth II was coronated as Queen of Thy people Israel. The public does not know what oath was taken by KC. It was reported among some Jewish groups that he was coronated as descendant of King David which entitles him to rule Israel if he so desires. All of their sons have an official Jewish Brit Milah. Yehudah Glick, UK Chief Rabbi Sir Ephraim Mirvis, and other top Israeli rabbis were heavily involved with KC’s coronation. Rabbi Sir Ephraim Mirvis stayed at Buckingham Palace the night before coronation, so that he would not violate their Sabbath laws to attend. Top Israelis have been saying for the past few years that they are in talks behind the scenes with their king. They want the Organization of 70 Nations to replace the UN. Nikki Haley was their president. I don’t know if she still holds that office. They want the Sanhedrin to rule as the World Supreme Court. I am still listening (2nd time) while having breakfast. I don’t recall if you mention the Balfour Agreement, and Britain’s involvement with the establishment of Israel.”  Unquote.

The Purpose of this Blog and associated Video is to Strongly Rebuke Dr. Everette Ramsey as an Apostate False Teacher and Heretic who is preaching another Gospel.

At best he is a blasphemer speaking vile things in his consistent distortion of God’s word and God’s beloved apostle Paul to whom the church owes its debt of unspeakable gratitude for his service to the Body of Christ in preaching GRACE as given to him by our Lord Jesus Christ. 

As you will read in the background, several times I wanted to stop this study and vomit from its guile and lies, but the Holy Spirit prompted me to continue and expose Dr. Ramsey for the purpose of eternal testimony and witness against him and to show others who are either feeble minded or carnal Christians who may hopefully have their eyes opened to the truth and begin reading and studying the King James Bible and stop blindly following fools such as Dr. Ramsey.

I also owe a huge thank you to the dear Saint who shared this teaching of Dr. Ramsey and asked me to assist in plumbing the depth of his depravity.

There is no doubt in my mind that Dr. Ramsey will be held accountable at the Judgment for his vile teaching. Since I am not to judge whether he is saved, I feel at liberty to say I seriously doubt he is saved and therefore refer to his judgment as the Great White Throne Judgment. There is no possible way a person can write such perverse teachings, especially discount the apostle Paul and yet claim to follow the King James Bible.

The following Study is a careful analysis of three publications by Dr. Everett Ramsey.

A Kingdom Commentary of Romans

God made a Racial Choice

Understanding Kingdom Parables

I divide this study into three parts:



Detailed Analysis and Commentary on each of Dr. Ramsey’s three publications I listed above.

For the record, it must be noted as you will find in my background commentary that in the midst of Dr. Ramsey’s false narratives, he does in fact point out – in part – a major doctrinal truth with biblical proof that yes, indeed, the Church is Israel. However, he fails to understand the Church is NOT physically Israel and that JEWS are Israel. Nevertheless, he is seriously deceived and wrong on several other major doctrinal issues I will bring out in this study.

The truth is the Church and Israel are completely separate identities and bodies and yet the same spiritually and eventually will all be one physically when the Church, The Jewish Remnant, and the Tribulation Saints join in with the Old Testament Saints at the Marriage supper of the lamb at the end of this age. Dr. Ramsey is oblivious to this truth.

See my study.”

The Little Flock Comes to The Church; The Antivenom for the Hyper-Dispensationalist (

Dr. Everett Ramsey is a modern-day Pharisee plain, pure, and simple. He is a modern day JUDAIZER.

He works feverishly on discrediting Paul. Why? To discount GRACE, the GOSPEL OF GRACE and promote the LAW. Dr. Ramsey is the evil wolf that crept in and separated and scattered the flock as Jesus warned and all the apostles. Ramsey is the man that came in behind Paul and spread lies. Paul identified wolves like Ramsey time and time again. Here they are again. In plain view.

The Devil and his children hate GRACE. They add works unto Salvation and embrace the LAW because the law brings man into bondage but Jesus Christ FULFILLED THE LAW and has liberated the captives. Amen!

I have rarely studied the work of a false teacher and found myself filled with waves of righteous indignation as I have experienced with Dr. Everett Ramsey. He is extremely arrogant to attack the Apostle Paul, in essence calling him a liar and discrediting Paul, and even not correct in numerous places. This is proof Dr. Ramsey does not believe the word of God is divinely inspired. Why would God’s word be filled with Paul’s misunderstandings? Dr. Ramsey is of the same demonic spirit of the Jewish leaders who murdered the prophets, Jesus Christ and their hand in murdering the apostles of Jesus including Paul. This is the great irony since Dr. Ramsey continues proving how the Jews are descendants of Esau and Israel from Abraham and Isaac and now the Caucasian race of Europe and North America.

Dr. Ramsey is blind. Even the most elementary bible student can read a few scriptures and understand that The Hebrew children – Israelites – Jews were NOT Caucasians from North America and Europe.
Exodus 3:18

“And they shall hearken to thy voice: and thou shalt come, thou and the elders of Israel, unto the king of Egypt, and ye shall say unto him, The LORD God of the Hebrews hath met with us: and now let us go, we beseech thee, three days’ journey into the wilderness, that we may sacrifice to the LORD our God.”

King James Version (KJV)

How about the women in the Genealogy of Jesus Christ:

The Women of Matthew’s Genealogy (Matthew 1:1-17) – Robert Williamson Jr.

Tamar is a Canaanite woman married to Judah’s firstborn son Er. When Er dies without having a son, the Torah commands that one of his brothers should father a child with Tamar to carry on the dead man’s name. Judah first gives Tamar to his second son Onan, who also dies. Judah refuses to give her to his third son Shelah, for fear he would die, too. In order to fulfill the law for her husband Er, Tamar dresses as a prostitute in order to sleep with her father-in-law Judah, producing a son for her dead husband. In this way Tamar becomes an ancestor of the great King David, and 28 generations later, to Jesus.

Rahab’s story appears in the book of Joshua (chapters 2 and 6). Rahab is a Canaanite prostitute living in the city of Jericho in the time of Joshua. The Israelites have escaped from Egypt and have been wandering in the wilderness for 40 years. As they prepare to invade the land of Canaan, the Israelites send spies to Jericho. When the spies find their lives in danger, Rahab helps them escape. In return, the Israelites’ spare her family when they attack the city.

The book of Ruth tells the story of Ruth, a Moabite woman who gives up her land and her people to support her Israelite mother-in-law, Naomi. Ruth had married Naomi’s son Mahlon, who again died without leaving an heir. Since his father Elimelech and his brother Chilion had also died, no one remained to carry on the family line. Following Naomi back to Bethlehem, Ruth navigates Israelite culture and custom to save her mother-in-law, eventually marrying Naomi’s kinsman Boaz and having a son, Obed, who would become the grandfather of David.

Dr. Ramsey is not a Jew by race, religion, but claims himself and his kind as the actual descendants of the Northern Tribes of Israel. He has the same spirit as the Judaizers that attacked Paul. The maddening irony here is Ramsey is a Gentile and acts as a Jew attacking Paul from the stance of a Pharisee. The irony is overwhelming actually. I had to stop several times in my readings and study and realize this man truly has been turned over to a Reprobate mind. Professing himself to be wise with his multiple degrees (albeit none of them are probably legitimate) he is a FOOL.

Dr. Ramsey is accursed because he openly and bluntly teaches another Gospel. Galatians 1:8,9. He is cursed also because he denies the Pre-Tribulation Rapture, the Church, and worse denies that Jesus Christ is the FOUNDATION of the church. His hatred for the Pauline Epistles seeps out of his writings. He teaches that all of Paul’s writings were to Israel and NOT the Church. He even questions if Paul even wrote Romans. He can NOT possibly be saved, for how can he attack the GOSPEL OF GRACE – calling it the false and of personal SALVATION and preach the KINGDOM GOSPEL.

Ramsey is a RACIST and like all racists claims he is not but rather God is. He teachers the hell’s menu of Replacement theology (crafted behind the lies that he does not believe in replacement theology because the church can not replace Israel but the church actually means Israel which is in part truth but he completely walks away from the Jews who of which will come out of their spiritual blindness); He promotes Dominion Theology, Kingdom Now Theology.

While reading Dr. Ramsey’s books, I had come to discover the deranged and twisted cult of his and other like minded fools called “The Ephraim Doctrine” which is essentially a form of replacement theology of British and American Israelism are the lost tribes of Israel. That Christians replace the Ten Tribes of the once Northern Kingdom of Israel and are thus only the elect to whom Jesus’ atoning work only extends to them.

For a detailed study please read:

Truly as the author of the above link, Malcolm Hedding, states in his opening:

1 Timothy 4:1

“Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;”

King James Version (KJV)


This email I wrote to the Saint who introduced Dr. Ramsey to me hopefully gives the reader important background information to this study:

Dear Sister, I pray this email finds you well.

I’ve been – for the most part – fully engaged in reading and studying the works of Dr. Ramsey. I hope to be finished early next week.

Several times during these past few days I’ve wanted to stop and throw the books in the garbage. Then write to you to say this man and his work are evil. Which he and his work are…End of the story. Let’s move on.

However, the Holy Spirit has prompted me to persevere with reading through “Kingdom Commentary on Romans” and “God Made a Racial Choice.” I will get to his work “Kingdom Parables” later. Speaking of Kingdom Parables, I know precisely why he devoted a book to these powerful Parables I know a great deal about. Also why he had to attack Paul in the Book of Romans especially the confounding chapters of 9-11. I will reveal this when I finish the study.

The first reason for the subject of this email is yesterday late in the day I was mentally exhausted and asked myself out loud, why I am wasting so much time reading this Reprobate teacher’s pathetic garbage, my daughter sat down next to me and asked me to explain.

As anyone with children or those who work with children or ever been around children can attest, kids normally are so self-absorbed, they very rarely notice or care about what others are dealing with.

Taken back, I jokingly said, “never mind and besides you wouldn’t care anyway. ” She asked if I was talking about the big box of books I got in the mail. I nodded yes.

To my shock she snapped back, “Dad, since that kind lady spent all that money to buy all those books and spend all that money to ship them to you, you owe her your time.”

With this renewed inspiration I continued plowing through writing pages of notes. I have honestly never encountered such layers of heresy and deception so intricately wrapped in truth. I’ve learned and have taught several times that the greatest lies are always hidden between 2 truths. This E. Ramsey has taken this to a level never experienced before.

I have well over 10 labels for him at this point with substantiated documentation from his own writing. I also have gained a great deal of deeper understanding of truths I have known but through Ramsey’s misguided work, have found a deeper insight that proves earlier studies I had known on a more superficial level.

An example would be Dr. Andy Woods’ wonderful book,”The Coming Kingdom,” that falls apart in key areas because of his use of the NASB Bible translation and his lack of knowledge of the Godhead vs Trinity. I gleaned great nuggets but had to toss out parts.

Reproving Dr. Andrew Woods – a case study in how modern day Bible Scholars pour Leaven into the Manna (

I seriously doubt Ramsey is saved. He says he totally believes the King James Bible BUT… believes Paul makes serious errors. Ramsey is totally lost, but in his lost state has done a brilliant job describing the true FINAL and ULTIMATE identity, purpose and fulfillment (in part) of Israel, that 95.5% of theologians and Bible Scholars and Bible Students, the Saints miss completely.

Ramsey gets it right, but he took the completely wrong road to get there. In other words, he leaves Denver on a trip to Los Angeles, but instead of taking I 70 West directly, he goes South to Mexico City then goes back North to Los Angeles.

Telling someone the South route is the way is wrong doctrinal guidance in navigation. In Bible doctrine this is devastating because the detours lead to great peril along the way. For example Ramsey’s detour brings his students to Replacement Theology, Dominion Theology and “Works Based Soteriology.”

While on the long wrong journey with E. Ramsey down deep in heart of Mexico where we will be robbed and probably kidnapped by cartels, we think we’re headed to Los Angeles, but E. Ramsey wants to steal, kill, and destroy as his father the devil.

Ramsey wants us to be placed under the Yoke of the Law. Smack back in the middle of the Kingdom Gospel. REPENT …. plus, plus, etc…. making slaves and captives.

I think you may understand my point without elaborating further.

THE SECOND and FINAL REASON for the subject of this email is REPENTANCE. And this is why I know the Lord led you to be obedient and mail me these books ..

The key to E. RAMSEY’S hatred (albeit thinly but elaborately veiled) for Paul and the Pauline Epistles as well as all false teachers is GRACE.

Ramsey and many, many others like that YouTube Evil Reprobate Bryan Denlinger The born again Barbarian

They hate EASY BELIEVISM .. they hammer a path of works confess repent (many even add baptism) … They hate 1 Corinthians 15:1-4 KJB.

I have recently posted a Blog and video on Repentance. Even among the Saints there seems to be a clouded understanding of what Repentance means in this Dispensation of GRACE.

Sadly, too few of the Saints truly grasp the full scope in understanding of the GOSPEL. The word is thrown around continually among false teachers. Most honestly believe a person has to verbally say they REPENT… Example: “Hey, if you want to be saved, No1: say you are sorry for your sins. REPENT right now! No2: say you accept Jesus as your savior. No3: Confess with your mouth Jesus and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead. Congratulations, you are saved!”

But Paul makes it clear as I wrote in my Blog and posted a video that true REPENTANCE IS GODLY SORROW. This can only be accomplished by the Holy Spirit which then LEADS us to BELIEVE > 1 Corinthians 15:1-4 KJB. Ephesians 2:8,9.

The Lord led me in these 3 steps of scripture this morning while in my Bible study:

Luke 24:46,47, Acts 5:31, 2 Corinthians 7:9,10. Romans 9:13, Hebrews 12:16,17 KJB.

Jesus teaches Repentance and Remission of Sins should be preached. This is after the Kingdom Dispensation has been removed and is transitioning into the forthcoming Gospel Of Grace. IN THE SAME MANNER HUMANS ARE INCAPABLE OF ERASING SIN LIKEWISE WE ARE INCAPABLE OF TRUE REPENTANCE.

Acts 5:31 demonstrates perfectly how we preach the Holy Spirit brings us to REPENTANCE… Literally Jesus Christ GIVING US REPENTANCE and the Remission of Sins.

Why Acts 5:31 Israel for the church? Yes, ultimately Jerusalem is the mother of The Church, Abraham is our father by GRACE through FAITH as given to Abraham our Father. Read and study Galatians 4:26, 6:16; Romans 4:16 KJB. This is where the Hyper-Dispensationalists fall off the cliff and why have dealt severely with them. My study:

The acid test is 2 Corinthians 7:9,10. KJB. Meditate on verse 10… GODLY SORROW WORKETH REPENTANCE TO SALVATION. . it is impossible for mankind to be spiritually broken and crushed (contrition) in his own carnal mind no matter how hard he tries.

Romans 9:13 KJV

As it is written, Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated.

Hebrews 12:16-17 KJV – Lest there be any fornicator, or profane person, as Esau, who for one morsel of meat sold his birthright.

17 For ye know how that afterward, when he would have inherited the blessing, he was rejected: for he found no place of repentance, though he sought it carefully with tears.

God bless your diligence in The Word of God .

Andrew Sheets

Detailed Analysis of Dr. Ramsey’s three works:


A Kingdom Commentary On Romans By Dr. Everett Ramsey

How perverse is Dr Ramsey?

Let me count the ways: 

Perverse verb: Literally, turned aside; hence, distorted from the right.

2. Obstinate in the wrong; disposed to be contrary; stubborn; intractable.

Not Ignoring the evidence. Obstinately in the wrong; stubborn; intractable; hence, wayward; vexing; contrary. Turned aside; hence, specifically, turned away from the (morally) right; willfully erring; wicked; perverted.

I will proceed to expose at least a dozen major heretical errors of Dr. Ramsey in his perverted teachings in his book, “A Kingdom Commentary on Romans” I could literally write over two hundred pages of commentary of how he perverts the book of Romans and twists it to fit his lies. Pay special note to the way he butchers Romans chapters  9 through 11 in which Paul makes a literary interlude and stops addressing the Christian Church of Rome and talks exclusively about the JEWISH REMNANT that will come to faith during the Tribulation. The same as the prophets like Joel Chapter 2 all discuss along with Peter in Acts Chapter 2 and Paul in Romans Chapter 9.  


Ramsey states he believes in the verbally and plenary (full, complete) inspired Word and that the 1611 King James bible is his point of beginning. Then he states that he uses other bible translations.  See my study on why the King James Bible is the final authority of God’s word. Note 1

He then proceeds to say Paul was a false teacher in quote: “gross error” and a “purposeful lie” referring to Paul’s understanding of Jewish History, specifically that Jews now compose both the house of Israel and the house of Judah which quote has led to the false teaching of futuristic eschatology and emphasis on the false gospel of personal salvation, well being, and escapism.” Note 1

Note: all false teachers will use multiple bible translations to help support their false teaching. And then of course will go on to even twist those words. 

Question?  If someone actually believes the King James Bible is the inspired word of God, why would they claim that the Apostle Paul’s writings are in error.  

Ramsey states further in reference 1 that Paul’s writing in Romans teaches the opposite of what Ramsey just accused Paul of being in error.  This should be enough to stop here and realize that Dr. Ramsey is either pathetically mentally insane or he is so wicked -having been turned over to a reprobate mind that he actually believes he can deceive his Baptist sheep and other misguided, feeble minded souls into believing what this man writes.  See Note 1.

As I stated in the beginning – “Every False Teacher conceals a lie in between 2 truths”.   Ramsey proceeds to tell us one truth and blend in 2 lies for one truth. He writes that it is his conviction that the election (of the Saints) stands and falls within the ranks of Israel and the Gentiles of the book of Romans.  This is scriptural truth. But then he cleverly leaves out the church who Paul is writing to and knows he must discredit Paul. Therefore he proceeds to tell the reader that although the apostle Paul was a “great apostle” writing what was given by the Holy Spirit, BUT… Paul was quote: “a man, with a limited frame of reference like us all.” See Note 1. 

Ramsey claims that Paul states in Romans Chapter 1, quote: “a messenger/ambassador to bring God’s divorced house of Israel/Gentiles, to obedience and faith as God chooses them.” Note 2. 

Paul does not say this, not even close. Ramsey Here’s what Paul states:

Romans 1:15 KJB

So, as much as in me is, I am ready to preach the gospel to you that are at Rome also.For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.

Ramsey tells us that the Gospel (Paul is preaching) is much more than personal salvation, but rather the importance is understanding the KINGDOM GOSPEL – NOT the GOSPEL OF GRACE given to Paul. Ramsey goes on to tell us that we must adhere to and follow the law of the Old Testament to truly know and follow the Gospel that Paul is speaking of.  Note 3.  Paul makes in clear, especially in 1 Corinthians 15:1-4 KJB that the GOSPEL is about SALVATION and is based on BELIEF ALONE that Jesus Christ died on the Cross for our sins according to the scriptures, was buried and rose again the 3rd day according to the scriptures. This is confirmed in Ephesians 2:8.9 KJB.

Ramsey tells us that the Throne of David exists today. (Another perfect trait of all Kingdom Dominion Theology false teachers.)  This throne will not exist until Jesus Christ establishes his Millennial Kingdom after he returns with His Saints in the Second Advent.  He also tells us that Gentile has meaning beyond “non Jew” but it actually means “non-whoever is speaking.” Note 4.

Understanding the End Timeline – #Rapture #Tribulation #Millennial Reign of Christ (

Ramsey tells us that Paul states in Romans 1 verses 9 through 12 that he has been appointed by God to minister to “Israel Nations.” Note 5. 

Read Romans 1:9-12 King James Bible. Paul never utters such things. Not even close.  Note: Does Dr. Ramsey actually, really think his followers believe what he writes? As I have proceeded through this study, I am more appalled. What does this tell you about the state of people who follow this REPROBATE? The Blind leading the blind.

Ramsey uses Fenton Commentary frequently. Of course. Fenton was an apostate bible scholar back in the early 1900s who translated his own bible from corrupted manuscripts and added his own vain imagination and carnal philosophy which is enmity against God. Study Ferrar Fenton for yourself.

Both Fenton and Ramsey butcher Romans Chapter 1 verse 13. Fenton states “even as among other Gentiles.” actually means “from the other nations.” Whereas Ramsey goes even further to carry this ball down the field to say, quote: “among other congregations of the divorced house of Israel.” Ramsey goes even deeper in deception by adding that The divorced house of Israel means the descendants who have intermarried with other Adamite nations – other than the descendants of Ham or those who lost their right to election because of interracial marriage and fornication.   See Note 6.

Ramsey tells us that Acts 28:28 isn’t referring to Gentiles but rather descendants of the divorced house of Israel. He has the audacity to claim Jesus said he had removed the Kingdom and the blessings from Judah and given them to the northern tribes of Israel. Precisely why he claims America and Europe the Caucasian Race are these people. As far as Ramsey is concerned, blacks and Mongolians are eternally damned. He uses this expression in several places throughout his book (God made a Racial Choice which I will discuss later in this study.) See Note 7.

Ramsey says that Romans 1:26 means that women are now so perverse that they have given up the normal husband/wife sexual relationship for lesbianism and bestiality which means interracial sex. See Note 8.

Ramsey says that Romans 2:2 means only the Jews (Edomite as well as Cainite in blood) who could not be saved rejected Jesus Christ. Romans 2:2 is much broader in scope than this than just Jews. Again Dr. Ramsey is putting “all Jews” in the lost category which is completely contrary to what Paul later describes in Romans chapters 9 through 11. See Note 9.

On page 56 Ramsey mocks Paul, insinuates Paul is a liar in referring to Romans 3:2 saying quote: “Paul says that the advantage of being a Jew is “much every way.” Yet he only gives the one flimsy reason, namely that the oracles of God (word of God) were deposited with them.  Ramsey then goes on a rant to downplay and downright erase the significance of what Paul is writing by saying that by the time Jesus arrived, the house of Judah had been destroyed by the Babylonians except for a few left behind and some 50,000 who returned and intermarried with the Edomites and other unacceptable peoples.  To be circumcised and Jewish is not a blessing but a curse.  He then states, quote: “Israel, “lost tribes” now in Europe and soon to be America and around the world.” See Note 10.  Also refer to the link study titled:  “The Ephraim Doctrine”

On page 63 Ramsey begins a most bizarre rant about how there were homo sapiens on earth before Adam of the Negro and Mongolian races. He says Negros and Mongolian races were not under the law, therefore, they could not sin. Therefore, they do not need to be saved in the sense of the new birth and therefore cannot be part of Israel in the new heaven and new earth nor can they suffer judgment in hell. 

Note: Ramsey speaks out against Universalism but here he in his typical hypocrisy says he believes in universalism. 

I have no idea how to even comment on such insane and most bizarre thoughts from this man. 1 Corinthians 15:45 KJB and Genesis 3:20 KJB are clear that Adam was the first man and Eve the mother of all living. This more perfect proof that Dr. Ramsey does NOT believe what God’s word CLEARLY STATES. 

 I do believe scripture is clear there was a major gap of time between Genesis 1:1 and 2, and that the Devil and his fallen angels dwelt on earth built tremendous empires. A major misconception of most people is the belief that fallen angels and demons are synonymous. Demons are spirits without a body, but we know the fallen angels were angelic beings in bodily form that were able to copulate with human women.  There is a substantial possibility that demons are the spirits of the deceased Nephilim.  Nephilim being the offspring of the fallen angels and human women. 

After the fall of man, these fallen angels had sexual intercourse with human women and their offspring was the Nephilim – Heroes – Giants in the land – Genesis 6:4 KJB. These Giants also were involved in building tremendous inexplicable buildings and temples.  If the reader actually believes that the Pyramids of Giza were built by Egyptian slaves, I pray for your eyes to be opened.  

Fallen Angels – Gen 6 Giants

Note:  I believe the reason why Pyramids were built around the world by these Fallen Angels and Nephilim was because they built what they witnessed and what was passed down about the 3rd Heaven. For this reason I believe the NEW JERUSALEM will  be the 1,500 square mile cube that is a cube base but will extend upwards 1,500 miles in the shape of a pyramid. See my study:

The coming New Jerusalem is a perfect foursquare 1,500 sq mile – 1,500 mile high PYRAMID with a 216 foot high parameter wall (

But to claim what Dr. Ramsey says that there were PRE ADAM HUMAN BEINGS – HOMO SAPIENS is preposterous, absurd, and UNBIBLICAL.

Ramsey is also willfully ignorant and a hypocrite and a racist by claiming that God’s election is based on RACE and not the acceptance of God’s word:  Here he quotes: “God’s election is based on. race…not on the Jew’s mental acceptance of the Hebrew God followed by physical circumcision. They were just like many today who t like many today who believe that they have accepted Christ. See Note 11.

You can read it for yourself on page 64, Note 12. Dr. Everett Ramsey is cursed by preaching another Gospel than what Paul preached in 1 Corinthians 15:1-4 KJB, Ephesians 2:8,9 KJB, by preaching the KINGDOM GOSPEL.  His quote:


“Unfortunately the church today, because it does not teach the gospel of the kingdom, is like the dragnet, full of bad fish. These fish have accepted the EASY GOSPEL OF BELIEVISM without REPENTANCE and without commitment to the Kingdom Law.”

See my thorough study on the GOSPEL OF GRACE is not about Repentance and Baptism and calling on the name of Jesus but BELIEVE ALONE.  GRACE through FAITH.  See where most DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE GOSPEL OF GRACE.

The Gospel is not about Baptism or Calling on Jesus or Repentance unto Salvation (

For the reader who does not understand the Dispensation of the Kingdom vs the Dispensation of GRACE please read my study:

Why Dispensation is important

Recently found this wonderful website: The Great Commission is NOT to the Church The Great Commission –

If you’re truly interested in an in depth understanding of the difference between the KINGDOM GOSPEL of Jesus Christ and the Gospel given to Paul directly from Jesus Christ for the Gentiles, please read. It will greatly enhance your bible knowledge and understanding of Dispensations.

The Greatest Book on “Dispensational Truth” in the World: Clarence Larkin: 9780001473720: Books

I’m a Pre-Millennial, Pre-Tribulational Dispensationalist. A what??? | myBlessedHope


Dispensations; Rightly Dividing The Bible; ESSENTIAL DOCTRINE; False Teachers do not teach (

Additionally see Ramsey again displaying his outrageous RACISM and superiority of the Caucasian Race, and his Replacement Theology. Note 12.

 He says, “This is why the church has prospered among the Caucasians. God is calling out his elect out from among the nations to reestablish them as the leader of nations which will bless all nations.”

Ramsey arrogantly tells us that Paul is quote, “unable to see these Gentiles (Romans 3:22) are Israelites of the elect and the Jews were mainly non-Israelites.” This exceeds arrogance, blows past stupidity and now ventures into insanity and beyond.  No comment.  However, let me add that Ramsey also states on page 65 that Paul foolishly went to Jerusalem.” See Note 13. 

Ramsey sets up a “major” error and exposes himself to lower depths of depravity of mind unable to rightly divide God’s word (2 Timothy 2:15 KJB) when he says, quote: “These are good verses (Romans 3:25,26) for those who want to say that we are not under the law. Paul was a Pharisee, and probably a top notch one if his words are not exaggerated, as he knew the plan of the temple and blood sacrifices and the necessity of blood on the mercy-seat for atonement and redemption and forgiveness… Paul finally concludes that this is all Christ.”   See Note 14. 

Do we see the misguided hypocrisy here? UNDER THE LAW and this is all Christ?  I plead with the reader to open your eyes if you have been following this misguided REPROBATE.  

Ramsey mixing Salvation and the LAW – IMPLIED for this Dispensation.   Ramsey says, quote: “One of the great hindrances to kingdom work today is the preaching of an “easy believism” gospel. Our forefathers believed that were building the kingdom so they preached the gospel of the kingdom which included “kingdom law.”  In contrast, today the ministers are preaching a cheapened gospel of personal salvation which limits the entire Christian experience to “satisfying man” and thereby eliminates the “LAW” AND OBEDIENCE THAT WHICH SATISFIES GOD… Preachers today do not PREACH THE LAW.” See Note 15.

This is clearly showing Ramsey is a Dominionist and does not understand Dispensations of the Bible and he actually walks on and desecrates the finished work of the CROSS.   Ramsey is LOST and a HERETIC of the highest order.   He is also an outrageous LIAR. Our forefathers did not preach the Kingdom Gospel.  Over 100 years ago Clarence Larkin preached that non understanding of Dispensations and Dominion Theology is nothing other than building the Kingdom of the AntiChrist. 

In reference to Romans 4:12, Ramsey tells us that Paul couldn’t see (understand) what he was preaching: that the elected, regenerated, called and saved who are called Christians are the seed of Abraham.   I have no comment on such insanity and blasphemy.  Again we see that Ramsey again puts himself on report for him not really believing the entire word of God.  How can Ramsey continually discount Paul’s writings as ignorant and not being able to see and understand. See Note 16.

Ramsey foolishly writes that Israel is North America and Europe and that we will eventually defeat the United Nations.  See Note 17. 

No Comment to such insanity and unsound biblical teaching. 

The smoking gun to Ramsey’s slave mind to his mentor the Reprobate false teacher who wrote his own perverted Bible, FENTON is found again here in Note 18:  Fenton uses his perverse Bible translation to change Romans 6:19,20 KJB from SERVANT to SLAVE while of course perverting the meaning of this scripture.  Ramsey who claims he believes and uses the KING JAMES BIBLE and only uses other translations to clarify here again uses Fenton’s perverted translation.   Ramsey increases the lie from Fenton and says that now the Christian can cause his body members to be slaves to Christ and the ACTS OF PURIFYING.

I PLEAD with the Reader to read Romans 6:19,20 KJB and tell me honestly if this is what Paul is writing.   It is here I cry out in righteous indignation that ANY PERSON WHO FOLLOWS DR. RAMSEY’S TEACHING IS LOST AND BLIND.  PEOPLE CAN’T POSSIBLY READ THEIR KING JAMES BIBLE AND BELIEVE WHAT THIS MAN RAMSEY THE REPROBATE TEACHES. 

Romans 6:19,20 KJB:

19 I speak after the manner of men because of the infirmity of your flesh: for as ye have yielded your members servants to uncleanness and to iniquity unto iniquity; even so now yield your members servants to righteousness unto holiness.

20 For when ye were the servants of sin, ye were free from righteousness.

Note 19 is perfect proof of the STRAMAN argument Dr. Ramsey uses.

See my study on how false teachers use the STRAWMAN – False Narrative and how they craft it.

Why all false teachers use the Strawman – False Narrative and never Debate by the Rules (


Also see my study on the Plowboy who reads and studies his King James Bible

The Ploughboy who Studies his KING JAMES BIBLE (


Dr. Ramsey use craft to say … “NOT UNDER THE LAW has been replaced by many to mean the law has been nullified and discontinued for the Christian and that GRACE works without the LAW. “ See Note 19.

Any Saint who reads their King James bible understanding that under GRACE we are NOT LONGER UNDER THE LAW because Jesus Christ fulfilled the LAW.  Matthew 5:17 and Romans 3:31 KJB.  

So, why does Ramsey build this STRAWMAN?  Simple to establish the LAW and make it the centerpiece of LAW KEEPING of the KINGDOM GOSPEL.  Hence in the introduction I said Dr. Ramsey is a modern day JUDAIZER and hates Paul as did the Judaizers.  

Preaching the LAW.  Dr. Ramsey takes Fenton’s commentary from Romans 7:9 KJB and adds quote: “The only way to revival, restitution or restoration can be had is for the churches to return to preaching the laws of God. If churches and all public officials proclaimed and upheld the law of God, there would be great conviction, repentance and revival in the land.”  See Note 20.

The only way conviction and repentance comes is by GODLY REPENTANCE unto Salvation which means only the Holy Spirit can convict and bring someone to repentance = profound, Godly sorrow.  My Bible tells me the world will wax worse and worse and there will NOT be a global repentance and return to God.  This will not happen until the remnant come to Jesus during the Tribulation. 


Ramsey says, quote: “So, once you have been overwhelmed by the Spirit of God and had your spirit assimilated, there is no more condemnation, because God no longer renders an  adverse verdict AGAINST US AS WHEN WE WERE TRYING TO OBEY THE LAW AS A MEANS OF RIGHTEOUSNESS. See Note 21.

Does Ramsey not understand that the KINGDOM GOSPEL is LAW keeping plus faith.   Does he not see his BLIND HYPOCRISY??? His commentary on Romans 8:1 KJB is accurate but he has completely discredited the previous 50 pages of his garbage. 

Ramsey tells us again that creation includes other humans other than Adam. I honestly had to read page 157 more than twice to actually get myself to actually understand that Ramsey believes his words. He says, “..the non-Adamite peoples are not descended from Adam, but predate him and were not subjected to the covenants and the law. Therefore, they were caught in the fall as the rest of nature. See Note 21.  This is as far from biblical.  

Before even doing this study in Dr. Ramsey’s Romans Commentary, I knew he would be strongly focused on building his central false narrative in Romans 9 through 11 since these are the chapters Paul lays out the clear description of ISRAEL being in part the JEWISH REMNANT and he is DEFINITELY NOT including the Gentiles here. As you’ve hopefully read in my study about how the little flock comes to the Church and how eventually all the Saints including the Church, The Jewish Remnant, The Tribulation Saints, and the Old Testament Saints will all come into the Wedding Supper of the Lamb as ISRAEL.  This is what Dr. Ramsey can not and will not understand.  I will address a few of the major blunders of Dr. Ramsey in his commentary.

Let’s begin with page 175 when Dr. Ramsey zeros in on his initial attack on Paul’s broken heart for his JEWISH kindred. Read the opening of Romans 9:2,3 KJB  and go into the detail of how Paul actually wished himself accursed from Christ for his brethren.

Addressing Romans 9:2,3 KJB Dr. Ramsey is a Savage. Proving himself a Reprobate moreover in another vain attempt to prove Paul was wrong about identifying JEWS as belonging to Israel – he states in a psychotic trance, “Paul’s world was that of the Jewish religion, its temple and its country. He saw nothing else but that. Herefore, it would be a natural thing for the Spirit to burden him for the salvation of his own people and relatives and friends whom he had believed to be the “Israel” of God.  However, he saw that something was wrong. The Gentiles, (really Israel) were so mixed with other Adamites that they did not look like, talk like, or resemble the old Israel, but there were responding to the gospel.  Yet those whom Paul believed to be Israel were rejecting it except for the elect. It is the personal opinion of this writer that Paul was one of the few elected, regenerated, and called out of the Pharisees and used of God. This very staunch rigorous training had made him calloused and hard toward the Spirit and when God elected him to be saved, God had to strike him down on the road to Damascus to get his attention. This is typical of the Jewish mindset. It is impervious to the gospel.”

 Further on page 179, Ramsey says, “Paul now acknowledges the major problem in the population of the house of Judah left in Palestine and the rest of the world. This is the population that still attended the synagogues. The Problem was that the Hebrew temple ritual had proselyted so many “non election seed line” that there was not very many of the seed line of the tribes of Judah, Levi, and Benjamin to be elected in Christ in Judea. He then goes on to point out that the descendants of Esau also are not elected. At the time Paul lived, the Jewish religion (not Old Testament Hebrew) had already become dominated by the descendants of Esau, the Edomites. There are the many of the Pharisees, Sadducees, and Herodians that opposed Christ and who Christ condemned. Also, the Shelahites descended from Judah and a Canaanite woman Shuan, also attended the synagogues but were not part of the seed line due to mixing and thereby not elected.”

This is NOT what Paul is talking about In his introduction in Romans 9.  What Paul is saying is all the JEWISH people – race, religion, that do not receive the calling of God to receive the Gospel may claim to be descendants of Abraham but this does not ensure their salvation. See Note 23. 

Ramsey again repeats that ISRAEL = GENTILES – NOT JEWS. Page 189.  This is a crucial point where Paul in Romans 9:25,26 is clearly telling us that by the testimony of the Prophets, Hosea 1:10,11, Isaiah 10:22, 50:1, Jeremiah 11:14, Daniel 9:24-27, Zechariah 13:9, MIcah 2:12,  Revelation 2:9, 3:9 that only a Jewish Remnant will be saved ( 1  (1 / 3) during the time of Jacob’s Trouble – Daniel’s 70th Week – The Tribulation. This has NOTHING WHATSOEVER TO DO WITH THE GENTILES. But again Dr. Ramsey is BLIND.

In a bizarre comment, Dr. Ramsey states on page 191 that He (Paul) seems to be aware that there is some other elect somewhere, this elect that Hosea talks about. However, he is unable to identify these Gentiles as the elect of Israel, or if he does, never says so.”  See Note 24. 

No Comment. How could one comment to Dr. Ramsey stating that Paul and Hosea were unable to identify the Jewish Remnant as GENTILES?

Regarding Romans 9:29, In an outrageous comment Dr. Ramsey says, “ISRAEL VS JUDAH: Now, Paul seems to be trying to justify those of the house of Judah – Judahites, Benjaminites, and Levites – and the house of David, within the Edomite dominated Jewish nation, as all Israel, pointing out that it was prophesied that Israel would be brought to a small number. The problem is that this passage in Isaiah does not apply to the “the house of Judah” but applies to the house of Israel who was diminished to this point when they were carried away by Assyria and allowed to die in that land. The next few verses say, “be not afraid of the Assyrians. (Isaiah 10:24).   This is further evidence that Paul’s mental frame of reference was that the remaining house of Judah intermingled theology has accepted this position to among the Edomites was the remnant of this day, which is erroneous and makes the whole house of Israel. Modern day for the world Jewry dominance.”  See Note 25

This is absurd.  In Romans 9:29 Paul is referencing Isaiah 1:9 KJV. Even a child reading Isaiah Chapter 1 can see the introduction that Isaiah is addressing JUDAH and JERUSALEM which was eventually carried off by Babylon. And when Dr. Ramsey baits and switches in his false narrative by pointing to Isaiah Chapter 10 is addressing JUDAH regarding the Babylonians.  Surely Dr. Ramsey believes his feeble minded, non King James Bible reading followers do not actually read their King James Bibles to question and challenge him.

Here is clear commentary from Matthew Henry regarding Isaiah Chapters 1 and 10.  Isaiah 1:9

 The subject of the prophecy. It was what he saw concerning Judah and Jerusalem, the country of the two tribes, and that city which was their metropolis; and there is little in it relating to Ephraim, or the ten tribes, of whom there is so much said in the prophecy of Hosea. Some chapters there are in this book which relate to Babylon, Egypt, Tyre, and some other neighbouring nations; but it takes its title from that which is the main substance of it, and is therefore said to be concerning Judah and Jerusalem, the other nations spoken of being such as the people of the Jews had concern with. Isaiah brings to them in a special manner, 1. Instruction; for it is the privilege of Judah and Jerusalem that to them pertain the oracles of God.

Isaiah 1 Commentary – Matthew Henry Commentary on the Whole Bible (Complete) (

Isaiah 10 Bible Commentary

Matthew Henry Bible Commentary (complete)

The prophet, in this chapter, is dealing, I. With the proud oppressors of his people at home, that abused their power, to pervert justice, whom he would reckon with for their tyranny (v. 1-4). II. With a threatening invader of his people from abroad, Sennacherib king of Assyria, concerning whom observe, 1. The commission given him to invade Judah (v. 5, 6)..

Romans 9:29

Wait until you see the switch – hypocrisy of Dr. Ramsey on Page 220 as he now tells you Isaiah was addressing Judah. Why?  Because he again has to make Paul out to be a confused, false teacher who was misguided and blinded by being a former Pharisee and Jew.  This is extremely alarming and disturbing, especially to think this man supposedly has a following.

Read quote on page 220 by Dr. Ramsey attacking Paul:

“PAUL CALLS JUDAH ISRAEL.  Again we see Paul’s frame of reference coming through. He quotes Isaiah 62 (in reference to Romans 10:21) as referring to Israel. However, if you study the book of Isaiah, his message was to Judah and specifically that portion of Isaiah 62 was to Judah. The fact that ministers have picked up on Paul’s frame of reference in this scripture is unfortunate. Because Paul saw Judah as Israel, many ministers have also adopted this line of thinking. However, if preachers would simply go back and study the original proof text that are quoted by Paul, they will see that the references are to the house of Judah. Certainly this has no reference to the Jews. The Jews are not the house of Judah and certainly not the whole house of Israel. God was saying in Isaiah 62 that in the day of salvation, the day Jesus Christ would come and die and rise again when the gospel of the kingdom would be preached, Judah, would had never been divorced, the nation to whom God chose to continue to woo with outstretched arms. Would not accept Christ, but reject Him, while the nation that He had rejected, the nation He ceased to call His would accept Him and that would make the house of Judah jealous. The is nation who was rejected and unclaimed to none other than the house of Israel. The nation to whom Christ gave the kingdom when he took it from the Jews / Juahites. (Matthew 21:43).” See Note 26.

Comment:  This quote by Dr. Ramsey is more proof he does not understand the meaning that Israel refers to JEWS and there will be a REMNANT OF JEWS that will come out of the time of Jacob’s Trouble. This is the entire purpose of Paul’s literary interlude of Chapters 9 through 11.  Isaiah is prophesying that out of the JEWISH PEOPLE who have denied their Messiah, A REMNANT will BE SAVED.  This is NOT talking about GENTILES. Paul would never discount the Prophets as I state above to wit: Hosea 1:10,11, Isaiah 10:22, 50:1, Jeremiah 11:14, Daniel 9:24-27, Zechariah 13:9, MIcah 2:12,  Revelation 2:9, 3:9 that only a Jewish Remnant will be saved ( 1  (1 / 3) during the time of Jacob’s Trouble – Daniel’s 70th Week – The Tribulation. This has NOTHING WHATSOEVER TO DO WITH THE GENTILES. But again Dr. Ramsey is BLIND.

Ramsey tells us in reference to Romans 11:2,3 – quote: “That God has not rejected His chosen ones… Elijah prayed against Jacob’s seed under Ahab as recorded in 1 Kings 19:10.”  See Note 27. 

This is not at all what is happening in 1 Kings and what Paul is speaking of in Romans 11:2,3 KJB.

Paul is using 1 Kings 19:10 where Elijah is pleading “according to” the horrific conditions in Israel – all part of Jacob’s seed – regarding his terrible ordeal and Israel’s apostate condition.  It is absurd to surmise that Elijah is singling out only Jacob’s seed “under Ahab.” Did Elijah go around and take a census to divide the people out by Tribe?  They are all Israel some are the remnant and some are chosen to destruction.  God makes it clear in verse 4 of Romans 11 that he has his reserved remnant of 7,000 men who have not bowed to BAAL.

Dr. Ramsey of course must attack the “mystery” revealed to Paul by Jesus Christ Himself.   Ramsey writes, “What is the mystery?” (in reference to Romans 16:25-27.  

The Mystery Revealed directly from Jesus Christ to Paul is revealing the Church and the Dispensation of GRACE – The Gospel of Grace. This is the purest and simple description of this mystery revealed.  Read Ephesians 3:4, 3:6 KJB:

Ephesians 3:4

King James Version

4 Whereby, when ye read, ye may understand my knowledge in the mystery of Christ)

Ephesians 3:6

King James Version

6 That the Gentiles should be fellowheirs, and of the same body, and partakers of his promise in Christ by the gospel:

Ask Questions.Org  brings up a compelling point here, quote:

 In Colossians 4:3 Paul adds that the mystery of Christ was a cause of his own imprisonment (cf. Ephesians 6:19–20).

This to me is smoking gun evidence as to why Dr. Ramsey is compelled to attack the meaning of the mystery.  

Let’s look at what Dr. Ramsey says about the Mystery revealed:

Page 333   quote: “This brings us to one of the most important keys to the understanding of the book of Romans. What is this mystery?  Paul speaks of this mystery in other places also. In fact, in almost every letter he writes he speaks of and gives importance to this mystery.”

He proceeds to lie on page 335 after listing every scripture about the mystery as if to show his reader that he has all the proof of scripture behind him, and says, quote: 

“The mystery was not that the Gentiles/ nations were to be brought into the blessing some way. The Jews (Edomites) nor those of the other tribes that formerly made up the house of Judah, Judahites made up the house of Judah. Judahites the Benjamites and Levites, never did believe that the Gentiles / nations would be let into the kingdom on an ev3en par with them.”

“Now all of a sudden, the Gentiles / nations appear to be receiving everything the believers among the elect are receiving. The apostles are flabbergasted. The Jews are furious. They are all in a state of shock! They cannot explain it. They believe it. They accept it, but they cannot explain it. What they did not realize is that those “Gentiles / nations” were really Israelites who swallowed up the Gentiles / nations into themselves as they were sown among them, intermarried with them and produced children by them.”

“ Please understand that Negroes and Mongolians of all races were never considered nations / Gentiles. These Israelites did not intermarry with other races! They intermarried with Adamic nations / Gentiles thereby bringing them into election! Praise be to God.  First, the thin that frustrates this author with so many commentaries is their misapplication of the gospel. Most commentators of any real expertise agree that salvation is by election and predestination.”

“ The second point that is obvious to the author, and one assumes to most students of the scripture, is that God has only chosen one people to be his elect, and that is the seed of Jacob/Israel.”

“The commentators then come along and say that anyone in the whole world of any color or race who will believe in Jesus Christ will be saved.”

“Please tell the author how these individuals are to receive the power and the gift of repentance and faith if they have not been elected or descended from Adam?”  See Note 28.


My comment:  IF the proceeding vomit does not open your eyes to the complete depravity of Dr. Ramsey, then nothing else will. He has been turned over to a REPROBATE Mind.  This sick, twisted mentality is seething in the bowels of the false Laodicean church today. WAKE UP CHRISTIAN.

Ashamedly, Dr. Ramsey obviously uses Watchman Nee’s description of the 3 parts of man in his book “The Spiritual Man” and does not cite Watchman Nee’s work.  See Note 29.

I will conclude this portion of the study on Dr. Ramsey’s commentary of Romans by quoting his conclusion:

“Until then, we are to be obedient to God and His law, opposing multicultural and multi racial society with its laws and religions. We are to worship and Praise God and stand in obedience to His sovereign headship. Our nation is Israel/America, our king is Jesus and we will honor all those in government who uphold His laws. Our agenda is world dominion for, and in, the Name and power of Jesus Christ.  Oh come Lord Jesus!”  See Note 30.

My comment.  Sadly Dr. Ramsey will be shocked when he stands before Jesus Christ in Judgment and hears, “Depart from me,… I never knew you.” 

Matthew 7:23

And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

King James Version (KJV)

God made a Racial Choice

Note: Just as I did in the Romans Commentary, I will only be highlighting the major errors of Dr. Ramsey. I could literally go line for line and point out his deceptive practices but this is beyond the scope of this work.  My objective and calling is to call out the major glaring issues to warn the Saints of the WOLF in the Sheepfold. 

In this portion I will highlight each Chapter with commentary.


Dr. Ramsey tells his readers that if we are to believe what Jesus Christ says we must believe what Moses wrote in the LAW.  He writes 20 pages and summarized as follows on page 20:

“But Moses did speak of Jesus and for whom (in particular)Jesus would be raised up to save from their sins. If we believe the implication of the phrases, “Go into all the world” and “God so loved the world” as they are commonly represented, we cannot believe Moses at the same time. These two Scriptures are reevaluated in this book. Remember once again, Jesus says we must believe Him and what He says about Moses, in order to believe what He is saying.”

“It is necessary to re-examine the meaning of simple words like “the Jews”,

 “Gentiles,”,  “The Church”, “Abraham’s seed” and “Israel”.  Please do not answer a matter before it has been heard, because it is wrong to do so. Let us first build our foundation through the Old Testament and then judge. “  See Note31.

I read this book and what Dr. Ramsey does is build on the LAW as any good law keeping Judaizer would do. I urge the reader to read all of John Chapters 5 and 8. Then read the book of Galatians. 

Chapter 1 Background:  Dr Ramsey builds an elaborate Strawman argument by building the false narrative that The exclusive nature of God’s chosen elect in his covenant was given to Israel as a race of people – applied only to the blood lines of Abraham and that Jesus Christ came only to redeem “his people” and this continues until and through this dispensation of Grace. For ten pages list every single scripture applied to Israel and God’s covenant with Israel. See Note 32.

Chapter 1:  After building his case of the obvious in the Old Testament – The Law, The Prophets, and Psalms whereby  God calls out Israel as his chosen in the covenant with Abraham. Dr. Ramsey now opens with the New Testament also proving the exclusive nature of Israel as the only chosen elect of God. 

Dr. Ramsey says, “It will come as a shock for some people to realize that exclusiveness of Israel continues throughout the New Testament, because this cuts across the traditional doctrine that Israel is now “The Church ” and that this Church is multi-racial.  Redemption from the broken Law-covenant can never be multi-racial or universal since only Israel was given the Law as a covenant. That’s why this foundation had to be shown in detail in the last chapter.”

Comment:  This is an outrageous Lie.  Read John 3:16, Acts 10:43, 1 Timothy 4:10 King James Bible as just a few scriptures that say ALL… NOT SOME. All = universal. Read 

Galatians 3:28

“There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.”

King James Version (KJV)

The Ethiopian Eunuch who Phillip led to salvation, Acts 8:26-39 KJB. Was Ethiopian.  Later, as I will point out in Chapter 5, page 89, Dr. Ramsey tries to tell us that the Ethiopian wasn’t really Ethiopian – black native – but was of the bloodline of Abraham living in Ethiopia.  Surely Dr. Ramsey is not so ignorant that he doesn’t comprehend the use of the adjective to describe nationality.  

Let’s look at his deception:  The Ethiopian Eunuch means this Eunuch was Ethiopian.  Ramsey writes, “The Eunuch from Ethiopia was an Israelite living in Ethiopia.” 

Ramsey honestly believes we are going to believe his lie that this Eunuch was simply an Israelite from Ethiopia, but was certainly not a black Ethiopian. 

Note:  Dr. Ramsey had to devote an entire chapter to disprove the notion of “all people”which I will discuss in Chapter 5.

Dr. Ramsey knows his major task is now to discredit and attack “Abraham’s spiritual seed” that grafts in “all people”.  And thus he begins to construct an elaborate false narrative that Gentiles are not what Paul described as Gentiles and that Gentiles actually means The Chosen Israelites.

Ramsey states: “Going on to the Book of Corinthians, we find that these so-called Gentiles could only be Israelites. The brethren, our fathers and Moses confirm this. 1 Corinthians 10:1-4, Moreover brethren, I would not that ye should be ignorant, how our fathers were under the cloud, and all passed through the sea, and were all baptized unto Moses. For they drank of that spiritual rock…and that rock was Christ.”

He then explains on page 49 that “Christ” IS NOT referring to Jesus Christ but rather “the rock was anointed.” 

Dr. Ramsey has painted himself into a corner here. He knows that the feeble minded non Bible reading carnal Christian won’t see through his deception, but a strong minded, King James Bible reading Christian knows that all scripture must harmonize with Scripture and that the reason Paul is tell the CORINTHIAN GENTILES that their father Israel is clearly laid out by Paul in Ephesians:

Ephesians 2:11-13 KJV Wherefore remember, that ye being in time past Gentiles in the flesh, who are called Uncircumcision by that which is called the Circumcision in the flesh made by hands; 12 That at that time ye were without Christ, being aliens from the commonwealth of Israel, and strangers from the covenants of promise, having no hope, and without God in the world: 13 But now in Christ Jesus ye who sometimes were far off are made nigh by the blood of Christ.

Ephesians 2:19 KJV Now therefore ye are no more strangers and foreigners, but fellow citizens with the saints, and of the household of God;

Paul clearly tells us that when we are saved we are grafted in as Abraham’s seed through Jesus Christ.  Abraham is the Father of us all. Jerusalem is our mother.  Romans 4:16; Galatians 4:26, King James Bible. 

Note by brother D. Paul Walker in Quora:

”When a Gentile is saved he is taken in and included and is no longer an alien to Israel’s covenant promise . The covenant of promise was the new covenant with its promises which the old covenant pointed to. This would be a spiritual connection.

So, in this sense the fathers in Israel are now our fathers for the purpose of Paul’s teaching. He was talking to the Corinthian Gentiles, “ye being in time past Gentiles in the flesh.”

On page 57 Dr. Ramsey tells us that “Jehovah is not the God of all nations. That no Biblical record can be found that Jehovah is the God of any people other than Israel.”

He continues to say that it is only the 12 Tribes of Israel that is being addressed in Revelation and that this Revelation and testimony of Jesus Christ is  “the testimony of Israel racially has been clearly revealed through the Word.”  


This is another outrageous lie.  Now we find Dr. Ramsey spouting language that we find with the Hyper-Dispensationalists who remove the Church from Prophecy.  I urge the reader to take the time to study this extensive study exposing this demonic lie.

Why Hyper-Dispensationalists Remove Prophecy for the Church (

Dr. Ramsey closes out Chapter 2 with slam dunk on his apostasy by telling us that he is indeed building a foundation of an exclusive Israel and that the scriptures in the Bible like: Go ye into all the world and God so loved the world, are NOT what the Saints know as truth but rather his twisted lies.

See Note 33. 

In Chapter 3 Dr. Ramsey knows he must debunk and build a false narrative on Gentiles = Israel to explain the following terms: elect, called, chosen, and seed. The foundation of his false narrative is in Acts 13 STRAWMAN argument of Paul calling Christians ISRAEL belonging to Abraham and the law of Moses. See Note 34.

 What Dr. Ramsey does not tell his readers that Paul here in Acts 13 is specifically addressing Jews in a synagogue at the invitation of the Jewish leaders of the synagogue. Paul takes this wonderful opportunity to preach to them that Jesus Christ is the Messiah. 

See Commentary on Acts 13 debunking Dr. Ramsey’s nonsense. 

Acts 13 Commentary – Matthew Henry Commentary on the Whole Bible (Complete) (

Dr. Ramsey goes off  the deep end in Chapter 4 by telling us that God did not love the World but only Israel. The following are the major outrageous comments he makes:

  • “The world” (in the context of John 3:16 and Mark 16:15) does not mean every race, but rather only a “particular” race, but never multiracial meaning.
  • There are two gospels – The Gospel of the Universal. The Gospel of the Particular. Quote: “Either God loves all men (including those God says that He hates), or He loves only His elect.
  • False Gospel of the Universal that: 
  • It’s the False Gospel that the ten commandments were given to every race, as a covenant
  • It’s The False Gospel that The Gospel is for all sinners of every race.
  • It’s the False Gospel that God’s Non-Israel races can be adapted into Israel
  • It’s the False Gospel that All races are the same in God’s sight

Comment:  If you read my comments to Chapter two you’ll find ample scripture proof that with God there is not respect of persons. This would include RACE and ethnicity.  

See Note 35. 

Romans 2:11

“For there is no respect of persons with God.”

King James Version (KJV)

In regards to two gospels, this is a lie from hell. There is only the GOSPEL OF GRACE in this dispensation.  The Kingdom Gospel was replaced by the Mystery given to Paul from Jesus Christ. What Ramsey has done is selective deductive choice 

Regarding God loving everyone including those he hates. 

Quote: “So, think this through well. Either God loves all mean (including those God says that He hates), or He loves only His elect.

This is a massive clever  DOUBLE BIND psyop (Psychological operations (PSYOP) are operations to convey selected information and indicators to audiences to influence their motives and objective reasoning).

The selected information is challenging the reader into making a decision * Buchanan, L., & O’Connell, A. (2006, February). A brief history of decision making. Harvard Business Review. Retrieved from

Immediately the reader must make a choice between two Biblical Truths that when placed side by side present two mutually exclusive opposing ideas. This is called a Paradox and it is used extensively throughout scripture.  Feeble minded folks are often bewitched by false teachers trying to prove the bible is full of contradictions and God is inconsistent.

Dr. Ramsey double binds (A double bind is a communication dilemma in which an individual or group receives two or more conflicting messages. This can be emotionally distressing.”  I prefer to say a communication dilemma in which the listener is given a paradox and told to choose one)  the reader with two truths and asks the reader to choose which one of these truths is THE TRUTH.

The Devil used this craft with Eve.  Giving Eve the Truth and then challenging her mind to question what was already established truth?

Read my studies on how false teachers use the double bind and understand the PARADOX in the Bible.

Why does God use Paradox?

February 18, 2020

Defining Paradox

A paradox [is] a statement that seems absurd or self-contradictory but… turns out to be true.” A paradox consists of two truths that, when laid side by side, appear to contradict. However, upon further reflection, they prove to be compatible. “While real contradictions are impossible to reconcile, paradoxes are merely difficult to reconcile.”

Why does God use Paradox? (

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The feeble minded when confronted with a double mind will surrender their mind to the false teacher and willfully accept their teaching.  The sober vigilant mind will attack this double mind and realize there are two truths here that demand study and to show that they are both true and that serious scrutiny and examination will prove a deeper understanding of both truths.

Read my study on Biblical Love and Hatred Harmonized:

To Know Truth Is To Know Love – Understanding Love in the Bible (

Summary:  Perfect LOVE demands perfect JUSTICE.  Before the Fall of Man it was never God’s intention to condemn mankind into the eternAal lake of fire that was created for the Devil and his angels. But after the fall “some of mankind” chose darkness rather than light and are condemned eternally. Esau forfeited and hated his inheritance and was connected to Nephlim bloodlines through Ham’s wife.  God knows who will choose to be his and who will choose to belong to the Devil. People read John 3:16 and stop there, but if we read verse 18 it is clear that although God So LOVED the World, IF a person does not believe on Jesus Christ, they will be condemned. It’s choice.  Esau is the type and shadow of those who forfeit their inheritance. This is NOT based on race or bloodlines, but rather a personal choice.  The connection to Esau’s bloodlines throughout the millennia are irrelevant today. 

There’s no such thing as a ‘pure’ European—or anyone else | Science | AAAS

There’s no such thing as a ‘pure’ European—or anyone else

Again see the connection to this point and the absurdity of Dr. Ramsey claims in his racist pure Israel identity.

When the first busloads of migrants from Syria and Iraq rolled into Germany 2 years ago, some small towns were overwhelmed. The village of Sumte, population 102, had to take in 750 asylum seekers. Most villagers swung into action, in keeping with Germany’s strong Willkommenskultur, or “welcome culture.” But one self-described neo-Nazi on the district council told The New York Times that by allowing the influx, the German people faced “the destruction of our genetic heritage” and risked becoming “a gray mishmash.”

In fact, the German people have no unique genetic heritage to protect. They—and all other Europeans—are already a mishmash, the children of repeated ancient migrations, according to scientists who study ancient human origins. New studies show that almost all indigenous Europeans descend from at least three major migrations in the past 15,000 years, including two from the Middle East. Those migrants swept across Europe, mingled with previous immigrants, and then remixed to create the peoples of today.

Using revolutionary new methods to analyze DNA and the isotopes found in bones and teeth, scientists are exposing the tangled roots of peoples around the world, as varied as Germans, ancient Philistines, and Kashmiris. Few of us are actually the direct descendants of the ancient skeletons found in our backyards or historic homelands. Only a handful of groups today, such as Australian Aborigines, have deep bloodlines untainted by mixing with immigrants

Note: Regarding 15,000 years of human existence: The existence of Humans before Adam is NOT biblical. The Gap Theory of the earth is biblical and so is absolute evidence of the existence of human-like beings I believe were fallen angels.  See this study:

Why I believe the GAP Theory of Creation in Genesis; Evolution and Young Earth 2 Satanic Errors

Why I believe the GAP Theory of Creation in Genesis; Evolution and Young Earth 2 Satanic Errors (

In Chapter 5 Dr Ramsey vainly attempts to debunk 25 reasons against his false teaching. He explains 25 obstacles that modern day teachers use as stumbling blocks to his false teaching of God loves and saves only Israel and that the true Church is Israel and not the Jews or blacks or mixed races. The most outrageous of his points are his attempts to debunk the biblical meanings of: 1. Every Kindred, tongue, People, Nation (Revelation 7:9) does not mean all peoples and nations.  2. All the Ends of the Earth – does not mean what scripture tells us; 3. The Exodus (there were some Egyptians mixed in) does not mean we take this literally; 4. Everyone that thirsteth, come ye to the waters – does not mean everyone; 5. Cornelius the Gentile Centurion was really an Israelite; 6. Peter’s Sheet Vision – Really only meant all of the Israelites – not Gentiles (besides Gentiles means Israelites anyway according to Ramsey); 7. The Ethiopian Eunuch wasn’t really Ethiopian; 8. The Widow of Sarepta – the widow was really an Israelite because she understood Elijah; 9. Go into the highways – only to those of Israel Matthew 22:9. Note: Here is another among many glaring proofs that Dr. Ramsey does not have an inkling of a clue of dispensations in scripture; 10. Whosoever shall confess me  (Luke 12:8) – This was only for Israelites; 11. The Woman of Samaria John 4:12 – she was really an Israelite; 12. Pentecost was only for the Israelites; 13. All Men Justified: Only Israelites; 14. All Men to be Saved. Only Israel; 15. The Kingdom now includes all (Acts 1:3) – Israel only; 16. The Israel of God has nothing to do with the Church because Galatians was written to them that under the law therefore The Israel of God is Israel; 16. Two Israelis, One Natural, One Spiritual. Ramsey writes that there is only one Israel in the New Testament and this is true Israel not the Gentiles as taught by Paul and the (true) church today.  See Note 36. 

Chapter 6 Dr. Ramsey tells us that the word Gentiles as Paul describes and we know from historical and anthropology is all wrong.  Gentile means Israelites.  After he vainly attempts to tell us Paul doesn’t really say what Paul writes in scripture, then goes on to say that Ruth was really an Israelite and not a Moabite even though this is what the Bible says.  This is an outrageous, blasphemous, heretical stomping on the KINSMAN REDEEMER. See Note 37.  This really makes me extremely upset and how EVIL Dr. Ramsey really is.  The man is possessed.  

Please study my study on Come Meet my Kinsman Redeemer

Come Meet my Kinsman Redeemer (

In Chapter 7 Dr. Ramsey is found struggling mightily with what Paul clearly described in Romans 9:25-27 KJB. Ultimately, We understand from my study here below that Israel that Paul refers to is NOT all modern Israel as a nation, but only the remnant of the Jewish Remnant will be saved and come out of the Tribulation which will be ⅓. 

Dr. Ramsey butchers the meaning of Jews on page 122, saying actually that the word Jews have a consistently negative meaning in the New Testament and therefore Jews possibly can not be Israel in any sense, as he says, quote: “The phrase Jews does not necessarily mean any common genetic origin such as physical descent from Abraham through Isaac.”

Again, this is rehashing over and over again how Jews are Edomites and are not Israel or even the remnant that Paul talks about.  Dr. Ramsey has to completely throw out what Paul writes in Romans chapter 9 and all the associated Old Testament prophets.  I covered this in detail in the Romans Commentary above. See Note 38 

In Chapter 8 In summary, Dr. Ramsey has to completely debunk Paul’s complete work in Galatians which is the Gospel of GRACE.  Just as Ramsey expended his effort in an entire work of Romans Commentary to attack Romans 9-11, Ramsey knows he must completely sever, detach the reader’s understanding of Galatians to teach another Gospel. The outrage here is especially disgusting as we read in page 162 Dr. Ramsey tells us that when Paul writes “neither Jew nor Greek” Paul didn’t mean “all people are one in Jesus Christ” but rather “all people are all one in an anointed (people).  In other words as Dr. Ramsey describes in other parts of this book, he actually believes we are too naive and feeble minded to believe that Christ Jesus that this does not mean Jesus Christ.

  I could continue on and on how foolish, ridiculous his attempts to debunk each of the scriptures in Galatians the way I showed in Romans, but suffice it to say, Dr. Ramsey will answer to God at Judgment for his wicked and deceitful heart. Final note here in Chapter 8 is Dr. Ramsey on page 167 says that Paul was one of the Greeks, even though he was a Hebrew by birth and only a Jew because he was brought up in Judea.

Comment:  Even though Paul claims he was a Jew, Dr. Ramsey tells us Paul wasn’t really a JEW. 

 This leads him into more blasphemy by saying quote: “Gal 4:28, this passage is an allegory and a comparison of relationships between those who are under the Law and those of them who have become partakers of the promise under the New Testament. The Law is the issue all the way through. The issue is not Israelites and non-Israelites, because the non-Israelites never had the Law-covenant in the first place. In verse 5, we are told Jesus came to redeem them who were under the Law that we might receive the adoption placing of as sons. There is never a suggestion about any who were not “brethren” being redeemed or of receiving the adoption. They all have to be brothers or brethren of the same RACE. THEY are all ADELHOS or KINSMEN .”   See Note 39. 

Comment:  This is an outrageous lie. Galatians Chapter 4 

Is all about how GENTILES NON JEWS are now BRETHREN as CHILDREN of PROMISE as given to the promise of Abraham. Again, we see Ramsey telling us that Galatians 4 is not about what Galatians 4 is talking about.  Read detailed commentary on Galatians 4:

Galatians 4 Commentary – Matthew Henry Commentary on the Whole Bible (Complete) (

For it is written, Abraham had two sons, etc. Here he represents the different state and condition of these two sons of Abraham—that the one, Ishmael, was by a bond-maid, and the other, Isaac, by a free-woman; and that whereas the former was born after the flesh, or by the ordinary course of nature, the other was by promise, when in the course of nature there was no reason to expect that Sarah should have a son. 2. He acquaints them with the meaning and design of this history, or the use which he intended to make of it (v. 24-27): These things, says he, are an allegory, wherein, besides the literal and historical sense of the words, the Spirit of God might design to signify something further to us, and that was, That these two, Agar and Sarah, are the two covenants, or were intended to typify and prefigure the two different dispensations of the covenant. The former, Agar, represented that which was given from mount Sinai, and which gendereth to bondage, which, though it was a dispensation of grace, yet, in comparison of the gospel state, was a dispensation of bondage, and became more so to the Jews, through their mistake of the design of it, and expecting to be justified by the works of it. For this Agar is mount Sinai in Arabia (mount Sinai was then called Agar by the Arabians), and it answereth to Jerusalem which now is, and is in bondage with her children; that is, it justly represents the present state of the Jews, who, continuing in their infidelity and adhering to that covenant, are still in bondage with their children. But the other, Sarah, was intended to prefigure Jerusalem which is above, or the state of Christians under the new and better dispensation of the covenant, which is free both from the curse of the moral and the bondage of the ceremonial law, and is the mother of us all—a state into which all, both Jews and Gentiles, are admitted, upon their believing in Christ. And to this greater freedom and enlargement of the church under the gospel dispensation, which was typified by Sarah the mother of the promised seed, the apostle refers that of the prophet, Isa 54 1, where it is written, Rejoice, thou barren that bearest not; break forth and cry, thou that travailest not; for the desolate hath many more children than she who hath a husband. 3. He applies the history thus explained to the present case (v. 28); Now we, brethren, says he, as Isaac was, are the children of the promise. We Christians, who have accepted Christ, and rely upon him, and look for justification and salvation by him alone, as hereby we become the spiritual, though we are not the natural, seed of Abraham, so we are entitled to the promised inheritance and interested in the blessings of it. But lest these Christians should be stumbled at the opposition they might meet with from the Jews, who were so tenacious of their law as to be ready to persecute those who would not submit to it, he tells them that this was no more than what was pointed to in the type; for as then he that was born after the flesh persecuted him that was born after the Spirit, they must expect it would be so now. But, for their comfort in this case, he desires them to consider what the scripture saith (Gen 21 10), Cast out the bond-woman and her son, for the son of the bond-woman shall not be heir with the son of the free-woman. Though the judaizers should persecute and hate them, yet the issue would be that Judaism would sink, and wither, and perish; but true Christianity should flourish and last for ever. And then, as a general inference from the whole of the sum of what he had said, he concludes (v. 31), So then, brethren, we are not children of the bond-woman, but of the free.

 In Chapter 9:  Adoption.  Above all else here in this book by Dr. Ramsey is the worst as he quotes on page 175: “The commonly accepted doctrine about Jews and Gentiles provides a basis for the thought that non-Israelites can be adopted into Israel. In the old testament it is claimed that strangers who became circumcised, kept the Passover and Law of Moses and became as Israel. On the surface, this looks to be a reasonable case and appears to fit together in a unified view. However these views will be contested in this chapter. The intention here is to show:  That adoption refers to the adoption of sons out of the Children of Israel, ‘sons’ brewing huios and children being teknon.   The word strangers in the Old Testament often referred to Israelites who were resident among other nations, living apart from the main body of Israel.” See Note 40.

Comment:  This foundation is his STRAWMAN – the false narrative that the word adoption and strangers does not mean what the words “adoption” and “strangers” actually mean in scripture.  The meanings Ramsey gives us are not even close. He deliberately takes the reader completely out of the context of Galatians Chapter 4 and begins examining the words “adaption” and “strangers” in the vacuum of his twisted context.  Example: pages 176 and 183: “adoption means sonship, and this sonship is only “within the Israel people” who now may receive sonship. It is not a change of non-Israelites into Israelites, but of those sons of Jacob who become worthy to have such a title.”  unquote. 

  In Chapters 10 through 12 we find the same repetition of telling us that what we read in the context of scripture is not what it means regarding Pilgrims, Strangers, Seeds, Born again, and Begotten. See Notes 41 through 43.

In Chapter 13 The Church: Page 236: Dr. Ramsey says that the church of God were Israelites in reference to 1 Corinthians 10:32 “because the first verse in Chapter 10 had “fathers” who were associated with Moses.”

Ramsey concludes on page 242 with the following quote: “The assembly (church) is not a multi-racial entity in scripture; in contradiction to denominational churches today that accept it as a fact of life. The only multi-nation aspect is that of being of the nations of Israel (not Jews). These false teachers (who teach otherwise) are now among us, as prophesied. These widen God’s gate to include all of every race, following the way of Balaam.”  See Note 44.

Comment:  No comment on the insanity of this man who has been turned over to a Reprobate mind.

To conclude this study on his book “God made a Racial Choice” he finishes out with Chapters 14 through 20 with more outrageous lies in an attempt to convince us that We are to focus on the Kingdom Gospel; The regathering of Israel that happened in 1948 is not what the Bible speaks of; The regathering of Israel happens at or following the second coming of Jesus Christ; The heirs of Jacob and his descendants are the Gentiles; The sons of Joseph are Europeans and Americans; Racism is in the Bible; and Balaam’s doctrine is whoredom and Racial Intermarriage. See Notes 45-

Kingdom Parables Solving the Parables of the Bible Pastor Everett G. Ramsey

Although Dr. Ramsey titles his book “Kingdom Parables” he obviously does not understand what these parables are about; to whom they are given, and where they are announced which speaks volumes within itself. In reading his study it is also glaringly obvious he does not have an understanding of Biblical Eschatology. He misunderstands the Kingdom, the Millennial Kingdom, The Rapture, The Tribulation. Etc.  Please see my study on The End Time – TimeLine:

Understanding the End Timeline – #Rapture #Tribulation #Millennial Reign of Christ (

Why I say WOE UNTO YOU Dr. Ramsey for Looking forward to the Day of the Lord:

Woe Be unto You who think there is NO PRE TRIB-RAPTURE. (

The Church of Philadelphia vs the Church of Laodicea

Here’s an overview

The Eight Parables of The Kingdom of Heaven in Matthew 13. (

Ramesy includes several other Parables that are seriously inaccurately interpreted, but for the sake of this study I will only focus on the 8 Kingdom Parables – in Matthew 13 King James Bible as my guide. Note: Although many scholars, Dr. Ramsey included,  claim there are 7 Kingdom Parables, there are actually 8 as I list in the link above. Apparently Dr. Ramsey discounts Matthew 13:52 – The Householder on purpose because he is blind to the purpose which is hidden of who will inherit the literal Kingdom during the Millennial Reign with Christ in which the Church will rule with Him. Amen!  See my study, We Saints will literally rule with Christ.

We Saints will literally rule with Christ (

The Church of Philadelphia will be Raptured, Receive Crowns and Reign with Christ. Which Church do you belong? (

The Bride – The Wife – The Church – One in Israel – One in Christ (

  As I stated in the background, I am extremely well versed in my understanding of the Kingdom Parables and I recommend a book by Dr. Andy Woods – “The Coming Kingdom” for a very good understanding of these Parables which Dr. Ramsey butchers. 

Note however that Dr. Woods has errors in his book stemming especially from his use of the NASB which sadly distorts and twists Luke 17. See my study:

Reproving Dr. Andrew Woods – a case study in how modern day Bible Scholars pour Leaven into the Manna (

For a complete study of the Kingdom Parables please refer to my study why Christians must understand the Kingdom Parables

Christians have to understand The Kingdom Parables of Matthew 13 KJV (

Note: I will only point out Dr. Ramsey’s errors and lies. I will refer to my Blog study to point out the correct interpretation. I also urge the reader to study for yourself with your King James Bible. 

 I will list the Parable title and analyze Dr. Ramsey’s book. I will only focus on the major problems and again only refer to my study links instead of repeating over and over. 

The Parable of the Sower

Dr. Ramsey misses the mark completely in all aspects of his interpretation of the SOWER. The Seed is the Word of God, not “the word of the Kingdom” The Ground where the word of God grows and prospers, not about those who receive the Kingdom of God. It is imperative to note the Kingdom Gospels have been declared AFTER the Kingdom Offer was removed from the table. National Israel is now under a curse and Jesus lays out the future prophetic events regarding the Millennial Kingdom that is to come after the time of the Gentiles ends and finally the end of Daniel’s 70th week. The Application is NOT the Kingdom Gospel. 

In another blasphemous, heretical statement, Ramsey says on page 44, “The church migrated away from the kingdom and the Law to personal belief in Christ, personal salvation, and a personal escape from this world to an imaginary heaven of golden streets and puffy clouds.”

 For  The Kingdom Gospel has expired. See my studies.

Again to have a great overview of the Kingdom Parables please read Dr. Woods’ book, “The Coming Kingdom” Also again please note the areas he is in error because of his use of the NASB BIBLE.  See Note 52

Christians have to understand The Kingdom Parables of Matthew 13 KJV (

Doing the Math on The Kingdom Parable of The Sower Matthew 13 (

Most do NOT know the GOSPEL #EndTimes (


Messianic Jews mixing The GOSPEL of GRACE with GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM (

The Great Commission is NOT to the Church

The Great Commission –

Additional NOTES:

Study notes on the King James Bible,  Dispensations, The Pre Tribulation Rapture, including many more links that modern churches no longer preach or teach and what false teachers don’t want you to know.

I Don’t Go To Church (

The Rise of Christian Nationalism is Kingdom Building for the AntiChrist #Gab (

See Notes 53 through 58 including Dr. Ramsey’s study of The Tares in the Wheat, The Mustard Seed, The Leaven, The Hidden Treasure, The Pearl of Great Price, The Drag Net.

In each of these studies Dr. Ramsey makes serious errors to include the following:

Tares – Wheat:  The Wheat is NOT Britain and America. The timing is not gathering 

The Mustard Seed:  This is the most egregious and sickening part of Dr. Ramsey’s Kingdom Parable teaching.  He claims the mustard seed is the Kingdom of God that grows and flourishes. This is common among other false teachers like Johh MacArthur which Dr. Woods points out strongly in his book, “The Coming Kingdom”.  The truth is just the opposite. The mustard seed is the Devil’s system – beast system of perverted bible translations and false teachers that grow exponentially and thrive at the end of the age has grown into a massive tree with birds (Demons) perched in its branches. See my complete study in links above to understand this parable. 

The Leaven:  Of course, no surprise Dr. Ramsey presents the perfect lie telling us that LEAVEN represents the Kingdom. (Implying the Kingdom of God / Heaven.  When in truth the leaven represents the Kingdom of the AntiChrist and FALSE TEACHING that added to the truth grows and spoils the entire lump.  Please read my complete study of the Kingdom Parables in Links above.

The Pearl of Great Price:  Dr. Ramsey believes that only NATO, Europe and America will inherit the Kingdom and exist as Israel. This is too bizarre to even comment. 

Conclusion:  It is my earnest prayer that the ones and twos out there,the few to whom the Lord has called, will  read and learn from this study and hopefully help the feeble minded who have been ensnared by this Reprobate Dr. Everett Ramsey.

Even so, Come, Lord Jesus. Amen!



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